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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 63 (36) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 36 (63) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 63 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. Malhun Hatun.SjoBOLtTMMalhun Hatun.So, I will have a child, huh?will give you a child.Thank Allah!1 W.'Thank Allah that......he's heard my prayers.He hasn't left me without a child.4Malhun Hatun.You've eased the fire in my heart.You've pointed heaven to my tent and tribe.Now... Now, tell me.Wish whatever you want from me!Seeing you happy like this is the greatest happiness for me.And if...And if he is a son...If he becomes my heir...Oh MashAllah!Can I come in?

Come in. Come in.Bala.I will have a child.Then, it is a good news for all of is!It is.Thank Allah.Thank Allah.Thank Allah.Excuse me, my Bey.Of course.Osman Bey.We should keep this between us for now.We need to be sure of the health of our child.We shouldn't give false hope to the tribe.Allah forbid! Allah forbid!But you are right.Have some rest now.

Take care of yourself and our child.And tell me whatever you wish.We shouldn't tell anyone.And I will talk with the healer woman.Can we come in?Come in.From now on...From now on, you will take good care of Malhun Hatun.You will let her do nd work.Don't say anything that upsets her.As you command, my Bey.Eyvallah.Eyvallah.May Allah bless you.Ma'am.I'm fine Alaca, I'm fine.Good news, Bala.Good news.Congratulations,. Osman Bey.What are you waiting for, Osman Bey?

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Won't you inform your tribe, which awaits good news?Not now.For now, it's better for the tribe to not know.Also, Malhun Hatun wants to be sure of the health of the baby.She is right too.She is right.Right.Also......let's not excite the people for nothing.You thought well, my Osman.Until we are sure, it's best we hide it.Yeah.> I • '• .rMy-Bala.What's wrong with Malhun Hatun?She is fine, Gonca, she felt dizzy for a moment.She will be better if she rests.r- ~ *r 1 '/ •Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.My brothers are coming from Germiyan lands, Davut Usta.

They are also so eager to join a holy war with Osman Bey.MashAllah.That's what I call mubarak news.Did you hear it, Boran Alp?A brave one arrived in the tribe......and paved the way for 1000 brave men, Davut Usta.Yeah.

Eyvallah brother Boran.Let them come,'s not easy to become Osman Bey's alp.An incompetent man would hinder us, Turan Alp.Know that.Excuse me, Davut Usta.Eyvallah, my brave one.Excuse me too, Davut Usta.Eyvallah, my brave one.Davut Bey.What did I do to Goktug, that he is treating me like this?Brother, what you do is wrong.You forgot it quickly, Boran......there was a traitor among the refugees recently.What should I do? Just place the newcomers among my Bey's alps?Do you think I don't think about Osman Bey's safety?

If you think about it, then you need to be careful.Brother, that's not something Osman Bey's alps would do.It's rude to say that.Goktug......stop acting impulsively.I'm busy, go and continue your chat with your brother Turan What is this pomegranate?I saw that in Mevlana Celaleddin's tomb's......south walls, on both sides of the window......pomegranate trees were pictured.

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