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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 60 (33) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 33 (60) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 60 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. DAYS LATERO .Bala Hatun.Where should we take the bride's dowry7 Let them take it to the tent, which will be used by our Bey and Malhun Hatun, Baysungur.My Osman. You said everything turned back to normal.So, Umur Bey and his tribe won't go away7 They won't go away, my Bala.Then, in order to unite the two tribes--In order to unite the'two tribes......Umur Bey wanted a marriage.And how respond7We have a wedding feast, my Bala.Let the preparation begin.

You take care of the caravan, Gonca.Don't worry, my Bala.Peace be on you, my Sheykh.And peace be upon you.Osman......who takes care of his people......and who fulfill his duty......given by Allah in a adequate manner.-Welcome.-astagfirullah, my Sheykh. astagfirullah.No, no.You took the decision of hardening your heart by following our advice.This decision could have only been taken by someone......who cared about his tribe.And this decision could have been only a Hatun, who cared about his Bey's well-being.Both of you made us proud.May Allah bless you.May Allah bless you, my Sheykh.Tomorrow, we'll have our wedding feast with the attendance of the Turkmen Beys.May it be blessed.Ameen, my Sheykh. Ameen. Ameen.Osman Bey.

Your tribe will be a beylic, your beylic will be a state......and your alps will be an army, InshAllah.InshAllah.Now, tell me.Who do you need from now on?Our tore should be the law......our castles should be cities......and our people should prosper, my Sheykh.All the lands we conquered should be built up.And...And our people.....should be satisfiedby our rule.You've spoken well, Osman Bey.What are you planning.....for Sogut now7I’ve called masterful building constructors from'the near cities.They'll start to work immediately.MashAllah.MashAllah.

But while doing should take care of non-muslims...and their rights as much as you do for the Muslims.As you know, the light of the sun.....spreads equally upon all the creatures.And you should distribute your justice equally.-Until-- Until......our tore becomes like a sun and enlightens all our people.May the happiness of the Kayis shine with that sun......and our Beylic becomes a state.By your leave, my Sheykh.We got information from the Tekfur of Bilecik, Leolasgans.He came back from where he went.Good, good. I wanted to meet him.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Convey my invitation right away.Eyvallah, my Bey.Did you give my invitation to the Emir of Sultan Mesud?Did you give my invitation to the Emir of Sultan Mesud?Emir Aslan is on his way, my Bey. He's coming.Eyvallah.May it be easy.-May it be easy.-My Osman Bey.Oh, MashAllah, MashAllah.I see you take great care of them.I picked them this morning, my Bey.Goktug.Make sure we buy all the fruits and vegetables......for the wedding W ' ‘ •frorrvthis Hatun.As you command, my Bey.Come on.Ttake care.Let's go.I'll be back.My Osman Bey, welcome.Welcome/ my Bey.Even if-we buy all of these, it won't be enough.All of them.

There is fruit that would last for months.Will there be that many people7 Have you not seen a Turkish wedding before7 If’you knew whose wedding it is...How could I know? I have never seen a Turkish wedding either.You will bring the fruits.You will bring the fruits.. If you can stay at the tribe to help Kayi hatuns.I would like to.Then....have a nice day.-Have prosperous business.-Eyvallah my Bey.There is one more person left that I need to see.Eyvallah my Bey.My mother's heirloom.My mother's heirloom.My tall mother.She had black and long hair.Her tallness and her beauty passed down to you.I'm your confidante since childhood.

Don't keep it in. Tell me why you are sad.I'm about to leave my tribe and my duty, Alaca.I was my father's right hand.The sharp sword of Kizilbeyoglus.Now I'm leaving them.But you are going to Osman Bey.The one your heart longs.Someone that has someone else in his heart, and his tent.Why are you sad?You are saying that you are leaving.What will happen to me, my Hatun7 Why are we taking all these, Alaca7 A bride can't go without her dowery.So can a Bey's daughter go without her companion7 So you are taking me with you7 You will come with me wherever I go.

Betrayal...../has woken the dark souls1 Black oaths are done!Until I find.....the one that betrayed/Togay.....the one that betrayed Togay....?.every warrior will die!Hayir.No!No'Are you.....the ominous eyes of Governor Yargucu7 It wasn't me, Togay, I wouldn't betray you1 I'm going to^I'm going to...p out your betraying eyesI'm going to rip your eyes out arid make you eat your own ears1 I'm going rip out your flesh and make Governor Yargucu eat it!

When he wakes up, I will rip out your ominous eyes!Next!Camuha7They are all innocent.I'm the eyes of Governor Yargucu...I'm the eyes of Governor Yargucu......and his hears here.I'm the tongue that betrayed you.Nikola.You haven't eaten in days.I was supposed to watch them kill each other.Umur and'Osman were supposed to be enemies.Togay was supposed to rip Osman apart like a hungry wolf.But now... Now...But now... Now...But now... Now......they united their cursed tribes and they will attack us.Forget about Umur Bey.We can't use him anymore.Togay.Togay.

He must clean the dirt off off himself and wake up from his slumber.We have no other choice.How?He'll come.He'll come to me.He'll come to me spread his bloody hatred.He'll come.He'll come.He'll come to me.He'll come.I said I'll make a sword cover......out of the traitors' scalp.I'll skin your scull while you're alive.Camuha.Do it.Why did you betray me?Out of my loyalty to you.I spend my life obeyingyour commands.Is that why you betrayed me?I'm afraid of you rebelling against......Governor Yargucu and defying Geyhatu and Genghis Khan laws.I did it out of loyalty.Now kill me.Let the warriors go.Togay is as free as the horses......that roam the Tengri mountains.Togay is ready to die for.....the kut of Genghis Khan.Governor Yargucu is dead to Togay.There are no longer orders from the palace.

Not for gold, not for taxes.Now there's only the dark oath of Togay.Why won't you accept.....that rebelling against the governor is rebelling against Geyhatu7 To implement his laws, Genghis Khan.....assigned Cagatay and he went to the realm of the spirits.It's Togay duty to implement Genghis Khan's laws.Governors who can be bought with gold have no value.

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