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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 42 (15) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 15 (42) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 42 of Kurulus Osman. The head of the Alpwill be my son...If you allow, my Bey.Come in, son.Brother.Where were you whenthese men were killed?Answer me!Where were you whenthey were killed?How could they getin the castle, huh?How could they getin the castle?Answer me!How could they getin the castle?Where were youkeeping watch, huh?Answer me!Get upGet upMy father died in Karacahisar Castle because of you.I'll kill you.I'll kill you all.Flatyos.Calm down, my friend.Calm down.They were my best men, Nicola.They died because of these men.Your job is not just protecting this castle and stone walls.

Your protect ourhonour and dignity. .and our integrity.A little mistakethat you make ..would be a big mistake for our children's future.Are you the head of the guards?Yes, sir.Didn't you hear anything?No, sir.Didn't you see anything?No, sir.I like cautious men.You will see!You will see!You will hear!I'll kill the one who did this by myself, Nicola.We will find him.We will.Revenge has beentaken, Beys father.Eye for an eye and atooth for a tooth.My Beys...We will kill a thousand of them, for each life they took from us.My brother came backfrom a campaign.Which one was it, tell us.So we can share your joy, too.We killed Nicola's man that attacked us in Sogut Except Flatyos.Thank Allah.May Allah make youvictorious, brother.Thank-you, brother]Live long, Savci Bey, you saved us from trouble.My Beys.

The task of being the Head Alp of our given to my son Savci.May Allah notembarrass me my Bey.U00LUVMay it bring good luck, brother.Thank you, brother.After the meeting, I would like to get information about the alps.As your order.U88UJVO Allah, make our Tribe and our people victorious.U00LUVDon't leave us alonewith our pride and nafs.Fatiha.Brother.Brother.

Welcome.Thanks.My brother.Brother.Come with me, Savci.My brother Argun Khan, I would be very sad...if I couldn't be with you at your time of death.But now, I see with my own eyes how you are going to die in pain.This is nothing, sir.Don't stop, speak.Tell me more.Come on, tell me.

The poison will destroy his body in a few days, like he is pierced by thousand of thors.Like this defiant Turk bey. First, blood will come out of his eyes.His skin will fall like snow. When it's falling, his bones will show.But he won't die.Good.My brother's death...should not be aseasy as this Turk's.It should take months.Maybe years.Until the councilbey by my side...his death shouldbe slow and painful.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

I have to see his evil face before Argun dies.I have to mock thehate in his eyes.Then it will be mynephew Gazen's turn.This won't be that easy. sir.I will buy every single one of the council Beys...before the election of Han.There is no lockgold cannot unlock.Mongol council beysare very greedy.It's very hard to satisfy them with gold, sir.If the Seljuk's treasury is not enough...there is alwaysTurkish tribes.If that's still notenough, Christians.I will collect thegold I need from them.But that means more tax, sir.Cerkutay begged tosee you, Geyhatu.

Bring him in.I'm sure the Kayis have a spy in the castle.They raided theammunition first...then I raided Sogut and they came here to kill our soldiers, in our home.In both of them,Osman was absent.Who do you think Ertugrul assigned for this?Gunduz..or Dundar?Who?It Neither of them are any good.Savci.Savci, huh?Why are you laughing?Two sons of Ertugrul that are candidates for his position.Two trouble makers.Osman stands nochance against Savci.Savci is closer to Ertugrul's position in his father's eyes.You are wrong, Flatyos.Osman has something that Savci doesn't have.What is it?You'll see.You'll see whenyou find the spy.Flatyos. .get detailed information about the people in the castle, civilian or military.I only know one thing about the spy:

He's been in this castle far longer than Ertugrul's sons.Who might that be?We'll see. I'll train the soldiers myself.I'll give theirlessons by myself.The war is coming. The war is coming, Flatyos.The dog of Balgay, Cankutay.You came here knowing you'd die.I'm here to die by your hand with my honor.Then...die!One last time! Let me serve you one last time.Let me give you information more valuable than my life.More valuable thanyour life, huh?Even more valuable than your life, Geyhatu.More valuable than my life...What is it?Your son Mongke...What happened to my son’?

Tell me!Osman killed your soldiers and captivated your son.I made a mistake byunderestimating Osman.I won't let my son pay for this with his life.He won't kill Mongke.How do you know?He captivated Mongke because he is afraid of your rage.This is my opinion.So, it's not about my son...but my dignity! My honor!My son, neither dead nor alive, can give me my honor back.Only Osman can!If there is someonewho can do is Osman.I will restore my honor with the blood of Osman and his ancestry.Let me come with you.I can only restore my honor if I die for you.First, dress like acommander under my command.Then come.Osman Bey.Ahmet Alp.Can we do sword practice?

Another time.Can we wrestle? Youcan see my strengthWe'll do it tomorrow, Ahmet.Were you with Ertugrul Bey?Yes.Yes.Osman Bey!My father is dead.Ahmet Alp...fathers don't die, Ahmet.Don’t forget this.They always live in their children's a strong fireand an endless gem.Ahmet Alp.Osman?What happened to Osman Bey?j He looks mad.I hope nothing's wrong.Congratulations, Lena.Your arrival has brought changes.Mashallah!What's happening, Hazal Hatun?Many things.Ertugrul Bey...made Savci Bey the head of Alps instead of Osman.Savci works hard for his tribe, he deserves it.There is no ranking differences between brothers, Hazal Hatun.Listen to me, Hatuns.Keep an eye on your men.We can't deal with a fight among brothers in the tribe, too.We've just found peace.Karayel!

Karayel!Tell me if it's fair to stop a wild river flowing like floods.Tell me if it's fair to stop the horses.running across the endless plains.Tell me if it's fair to stop to the blowing wind.Isn't it a pity?Tell me Kara Yel. Tell me Does the blowing wind stop?Do horses stop running?Do wild rivers stop flowing?Then why they areasking me to stop?Then why they are telling me to keep quiet?Oh Karayel...I feel sad, and myheart is burning up.O patience.O patience.FB I IG I SC I OsmanOnlinelAre you okay?

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