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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 89 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 89 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 24 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Mother! You are wounded! Who did this?Mother! You are wounded! Who did this?Wait son, I'm not wounded.But Cornelia...That bastard wounded her and ran away.-Go to the tent now, come on.-Come on, Bala.Who was he?His face was covered. I couldn't see who he was.They break in right into the tent of my mother!What are you doing here? Find me that dog! Come on!My Bey, I've sent Saltuk and the Alps.

They are searching everywhere.We'll find whoever did this.Are you okay?That bastard tried to kill me, son.That bastard tried to kill me, son.Mother.Mother.Tell me from the beginning.Selcan Mother!You bastard! Who are you?Alps!Alps! HelpAlps!Mother! What's going on here?The bastard ran away Go after him! Go!Alps! Catch him right away Hold on, daughter! Hold on!He came in and went out instantly He knew the surroundings.It is obvious. He is someone among us, son.Osman Bey.Selcan Hatun is right.I don't know how but the bastard entered right into the tribe.

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

The Alps are searching.He will be found.Until now, there have been many traitors among us.They have looked right into our eyes.But.....we have always waited for the right time.He will be found.Thank Allah Selcan Hatun is fine.We should leave, so she can rest.Excuse us.Thank Allah.It's late, Ibrahim Fakih.Stay here tonight.Is that okay, my Bey?Slowly.Cornelia, how did this happen?Where were you? How did you notice?Selcan Mother was praying here.And I was sleeping.Then someone came inside.

Did you wound that bastard?No, I didn't have a weapon.I jumped on him, I couldn't think of anything else.We should leave now, you should rest.Thank you Cornelia.Have it easy, keep your eye on her.You were not seen, right?No my Bey, I was not.That old woman couldn't describe you. You hid yourself well.Well done.EyvAllah my Bey. It was easy.They know it's one of us.Be careful.You're in a dark path Osman.You're as good as a blind man.He has doubts about you and I got rid of them.Selcan Hatun.....and Osman will believe Cornelia.My Bey.He got away.He got away.We surrounded the tribe.We'll question everyone.We'll search the place.How could you let him go?

How could yoMy Bey. I was following him.He just disappeared.Question all of the Alps.All of them. The traitor's still in the tribe.Did you find something?We found this in my mother's tent my Bey. It's Cornelia's.She kept the poison in it my Bey.You were right mother.We blamed Zehra for nothing.The snake hid the poison on her neck.What about today?What did you find out?He suspects you Barkin.

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

He thinks Mogols didn't attack Umur.He has no proof.He's just testing me.Because I ruined his balance of power.He's trying to find my weakness.Don't.Don't, Barkin.Don't underestimate him.Those who underestimate their enemy are doomed to die.What will we do?Barkin Bey. May I come in?Come in.Barkin Bey, Ibrahim Fakih...Osman Bey wants to see you.What if he found something?What will we do?We will cut off......all tethers of his suspicion.She said she was in bed......that she didn't have a weapon but she was hiding a dagger under her pillow, my Bey.She didn't even touch her dagger.Wouldn't you first go for your weapon in that situation?It's clear thatCornelia is a traitor.

First, she poisoned herself.Then, when she understood I didn't fall for her lies......she set up a new trap.She supposedly saved me from the enemy.And she became a hero, right?She did not act alone.Mari's death, the explosion in Sogut...Do you think they are all related, my Bey?It's not Cornelia.She is just a pawn.We need the one controlling her.However......I am suspicious of Barkin and Selvi.They took advantage of our absence and quickly held a council of beys.

That's what I thought, could they be connected with Cornelia?You'll figure out that part, mother.You will make Cornelia talk.Allow me my Bey.I can make her talk.If you scare a scorpion, it poisons itself.We won't scare her, Aygul.They hurt Mari Hatun, so......she will suffer the same way.An eye for an eye.Don't worry, son.I am going to make that bastard pay for even more than......what she made my Mari go through.Good.HA KM AN KAYAkali:.siHARMANKAYACASTLEYou think too much, Turgut Bey.After all, you are a man of steppe.What are you going to do with a castle?A castle is something like a cage for you.But is the booty the same? good. Give me a cloth Kumral Abdal.Give me a cloth.Come on.-My Sheykh.My Sheykh.My Sheyhk. My Sheykh.What if something bad happens?My Sheykh is strong.He'll survive this.Kumral Abdal.InshAllah my Bey.InshAllah.Where will we go now my Bey?Hide the carriage.There are caves nearby, We'll spend the night there.EyvAllah my Bey.Gunduz.How will we prove we're innocent?

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

We'll find them Ayse.We'll find the ones who did this.Don't worry.My Bey. Someone's coming.Ayse. Ayse run! Come on.Gunduz Bey were are you going?Come on Ayse.Let's go catch them.Why didn't you stay with Bala Hatun?There are enough people at the lodge.Alps.Be careful.They wrecked it all.Who......would do this Cerkutay?I don't know.But.....we'll find out.We can rebuild it.

Osman is strong anyway.Know that when he hears that you've taken Inhisar......he will go for not only one of your castles but both of them.Such a thing will not happen. If he tries it, he will have to bear the consequences.Nevertheless, I think you shouldn't underestimate him, Nikola.Don't underestimate him, Nikola.We take gold as booty but Osman took hundreds of barrels of gunpowder and he holds them all in his hand.And he gave us no share.If he goes on you with full force, both Inhisar......and Inegol will turn into hell.He doesn't have the gunpowder anymore.And Osman can do nothing without the gunpowder.And how can you be this sure, Nikola?This is Osman, Kosses.

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