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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 28 (01) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 01 of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 28 of Kurulus Osman.Little lamb You little sweet lamb Look, your wolf brother as also come Come, wolf brother r broth and who leads us Friends… > 1 • the world of Islam He read He read he is coming The beautiful named and beautiful featured Muhammed (ASV) is coming Clothe him Clothe him.

He read, read He read, and Sassamd Empire was shaken fire of zoroastrian He read and the cruelty was over The world has found peace. is coming is coming is coming ui ^ vvu o vvi iiv/i i iiiurx^ ii^ui 10 stronger and heads wiser You strengthened my heart and made my doubts go away There were times when VU VVV/I V/ UIUI I Neither presence, nor absence n means a Hu!” to the leader of the state Hu” to the leader Hu!” to the state. door of state door of manhood It can’t be opened with hands with minds One needs a strong heart.

Breath is not yours V/ ■ © The folk’s rid is It is tearing apart keeps hitting They keep killing People are seeking hope. and staying as Muslims only real men can Salaam to our ancestor, Saltuk Bugrahan Alparslan, and many Alparslan, and many other men to the Sultan of the worlds Hazreti Muhammed (ASV) his Sahabah ( such a the sheep and the wolves will be brothers the white h the white h the white h We will build such tet it will be everlasting UIWVJ C4IIV4 I IV^UI i IUI l May my mind and heart be IUI l

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Now, our saga will start Now, our saga will start We have dreams together U 15) l folk dream of a state It will be such a state that continents… 4 directions It will be such a dream that o nD □ “i ¥¥111 I I I I Vi We spent our summer in Domanic land. Time flies Thanks to Allah our animals are healthy Thanks to Allah 1^ .’L”U our anima s are ea Our Hatuns have collected herbs. Mi YONLARCA URUNDE out HatCmsIVatffeER ollected herbs 1WVI I I And prepared food for winter. iNDiR, ALISVERiSE BASLA And prepared food for winter INDiR. ALISVERISE BASLA App Store dan o e AppGaUery INDIR, ALISVERISE BASLA App Store Gooqlc Ploy AppGaUery Who is that? Is that you, Yusuf? But I am in the dark. But I am in the dark.

Are you Hasan? It’s you. mic yuu i mocni : it o yuu. Whose hands are these? These hands e hands hold i These hands are the hands of my little iron master, Ahmed iidi iu5 uu uiebbeu. My valiant Ahmed. My valiant Ahmed. My valiant Ahmed fc Did you collect your load? I helped my father ouldn’t We will keep moving after the kerwan leaves Why is that? We are here, Ahmed i • wvi iv#u vu v/. i win iurv^ uui ^ of this and then come t e V/ r^l Let’s go Ahmed Let’s race. We will see who wins Alright. The smell of a child is the smell of heaven, my Bala. I I7UVI V I I look at him you got married, Bala It’s time for you to have your children in your arms It’s time for you to have your children in your arms Besides, Osman is a Bey’s son He can’t be left without children especially without men gives a Hazal Hatun V i yei, uul… f it’s not happening look for a solution Riiimipi qi Mini am ‘inm Riiimipi qi vimi am ‘Mnm about you. They will start affecting Osman. they can’t tolerate for a long time. sharing your tent with another woman ke a mother t my daughter problems It’s my duty to look a soluti ‘infino m iipaaipim qiiii aupi iqiii iiiaa aaa then we can talk about this. InshaAilah. MashaAllah my lion Ahmed, why are you in a hurry7 Ahmed, why are you in a hurry7 y are you Boran Alp, open the way. We will catch our father Then let me help you Then let me help you Then let me help you Gonca Hatun will help us. Gonca Hatun will help us I t EyvAllah my Ahmet Alp EyvAllah. *7, I Q n □ Our Bey will be in tents until we go there, right, brother? InshaAllah he will InshaAllah Father! Father! May your father die oi II ‘ 1 fe O’l II i’C Thank you sister Sure, Hasan brother.

I am entrusting this to you IUOIW w We can’t expect good from the lands I have 50 French soldiers, and other soldiers, who escaped from Geyhatu’s furor Why would we rent your swords, Cerkutay? Kulucahisar. Byzantine hates you. Geyhatu will question you. Geyhatu will question you Geyhatu will question you You need warriors like us Before renting our swords to your enemies c ocirv old friendship => UUI Midi Ul I »V» UVK 1V1 UVKUt Father’ escape after seeing difficulties. No problem…the Offer is made there is no need to insist What happened Saltuk?1 Tekfur Alexis raided those in Domanic We lost many people including children, Aag Aui V V I IUI U I ^ Saltuk? is Hazal r said t where they So the world wants to fight us. So the world wants to fight us. So the world wants to fight us. Send them away from Sogutl them a ■ UIW VUI V/ VI II IV/ III VI W vi i w y Allah, help u y Allah, help u y Allah, help u i urvv^ uui V/ v/i li i U I VI V/I IV Go’ Ahmet!

My Ahmet’ Ahmet Alp* Ahmet Alp’ V UllUlliO II^V^I V ^ Valiants never give up… Valiants never lose their hope Osman Bey will save all of us, my lion U Will. •rliw c Kan immcn mid i How can I bow down to these dastards A 0 ^ Hay mashaAllah to my valiant We are Alps of Osman Bey! We are Alps of Osman Bey! Father1 Inegol’s poor folk.. You haven’t been sleeping long ti You have been waiting for this moment with fear what happened in Kulucahisar our brothers alive Cruel Osman and his men burned our brothers alive.

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