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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 85 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 85 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 21 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. With the ninety ninenames of Allah......who fulfills our hearts with the light of belief......and who creates everything as he please.In the name of Allah, the merciful, the beneficent.Suffering and difficult!These are like brave soldiers.They never come down on, who are weaker than themselves and powerless ones.They must have considered us their equals that......they never stop chasing us....have come through many sufferings and troubles.However...It is time to stop these oppressors.Vizier Alemsah......and Geyhatu.They are such Oppressors that......they never stop.And now, the on way to stop the sword of justice.Their punishment is death.Osman Bey.

Vizier has settled in Sogut as if it is his own property.There are soldiers everywhere. How are we going to take it back?We might find a solution for Vizier.Sogut is the land of Kayi.But how are we going to take Geyhatu......among all those soldiers, especially when there are 20 thousand soldiers who are on their way, my Bey?Only Sogut?And to whom the borders belong?Tell me. They are acting however they want in our lands without our permission.Before those soldiers arrive, we will attack them when they feel most secure.Davut Master.Tell me, how many swords have you crafted until now?

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I have crafted five swords per soldiers in the tribe, thank Allah.MashAllah, MashAllah.Akca shephard, tell us.How many pitchers do we have to use against the oppressors?Fifteen of them are ready, my Bey.If we have some more time, we can ready forty more with the permission of Allah.It is war.We will have wounded people and ghazis.Kumral Abdal, do we have enough medication and bed enough for all these?All of them are ready as you commanded, my Bey.

May Allah protect your Alps all the time.-Ameen.-Ameen.Ameen, ameen.The precautions and preparations are ready now.However......the suffering willnot end for us.It will not end with Geythatu and Vizier Alemsah.Being that.....I used to think that Vizier Alemsah was doing all these for his own benefit.But I learned he was partner in his cruelty.Who is he, my Bey?

Tell us, my Bey!Do you have someone on your mind, my Bey?-Tell us, my Bey!-Sogut is ours!The revolting Beys side with Osman Bey, Vizier Alemsah.I heard Umur Bey and his brother, Ivaz, are on their way to the tribe.Ivaz's daughter is also on her way for now.Then, we will hurry up, Gungor.Before the shepherd's flock gets bigger, we will take him out and eliminate him.Loyalty is a difficult craft.But what is really choosing to whom you should be loyal.For they've chosen Osman, their fate will be the same.Vizier Alemsah, what are you planning to do?There is someone among who is loyal to Osman.

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But if the traitor.....doesn't know that histreachery is known......he doesn't also know whom he serves.Erbey, call Konur.Osman will be dead before Ivaz arrives.You go now. The traitor shouldn't see you.You go and take Ivaz's strings in our hands.Eyvallah, Vizier Alemsah.Eyvallah, Vizier Alemsah.Eyvallah, Vizier Alemsah.There will be no string, which is not held by us.You should take your strings from your brother's hands first.You have no difference from a dog.Who can it be? Is there someone more dishonored than Vizier in the borders?Who is he, my Bey?What interest does he have by acting against us?

We don't know who he is for now.Sultan Mesut thinks he tried to kill him.Before he comes after me by being deceived by this lie......I will find the one who did it.....and punish him.Eyvallah, my Bey.What should the Beys of Kayi do until then? Order us, my Bey.Let them start the war preparations.Take arms.Let the alps begin training.And they should turn their young children into......soldiers.As you command my Bey.Let's turn into soldiers, and wolves, my Bey.As long as you lead us, no one can stand against us.EyvAllah.EyvAllah.

Not just Kayi Beys, Osman Bey.I, with my tribe and alps, am always ready to fight by your side.I know Turgut Bey.You have been fighting alongside me for a long time.But before Beys start making preparations, listen to me......the responsibility and the management of alps......are not Gunduz Bey's now.Turgut Bey......has.proven Konya, Tekfur's castle......and in many hardships.That's why......he is the new head alp of the alps in Kayi tribe and Sogut.However Osman Bey deems fit.Eyvallah Osman Bey.May Allah allow me to fulfill this duty with honor.InshAllah.

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Geyhatu almost died while trying to run away from's time to make sure he can start preparations.Stay, brother.Come, Konur.Yes, Vizier Hadrath.Osman is in his tribe.What were your scouts doing, Konur?Reduce the number of soldiers.We won't go alone to attack the tribe.We will use the Kurt hills......and secretly unite with Geyhatu.As you command Vizier Hadrath.Erbey.Follow that dog.Make sure he brings the word to Osman.Make sure of it.As you command Vizier Hadrath.Fulfill your last duty for me, Konur.Lure Osman to my trap.I promise you......I am going to hang you together with Osman, whom you pledged loyalty to.Brother.....are you offended because......I took the duty from you?Of course not Osman Bey.

I am in no position to be offended.I have no other intention but to stay by your side and make things right.EyvAllah brother.EyvAllah.People make mistakes.You are entrusted me by our father Ertugrul Ghazi.And I entrusted the tribe to you.But you made a mistake, brother.I know......that your goal make sure the tribe stood strong.....and survive with little damage in these hard times.Your goal was honorable......but your actions were wrong.You always want the good of the tribe.But this goodness......can only come with halal money, brother.That's why......I make you the new treasurer of Kayi.Brother.....Allah knows that I wouldn't mind being guard at your doorstep after what I have done.

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