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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 82 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 82 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 18 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Gunduz Bey!Osman Bey!Come here.Come here, Gunduz BeyBut.....I don't want any of the horses and brother's blood to be spilled!You want to take the Alps behind you......and make the oppressors kill the Turks.They did nothing wrong.You were tricked by Vizier and Geyhatu......and you trick them now.Witness the sword......that I used to kill the oppressors throughout my life.For you side with the oppressors now......then......let me introduce you with my sword of justice.Come here, Gunduz Bey.

For you consider as your enemy......then, I will not step back brothei After all of your betrayals......after all that cruelty, you still call me brother?What brother are you talking about?From now on, I am not your brother!I don't kill my brother!Because of your treachery.....your blood is halal for me now.You are a son, who betrayed his father's legacy!You are a brother, who put his brother among the betrayers!You.....a Bey, who turned his back on his people!You will leave this world......without a brother......without tore......and without your country.Come at me.2 DAYS BEFOREYou want to kill me so much, don't you, Osman Bey?I know it from myself.Believe me....nothing can be more beautiful than your annihilation in these lands.

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Against the great enemy.....^alliance!Alliance?You say alliance?I don't need nobody's alliance.I am Aya Nikola.Because the sun is behind you, you think your shadow is big.For you need no one.....why are you uniting Tekfurs?How did you learn about it?So, I wasn't the only one, who knew it. Geyhatu also knew it.And he knows that you frame behind his back.That's why he sent his warriors to take your head.Set aside you, even if all the Tekfurs come can do nothing against 20 thousand warriors that Argun Han sent for Geyhatu.20 thousand?

20 thousand?Follow me.Argun ile nq^grler; aeliyor...Argun Khan s warriors are coming.Tureen isvp-T.’ni bast'racak They will end theTurkmen rebellionThey will end the Turkmen rebellion.Argun Han. §arka dogru gidecek...Argun Khan will go East.Argun Khan will go East.Ordrsu emrimde .'?ll2lcak...His army will be under my command.His army will be under my command.Argun Han’i, yok edecegim.

I will destroy Argun Khan.Tahti benim olacak...His throne will be mine.Selcukl1'd^ avci-mun icindp. olacak.Seljuk State willbe within my palms!Sultan Mesud is fighting for his life.But even in that state, he is a powerful man.You underestimate him.He will do everything he can to stop you.Ben, nliimden buvuqum.Alemsah... I am mightier than death itself, Alemsah.Me^"d hicNr sev do anything.Mesud won't be able to do anything.Kuci'k.oalu Sultan aoriinecek...His'youngest sonwill be the Sultan.His youngest son will be the Sultan.

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Sen de Naibi olacaksin...And you will be his regent.And you will be his regent.Hukum sende olacak...You will be the ruler.You will be the ruler.Ama, once Nikola.But first, Nikola.But first, Nikola.Nikola won't N.'k.ola. emeline ulasmca.. , If Nikola succeeds, and gathers Tekfurs for war...If Nikola succeeds, and gathers Tekfurs for war...Tob:f'.”:,ari savas icin tonladiy^a ..gathers Tekfurs for war...Bu bize vakit will make us lose will make us lose time.Vaktimiz kiymetli Alem$ah.Our time is precious, Alemsah.Nikolayi oldurmedin mi?Didn't you kill Nikola?

Konu§...Speak!Speak!Konu§.Speak!Speak!Sana Nikola’nin kafasini cet-recektim ama...I was going to’brmg you Nikola's head, but...Osman geldi....Osman came....Osman came.Nikola n’qcekti, Osman'ir. orada nc isi. vardi... Nikola was going to die!What was Osman doing there!?Nikola was going to die! What was Osman doing there!?Mingiyan!Mingiyan.Mingiyan!Mingiyan!Gunduz Bey is here.Gelsin.Take him in!

Take him in!Get out!~ ^YuTTiibin nbkor volda .20 thousand warriors are on the way.20 thousand warriors are on the way.Kims? onumuzd? durame^/acak...No one will be able to stand in our path.No one will be able to stand in our path.4- O.^pe Ineao.l u alacagvu- h First, we will take Inegol. Then we will end the rebellion in Turkmen lands.20 thousand?It will be a massacre!isvan edp-p?erin sonu kiyimdir zaten.Gunduz...Those who rebel end up massacred, Gunduz!Gorup ibret alacaksin...You will see, and learn!You will see, and learn!

Soz verdiqin a:.hi alolann ile birl'kte releceksin Gundiiz... Like you promised, you will come with your alps.Like you promised, you will come with your alps.Bizimle birlikte sava^acaksin.You will fight on our side.You will fight on our side.Now, Mongolians are coming onto us like a flood.But, this is such a destroys every civilization it touches.And now it's at our doorstep.Your doorstep, Osman Bey.If it passes me, it will soon come to you.Turk, Rum, Seljuks, Rome!We are all Semitic.

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We have to unite against this evil!Osman Bey!Osman Bey!You are smart.You are brave, that's for sure.But you don't even have a Post to sit on!And you are talking about defeating Geyhatu and his 2.0 thousand warriors!I am a Bey's son Bey! My Beyhood does not need any symbols!But......if you don't listen to won't have a castle to hide in!These lands, Inegol......they are all mine!Neither you, nor Geyhatu can take them from me.Mongolians do not take...Mongolians do not take.....they destroy, ravage!Samarkand......Baghdad, Bukhara......Merv and many more.Were they weaker than Inegol?

Look at them and draw a lesson!Not only Inegol, if we do not......unite against the evil......Constantinople will end up the same.Why did I gather all these Tekfurs?I will fight.I don't need you to defeat Geyhatu.There is not a single soldier in my army that did not fight against Mongolians.I know well about the power, and the weakness of Mongolians.You need the archers of Oghuz against Mongolian horsemen!So, to not lose our chance to kill each other......we will be united, is that it?Tell me Osman Bey......let's say that agree with you.Let's just say that.What do you want from me?You will take me to Emperor Andronicus.Osman Bey.You said Geyhatu's coming for us with 20,000 warriors.Until we get back from Constantinople he'll destroy this place.We won't go.Emperor will come to us.How?Emperor's coming to Nicea.

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