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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 40 (13) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 13 (40) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 38 of Kurulus Osman. we will elect a new Bey who will...bring everyonetogether under his banner.Beys... are chosen in difficult times like these.Your actions will decide which one of you will become the Bey.The man who will lead Kayi...will be seen clearly by all Beys.Those who divide the tribe...will have no hope ofbecoming Bey.Now...this Nikola infidel...what shall we do about him?Speak.

The man came alive in an instant.How did that happen, Lena?What if he says whothe Bey shall be?What if he chooses Osman?Lena?What is it?Why are you so calm?If he chooses Osmaninstead of Savci...what do you think will happen?You seem to want Savci to be Bey more than me, Hazal Hatun.I saw my Ertugrul Bey like that...thank Allah, my daughter.Thank Allah.What are they up to now?It's difficult to wait, right, Hatuns?What is it, Selcan Hatun?

You seem to knowwhat will happen.Did you hear something?My Ertugrul Bey toldme before anyone else.While Osman and Savci fight each other, he said he would...make his brother Dundar a Bey.I'll tell you something.Those who come together for their own gains are quick to hate each other.I'm just saying, beware of each other.You may find an enemy where your friend stands, very soon.FeSubhanAllah!Tell me, son. Which way should the Kayis go?The infidels' house must be taken.Let us get the Alps ready, and march for Inegol.

What do you think, Dundar?My Bey, since the head of the snake is in Inegol...we shall ride to Inegol and behead the snake.Let's take Inegol first.If we drive Nikolafrom therej he would have no hope of recovery.My Osman must be glad to take Inegol already.I am not.I say I don't wantmy Beys divided...and yet you speakagainst everyone else?Should one give up on the truth when everyone supports a lie?What is the truth?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Tell me what you think.If we try to take Inegol now, we would lose so many soldiers.we must ambushNikola's soldiers...and take them out.How will you do that?Nikola still thinksTargun Hatun is his spy.He receives reports from her.Since he heard she will be marrying me, he trusts her even more.He will trust her word.I have a plan.Targun Hatun is already on the way.What is your plan?What did you do, Cuman girl?Did you poison the Kayi Beys?Did you kill them all?They're all still alive.

What did I tell you?I'll slit your throat right here!What did I tell you?Tell me!Speak!Savci Bey made a move to take the Beylic by force.Osman Bey stood against him.Ertugrul Bey suddenly recovered and gathered everyone in his tent.At which point was I supposed to poison them, Nikola?They don't eat or drink, they are waiting to kill each other.How would I poison them?Ertugrul Bey...recovered?Yes.But his situation isstill severe.Everyone is at his tent.So, I'm here.Just as they were all about to fight each other, Ertugrui Bey woke up And now he's talking to them?Flatius, could it be that your god is on the side of the Turks?God is with those who follow the path of Jesus.

Do you have anything useful to say to me, Cuman girl?Indeed, I do.I told Osman Bey I would not marry him before my father is saved.Now he is getting prepared.How is Osman going to save your father?Is he going to attack Inegol?How is he going tosave him, ha?I set up the game instead of you, Nikola.You set up a game?You... planned a game?What kind of a game is that, Kuman girl?Targun Hatun will convince Nikola to bring her father to KurtBogazi.Are you sure that Nikola will take this bait, brother?He won’t, brother. But he won't1 insist as I'll be going there.And we win against with Nikola's jackals, not against Inegol’s walls.

This is the answer of how to defeat Nikola.It's not the castles' is the war of cheating.It is an opportunity for us to take action together.What do you say?Even if it is risky and dangerous, if our Bey father wants this...we will do as he says.So this is what ourBey orders...what we have to do is to obey him.Don't worry, father.We will fulfill our duties, EvelAllah.Osman... complete the preparations.

We will take actiontomorrow.EyvAllah my Bey.I will tell Osman Bey that you will bring my father to KurtBogazi.What if he doesn'tbelieve you?You don't know me,Flatius.I will bring Osman Bey to KurtBogazi...and you will bring my father.After that, it depends on you.I will take my father and leave...and will not see your sinister faces again.It's not badJlurnan irl t s noflt'SjcpOl bad.Targun Hatun... We will bring your father to KurtBogazi...and...your father will die with a little mistake of yours.

You will also die.You will also die.Now go. Your husband-to-be shouldn't worry about you.What do you say, Flatius?I think this woman has set a trap for us. Nikola.Might be.But it is still a good opportunity.We will take ourprecautions.We will act like they set a trap for us...and then, Flatius...we will win the war.

First, Ertugrul Bey left his deathbed and got up...then the trap issue came up.I am worried about you.Fortunately, my father didn't question me about yesterday.He didn't ask.Or neither I nor Osman could get what we wanted.The destiny would...indicate Giinduz and Diindar, which is something we didn't looked.You say it was unwanted-for.But., you don't think that it might be Diindar Bey's plan.So you will not give up on your way.May Allah give you strength.Uncle...We still have a promise, right?We do, my nephew.

We do.It is a love that makes brothers enemies, Lena.Why would my unclestay away?Of coursehe has a plan.I have good newsfor you.Bayhoca is onthe way.InshaAllah he willarrive soon.My dear son...I missed him so much.I will hug him tightly.I missed him too.I missed him a lot.May everything work out the way we want, my Savci.May our dreams come true.InshaAllah.InshaAllah.Osman Bey...Everything started as a game.And it is still a game.Are you the Osman Bey who Romans fear of?I am.Now your life is entrusted to us.I got in this game to save my I can't even save myself.I am in your eyes' prison.I am a captive in your arms.What am I going to do now?

I am eating my heart out.Now you are in Bala's arms, Osman Bey...And here I am suffering.Osman Bey...I can't stand it.I can't stand it.Please do not forget to support our sister Emel for her great translation. The Link is in the description.Look at you...Look at you...Look at the beautiful eyes of this beautiful woman.I will be questioned for these eyes..It's been a long time since you talked about my eyes.Ah my Bala...Since my veteran father fell into his bed...I couldn't see anything.But now he got up and he is saying that we should fight.I am reborn, my Bala.Not just these eyes...what about...this hair?What about this hair?

Every curl counts for a world.Every strand counts for a city.I am praying for a child.I pray for a child of us, not from another Hatun.I pray for it aswell, my Bala.I pray for that.I want you to give birth to my heir.I want your noble soul in my children's souls.I want to see the Kayis'love of war and your...Let's pray.Let's pray to our Rabb, who says "Wish everything from Me"Can I come in, my Bey?Targun Hatun?!What happened, Targun Hatun?BismillahirRahmanirRahim.My Allah...My Allah...I am coming to You.You are inviting me from the unawareness of ultimate union.Accept me to Yourheaven Halimewanders around.

Let me come togetherwith my martyr father Suleyman §ah...and my mother Hayme.I am entrusting my tribe to You.May You protect jt.'May You protect jt.I came to say...I was going to thankyou for...what you did for my father, Osman Bey.I can't forget what you did for me.That’s why I came here.Targun will thank me after we save your father tomorrow.You are right, my Bey.It's a bit early.It is actually late.I mean, it is a late time.I should go.Good night to you.Good night.Good night.

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