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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 144 Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Jan 18

The start of this Episode is amazing that you cant stop yourself to watch th whole Episode

Osman Bey and the Mongol Commander Karacelason: An Unlikely Alliance

This is Episode No 144(14) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 14 of Season 5 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. The Ottoman Empire's early expansion and consolidation owed much to the leadership of Orhan Bey, the son of Osman I. Orhan Bey's reign marked a period of continued conquests and strategic advancements, further solidifying the Ottoman foothold in the Anatolian region. Additionally, the contributions of Alauddin Bey, Orhan's brother, and his son further enriched the empire's history. This narrative explores the key conquests and leadership of Orhan Bey, as well as the pivotal roles played by Alauddin Bey and his son in shaping the Ottoman legacy.

Orhan Bey: Building on Osman's Legacy

Upon the death of Osman I in 1326, Orhan Bey assumed the leadership of the Ottoman Empire. Orhan inherited a realm already marked by military successes and territorial gains. His strategic acumen and diplomatic skills allowed him to build on his father's foundation and propel the Ottoman state to new heights.

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One of Orhan's early conquests was the city of Bursa in 1326, which became the new capital of the Ottoman Empire. This conquest not only provided a strategic advantage but also symbolized the expanding influence of the Ottomans in the region. Orhan continued to consolidate his rule by capturing key Byzantine territories, including Nicaea and Nicomedia, solidifying the Ottoman presence in western Anatolia.

The Conquest of Gallipoli

One of the most significant achievements during Orhan's reign was the conquest of Gallipoli in 1354. This strategic peninsula controlled access to the Dardanelles, a vital waterway connecting the Aegean and Black Seas. The Ottoman capture of Gallipoli not only secured crucial maritime routes but also demonstrated the empire's expanding naval capabilities.

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The acquisition of Gallipoli was a testament to Orhan's military prowess and strategic vision. It laid the groundwork for future Ottoman naval dominance in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, contributing to the empire's status as a formidable maritime power.

Alauddin Bey: A Supportive Pillar

While Orhan Bey was at the helm of the empire, his brother Alauddin Bey played a crucial role in supporting and strengthening the Ottoman state. Alauddin's military contributions were particularly noteworthy, and he became a trusted commander in various campaigns.

Alauddin Bey's leadership skills were evident in the successful siege of Philadelphia in 1330, a key victory that further expanded Ottoman influence in the region. His military prowess complemented Orhan's diplomatic finesse, creating a formidable duo that propelled the Ottoman state to further heights.

The Inheritance of Leadership: Murad I

Orhan Bey's legacy extended to his son, Murad I, who ascended to the throne in 1362. Murad I continued his father's tradition of military expansion and consolidation, earning the epithet "Murad the First" for his significant contributions to the Ottoman Empire.

One of Murad I's most notable achievements was the conquest of Adrianople (modern-day Edirne) in 1365. This city, strategically positioned near the Byzantine border, became the new Ottoman capital and played a crucial role in subsequent campaigns.

The Battle of Kosovo: Murad I's Military Brilliance

Murad I's reign witnessed the famous Battle of Kosovo in 1389, where the Ottoman forces, led by Murad himself, clashed with the Serbian army. The battle was a testament to Murad's military brilliance and strategic acumen. While the result was inconclusive, it solidified Ottoman dominance in the Balkans and set the stage for future territorial expansions.

The Janissaries and Military Reforms

Murad I is also credited with significant military reforms, most notably the establishment and institutionalization of the Janissaries. This elite infantry unit, comprised of slave-soldiers trained for absolute loyalty to the Sultan, became the backbone of the Ottoman military. The Janissaries played a pivotal role in subsequent conquests and campaigns, contributing to the empire's military prowess.

Bayezid I: Murad I's Successor

Murad I's death in 1389 paved the way for his son Bayezid I to ascend to the Ottoman throne. Bayezid I, also known as Bayezid the Thunderbolt, continued the tradition of military conquests and expansion. His reign saw the Ottoman Empire reach its zenith, becoming a dominant force in the region.

Bayezid I's notable conquests include the capture of Thessaloniki in 1387 and the Ottoman victory over the Crusaders at the Battle of Nicopolis in 1396. However, his reign was also marked by internal challenges, most notably the Timurid invasions, culminating in the catastrophic Battle of Ankara in 1402, where Bayezid was captured by Timur.


The reigns of Orhan Bey, Alauddin Bey, and their successors, particularly Murad I and Bayezid I, exemplify the continuation of the Ottoman legacy through strategic leadership, military prowess, and territorial expansion. Orhan Bey's diplomatic finesse and military achievements set the stage for the Ottoman Empire's rise to prominence, while Alauddin Bey's contributions as a military commander further strengthened the empire.

The subsequent reigns of Murad I and Bayezid I demonstrated the Ottoman Empire's ability to adapt, innovate, and overcome challenges. Despite setbacks such as the Battle of Ankara, the Ottoman Empire emerged as a dominant force in the medieval world, laying the foundation for its long and illustrious history. The legacies of Orhan Bey, Alauddin Bey, and their successors continue to resonate in the rich tapestry of Ottoman history, marking an era of conquests, leadership, and the enduring pursuit of greatness.

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