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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 71 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 71 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 7 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My Bey, drink it!Aygul! Aygul!Aygul, make Cerkutay drink Move! Move! I have the antidote!No one is leaving!Hold the door!My Bey!You are fine, thank Allah.I am fine. I am fine.I completely trusted Kumral Abdal.They can only have Baldiran poison there.They can only have Baldiran poison there.And this is the cure.Even a sip will handle it no matter which poison they use.Eat nothing in the castle of the governor.I can put one of our breads in my bag and eat it when I have to, my Bey.If they attempt a treachery......we trust you for our lives.I will be with you, my Bey.Drink this.Drink this!Take it!Drink!Get her!My Orhan.

My Orhan, don't be afraid.We are under attack!Alps! We are under attack Don't resist, you will all die today.Don't resist, you will all die today.You bastard! Allah is the one that gives life, and takes it! Tell me whose dog you are!Gonca?Gonca!Alps! Help! We are under attack!Alps!Mother?Why are you out at night?I felt concerned all of a sudden, son.I wanted to look around.What is that, mother?Well you know me. I have always been like this.For precaution.Okay then, let's go together.

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So you can be at ease.A strong girl.That poison should have already killed you.No!Gonca! No! Gonca!Gonca!Gonca! Gonca!Gonca, get up!Gonca!Your friend is dead.Now it's your turn.Not you, let those who hold your leash come here!Where are the guarding alps?Mother......they are not from the tribe, protect yourself!Alps! Enemies sneaked in! Come quickly!Come quicklyBala!Come on!Come on!Come on JuliaMother!Mother! Protect Orhan!Gunduz Bey!Orhan!Alps!We won't be able to get out of here alive.Gonca!

Gonca!My Gonca, open your eyes! My Gonca!Break the door! Come on!Bala!Are you okay Bala? Mother?We are fine.We are fine, but Gonca's condition is bad.My Gonca!They sneaked into the tribe for this.Come on!She cut the tent and escaped, my Bey.Don't come back without finding that bastard Rasit.As you wish my Bey.-Come on.She's bleeding a lot.Carry her to her tent.We have to patch her wound. Come on.I'll go find Kumral.Come on Master Davut. Come on.Alps!

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No. No. Don't go.Gonca hang on! Hang on!Hang on!Iznik Castle.Your wound looks okay my Bey.It'll be okay soon InshAllah.We saved our tribe from this trouble.That feels better than healing.I miss my Orhan so much.my_ f/'Right.I miss him too.But her mother Bala will take care of if he was her own.I know.You should know.....that we explore for Orhan.What we see and what we know......are all for Orhan.We came to these lands as guests but...We came to these lands as guests but......Orhan will make it our home. » This is the the goal.....Turks aim to achieve.Dear Malhun.Now you're sittingjn the land of Turks.That's well said my Bey.

May Allah let us live long enough to see it.'uaawyBrother.I hope we can get to our tribe soon.I've been away from my lover.I miss her so much.Brother. Sister Gonca is waiting for you.But what about mI'll go to an empty tent.Goktug.A man is no good when he's alone.There's a place in our hearts for lovers......and our homeland.And......there's a place for children.There's also a place for nephews.I want to be an uncle Boran.InshAllah my brother.InshAllah.Goktug.I want to be a father.InshAllah my brother. InshAllah Is it ready?It's ready.Ya Shafi.%

This is Episode No 70 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 6 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles. Soldiers!God saves us all.Run!The arrow came from that direction!Run! Run!TWO DAYS BEFOREMay it be easy.Malhun Hatun.What is up? Where are these rugs going?We are taking them to Harmankaya, Ayse Hatun.Why are you going to the infidels personally? Let them come and take it themselves.It is Osman Bey's order.It is Osman Bey's order.They are not going there in vain, Ayse Hatun. We have a plan, of course.We are ready. We can set out now.Keep your eyes peeled.Keep your eyes peeled.We are not going there to deliver the rugs.We are going to learn everything that is happening in Harmankaya.Eyvallah.It is time for conquest now, Aygul.It is time for conquest now, Aygul.Let's go and conquer the castle of infidels from the inside.Let's do it.Come on.

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May Allah protect you.Come on. Go and return safely, InshAllah.May you have a safe journey, InshAllah.Eyvallah.BILECIK CASTLEThe trade of Kayis is about to stop.And our caravans keep flowing to Bithynia.As long as Osman loses power, we gain power.As long as Osman loses power, we gain power.As long as Osman loses power, we gain power.To the unity of the noble Tekfurs of Bithynia.And to the fact that we will be able to take the priest finally.And to Osman's defeat.

EyvAllah Let s go, alps Let s go.Sheikh Edebahis in our dungeonMy Allah I cannot believe this.What should we have done7 Should we have said no to the great Valide Sultan7 -We should have, hatun.They will not stopIf Osman continues,. he will cause many problems to a lot of people We believe in Allah, Bengi.Sheikh Edebali is a believer.Do you think someone who does this to a believer will not pay the price?We are in the wrongWe are in the wrongIf Osman hears this,..he will turn this fort into hell.He cannot, Oktem BeyHe cannot.Valide Sultan.My flag is on the fort.Who is Osman that he will attack where I reign?I* '»• •My Sultan, Edebah is not important only for Osman He is valuable fo all the Turks.He is a believerI am afraidThere is no need to be afraid Oktem Bey irL / ’ -I know what you know.

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