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MAVERA EPISODE 03 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 03 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Who are youSome says Hace Ahmet…..some says Yesevi…..some says Alp Ahmet……some says Eren Ahmet.In the end, I am Ahmet, son of Adam.Understood, understood..You are him.Did you come to finish what you left unfinished?No.I’ll tell you what is the thing you are trying to stop.That’s why I came.Where is Hace, Muhammed?Did he tell anything to you?I didn’t see him, Pehlivan Master.He didn’t even drink his water.Where could Hace even go here?Allah.Allah.Where can he go without saying anything?Mahmut.What if something happened to him?Don’t say that, Pehlivan Master.May Allah protect him.Let’s go to the shop.•He must be there.-What if he isn’t there, too?Something bad-He must be okay, right?Tell me he must be fine, Mahmut.Just hope for the best.He is fineLet’s go to the shop first. Come on.Our Necip.His father was my friend.

He is an orphanActually, it is hard to find a child, who is not an orphan around here.Men die young here……because of trying so hard to find……the bread his house needs.So, the fathers goes early……and left the poverty to his children as a heritage.Do you understand?You are a good man. I know.If you weren’t a good man……you wouldn’t have defended a little kid……by standing against all of those men.But this is not the normal way here.You can’t feed a child by giving him bread a hundred or a thousand times.Even if you feed him, you can’t feed his brother.

Even if you feed his brother, you can’t feed his neighbors.There is a neighborhood waiting to be fed.And they have only one opportunity to feed themselves.Stealing the thing you don’ have from another, who has it.Do you understand?I understand you.But there is always another way.A halal and true way.No one has to live with haram only.Our Prophet Hadhrat, (PBUH)……ordered us to be as birds in trusting Allah.They leave with an empty stomach and return to their nestst full….the creator lets us find our livelihood like that.Of course, there is a way.We can find that way by uniting.

There is no such hope.There is only mud and dirt here and nothing else!There are people, who is borne, grow, get old and die into that dirt!And there are nothing else.Sometimes, people like you……voluntarily or involuntarily come by here And you can also guess their fate.Don’t you ever fear for things can happen to you?I don’t.And don’t you fear death\Ne need a world, where children don’t need to steal to feed themselves.If I die without putting effort for this cause……then, I start to fear death.I faced and told you what I believed.I spread my word as a seed onto your heart.It will grow.

Whether you want it or not.You have conscienceI can see it in your eyes.So, I can die now, if my time is not afraid.Everything in Baghdad is weird.Obviously, its Dervishes are also weird.The shop is open!So?He worked here last night.And where can he be now?Allah Allah…What could he work here last night anyway, Pehlivan Master?Look, there is nothing around.Huh?

Obviously, he came and worked here last night.Don’t you know, Hace? When his heart is heavy……he either vents his spleen on a piece of wood, or on himself!I’m sure he didn’t get into trouble.But he’s just experienced many unfortunate events.Why does he suddenly disappear without letting anyone know? It doesnt make sense!He’d better whittle me instead of wood!You are right, you are right, but…..we need to find Hace first for you to ask this question to him.There is no evidence to lead us to Hace!Let’s go. Come on!Okay, we can go, but, let’s check here first, in case we missed a clue.Allah Allah! Icouldn’t find evidence!And you, youngsters will find it, huh?Look!

His sweater and turban are here!Obviously, he is okay. Allah Allah!Let’s go. We are going. Come on.Eyvallah, Pehlivan Master, let’s go, but… are acting weird. I guess everything is okay, InshAllah.Everything is good, Mansur.From now on, I hope everything will be okay.What have they done? Allah damn them!They raided all the bazaar!Yes! They stole all my carpets!They didn’t even left a chair to sit!May Allah punish them for this!

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Mar 22, 2023

There is no episode 3 😔


Mudassar Shabbir
Mudassar Shabbir
Jan 29, 2023

episode 3 not show

Mar 22, 2023
Replying to

Yes there is no episode 3

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