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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 95 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 95 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 30 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. 2 MONTHS AFTER THE CONQUEST OF INEGOL Just as the old days, huh, my gazelle-eyed?The one, who loves the most, runs faster.Karayel!You hear this?Huh?You hear what they say about us?But they don't know that.....we turn into wind and blow into many lands for love.Then, show it, Osman Bey.Alaca is still strong.He rips through the wind.You should just know that.Karayel also suffered for me a lot but......there is lltutan now.

Iltutan is also pretty fast.His name turns many lands into a part of our state.When he eats the dust of Alaca....1 hope he doesn't lose his speed, InshAllah.So, you say that!Then...CerkutayOh, Cerkutay.Let me give you these swords.You know these make me heavier.I need to be faster.You even get rid of your sword to be faster, my osman.So, the situation is that dire, huh?Yes, it is, it is.Then, let's we keep quiet and let our horses talk.There! We won't stop until we pass that green land.My Alaca.

Don't disappoint me.I Ituta n.Come on, son.Come on, then!Let's blow like wind for love.Come on!Iltutan! There is no one knowing your Bey's heart better than you!Come on, don't disappoint me!My Alaca! If you stay behind, your white will get dusty! Come on, faster!We can't stop proving our love!Bala.You are riding so well.EyvAllah, my Bey.Let's go.So, we are still riding toe-to-toe, my Osman.That because our love hasn't lessened at all.MashAllah lltutan.He's been supporting you for a long time.

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

Come on, let's have a sit here.You are right. We have many supporters of course.Our brothers, our Alps, our horses...But......there is nothing like the power of the family.My heart is full of the ove of my sons and gha But you are always behind me.May my Rabb never let me see your absence.I am bearing all these troubles for your love.I get my strength from you.May my Rabb never let me experience my sons' and your mourning.uaaiuvAmeen.May he never test us with separation and heartburn.

Ameen.'uoaiuvDon't touch him!We need horses.And some gold.Obviously, you have both.So, that's the situation, huh?Then, come here.Come here.Come here so, we leave no broken bones in your body.You are brave. Bravemen don't leave long.Do what we say......and maybe, we will spare your life.It's been a long time since we rode and challenged the wind, my Bey.And it's been also a long time since we didn't break the bones of these bastards.Don't hold me back.Suit yourself.Come on, then.Bala!You are fine, right?

I am fine, my Osman.My Bey!My Bey.You are fine, right?My Bey, your horses don't run, they are flying!We couldn't catch you.Dogs.They ran into a hard rock.Obviously, they didn't know who they were dealing with.Don't you worry. These dogs teeth don't work on us.You return to the tribe now.Then, you can learn where they are living.-As you command, my Bey.-MayAllah protect you, my Bey.You, too.-May you live long.-My Bey.Come on. Come on.A Caravansary on the Road.Sit down, don't stand up.

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

Sit down, don't stand up.Our table is always open for guests.The only thing I want to see on my Osman's head!Don't be hasty.There is a time for everything.There is a time for everything.Those who don't know how to wait, cannot be victorious.Those who don't know how to wait, cannot be victorious.Stop talking like your stupid master Arius.He liked waiting too!Nikola did too!And they are all dead now I waited, but not against the enemy.I waited right next to him!I waited by his side!I earned his trust!

Why is Kayi's Sanjac......bigger than the others?It was not like this before.Well the answer to your question is hidden within your question, Osman Bey.It was not like this before.It was not like this before.As Kayi gets bigger, its Sanjac will get bigger too.Sanjac will get bigger too.Until it covers all of the world!Until it covers all of the world!But don't forget.Together with its might, its problems will also grow.EyvAllah.Go on.Peace be with you.-Peace be upon you.-Peace be upon you.Sit down, Osman Bey.EyvAllah.

We heard that after Inegol's conquest, Turkmens......are coming to the West like a great flood.Because they know that......Bilecik and Inegol are home to them.They don t see you as a stranger.EyvAllah.That's why we are doing conquests.There won't be any Turkmen left that has no place to go and that has no home.We will give villages......and plateaus to anyone that wants it.It looks like.....this won't be enough.Since they are like a great flood......then we will walk all together.Like a great flood, we will reach the walls of Bursa!Iznik......Yenisehir......we will walk there together.

As long as......those who are of our blood......come to us.The future of Turks is in your care now, Osman Bey.The last place the Sanjac of Islam will be placed......lies in your scope.Now tell me.What's your goal?Bursa.My scope......and my cause are way longer than my own life, Alhamdulillah....and my cause are way longer than my own life, Alhamdulillah.•■ueiuso...will focus on Yenisehir after Inegol and Bilecik.If he manages to take will stay as his servant until the last day of your life!

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

Your dagger will not be able to reach him.Do you know my dagger, Romanos? far I can go?Do you know that?I spent years behind Osman, whom I hate with every inch of my body!I stayed loyal to him!...won against my grudge!Now tell me......who am I?Barkin.....Bey.Are you afraid of me?Good.Osman will be afraid of me too.In the past......Osman wanted the villages near Yenisehir from the Emperor.Now he will target Yenisehir.Osman’s targets are bigger than years, Romanos.What will we do?

Will we wait like this?You are a great commander.You will take precautions.He will take Yenisehir......and turn it into his headquarter.Place your soldiers there.Then he will target Yondhisar.Place your soldiers there.Will that be enough to stop Osman?Osman is a Sanjac that is nflated by the wind of conquest.It's hard to defeat him in the battlefield.But.But....we will destroy his inflated Sanjac!The war will be over before it begins.Come something to sweeten your tongue.

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