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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 91 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 91 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 26 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Alaedd in.Brother wakeAlaeddin.Come on Alaeddin. Get up.We need to get out of here.This is so bad, Orhan brother.We've become a leverage in the hands of the infidels.We won't whine.We'll escape, brother. Come on.No soldiers around.Allah, give me strength.What's that? Are you trying to escape?

Come here, we have some fun here.The man, who can break that iron, wouldn't be a prisoner here.Behave yourself, kid!You, infidel! Neither iron nor walls can stop Turks.Open that lock and I'll show you.Brother, you think dogs enter the wolf's den?The dogs having a death wish do it, brother.You'll see now.Now, I will..After Osman is killed, your turn will also come anyway.Allah is Truthful IAllah is Everlasting!You see my strength now?-Bastards!-Let us go!Leave us!

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

You dog!Bastards!Osman Bey will not let you get away with this!When he hears this, he'll take down your castle bn you Osman will die, don't worry. Keep your silence, so you don't die exhausted!Come on! We've rested enough!We have a long road ahead.Our job is tough.Alps!Keep your eyes peeled! Be prepared!Keep your eyes peeled! Be prepared!We may look like we are going to a wedding, but our weapons are already sharpened!We're going for conquest! Let's go!Come on, sister! Come on!Incoming IIncoming!I hope it's something good, InshAllah.Bala!-Malhun.-Bala!They've kidnapped the kids!What? Who?

When?There is no time to talk. They've taken them to Bilecik.-Then, let's go to Bilecik.-Let's go!Osman Bey is coming!Osman! They've kidnapped the kids.I know Malhun, I know.Our kids! What if something happens to them, Osman?Nothing will happen.They also attacked Kosses but he is in the tribe now.If they had wanted to kill our kids, they wouldn't have taken them to Bilecik.What is their goal, then? Using them as a leverage?

They were going to kill us in'the castle.They do this to prevent our kids from taking revenge.They've known us for a' long time.They surely knew that we wouldn't go there without preparation.For this reason, they want to attack our weakness.But I will neither leavemy kids in their hands......nor I will let them live!Okay, then.

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

Let's destroy Bilecik.No.M a I h u n.We won't act with our pain......but we will act with our reason.Osman is dead.Osman will sit right here.And the assassins will be here.Justinianus' soldiers will be in here together with you.Why do you care where Osman sits, Nikola?I like taking precautions.You taught me that I should not underestimate anyone in war, master.I will leave no loose ends.You are speaking wisely, Nikola.

Aya Nikola, Master Arius, this is Bilecik Castle......but the history will record this castle as the graveyard of Turkmen Beys.Rest assured.The magicians outside, actors, musicians......they are all equipped with daggers, and they are thirsty for Turk blood.Did you tell them their real goal?Of course not.I haven't told them yet for the information to stay hidden.

They think they are armed as a precaution.When the time for attack comes, they will learn that Bilecik will be fed with blood!But Turks won't be fed.But Turks won't be fed.They are fasting.Their sacred iftaar will be their last supper.Congratulations Justinianus.You are not a coward like your uncle Rogatus.The peace that lasted in these lands for years with the Emperor's orders......will end tonight.

What'a'bout Osman's kids? What will happen to them?No one will touch them.They will wait for me.You can kill alps, women and even Osman......with pleasure.First, we will learn where the children are.II‘ 1Without any information......we will not fall into the hands of those dogs that want to kill us.It looks like this is their move.You are right Osman Bey, if we take precaution for the wedding......they want us to lose our cool and attack them.

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

Don't worry, sir.You will turn into a shadow, Simon. No one will see, know and hear youLords will come soon.Even they should not know who you are.Now take your saint clothes.....and leave.With my respect.Don t waste time, Simon.Don't waste time.Selamun aleykum!Aleykum Sei am, Gencebey.Hello, Gencebey.Are you good, brother?Good, Boran.And you?Good, thanks to Allah.MashaAllah!How are you, Master Davut?Thanks to Allah, good.You're good?EyvAllah. EyvAllah.Aleykum selam.You've been gone for long. Where have you been?We defeated the heathens raising troubles in Karadag.Thanks to Allah.

She's working as always.She never takes a break to rest.She starts working at dawn.May Allah give her strength.-Amen.Amen. Amen.I don't want to say it, ...but her pains are getting worse.She visits the healer and gets her back massaged.Oh my beautiful mother!Bd 16.We couldn't do without you.My beautiful girl Bala. How are you doing?How are my children? Did you find them?Yes, mother. They’ve gone for training with their father.

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