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MAVERA EPISODE 07 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 07 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. They will abduct the Caliph’s daughter.Leyla Hatun.Are you sure? Her nanny has just left here.She said she would go to his brother in Basra.I heard Nejat and Atif were talking.He told an important guest would go to Basra……and they could deal a hard blow to Caliph, if they could kidnap her.I heard it with my own ears.How can even kidnap Caliph’s daughter?Caliph assigned a battalion of soldier just to protect her.Mahmut is right.You know what kind of people come to my house just as I do.

This enabled me to stand alive before you today.Surviving in Baghdad is hard.It is even harder for a woman My days has passed by eliminating evil by using another evil.Nejat is one of them.And are you sure it is Asife Hanim?I didn’t realize it was Asife Hatun firstly.Yet, when the nanny told what was going on, I knew it for certain.Have a sit. Let’s think.Could you see Hace?Could you get a blessing for me?

I did, daughter. I went to spoon shop first.He wasn’t there. I was told he was in the tribe.Then, I went to tribe.Was he there?He wasThey got surprised, when they saw me.I explained them the situation and told him you wanted his blessing.What did H ace sayHe said the words of father must be obeyed. He wished you a good trip.He said you did everything you can both for us and the poor people.He said may Allah protect and……bless you.It’s okay.Hace’s prayers are with me now I will always feel them in my heart.Attention, you tactless!

Do you think it was the toilet door that you enter here like that?I am sorry, sir, but I have an important news for you.ppened? Tell me.we were following the nanny as you ordered.She went to Hace’s spoon shop first……then, she headed towards nomad tribe.things have changed.We can’t hold the caravan any longer.

Start the preparations.It will set out today.We will make Asife Sultan fly……from Baghdad just like a bird.The caravan will use another ordered.I’ll let the guards know that the route has changed.You have another mportant duty, Feth.Until the preparationsare done……find yourself a disguise right away.Choose the fastest steed.Go to Dubeys…..and tell him that……the caravan’sroute has changed…..and it will set out today.Okay, sir.My H ace!What precaution are you going to take?Let’s go there.Whether it is Atif or not…..whether it is Nejat or not.Let’s go there and kill them all!We need to report the situation to the Caliph……and stop the travel.

Stop there, brothers.For someone is going to be kidnapped……let’s say it is the daughter of the Caliph or someone else……what does it matter?What is important that a blow will be dealt to the great Caliph of Islam.And……do you think they won’t ask that……for you had information about such an important issue……why didn’t you report it before?Everyone comes to our barrel house.Everyone tells something.And we hear everything.My man, Adnan hears the things aren’t put into words in the bazaar.But we don’t involve any of that.And forget what we heard.So, no one troubles us.This is the way to survive in Baghdad.

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