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MAVERA EPISODE 13 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 13 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. -Hace!Hace!Hace! Who did this to you? Hace!Quickly, go and call someone!Call Mahmut and Pehlivan! Be quick!What happened here?What happened?Who could do this?Who did this?It doesn’t look good.LookFrom now on, you can do nothing without permission in Baghdad!Where do you need to get permission?You need to take permission from the caliphate palace!You need to take it from your Vizier, Atif Efendi!

You take no permission in the plains, but….everyone is responsible to act in order in this city, where there is civilization1 Or, you won’t only pay for it with your money, but also with your life!If you don’t get used to it, just leave here!It would be best for you.Baghdad doesn’t ant to accept only us!We can go aryl never come back again!You can get everything! Everything!We can just leave here!Mahmut! Pehlivan! You need to come right now!What is it, Ziya brother?What happened?

Inshallah, there is nothing bad.Unfortunately, Mahmut, it’s Hace! Hace got stabbed!Hace? Where is he? Let’s go! Run!Run! Run!All the provisions for Sazlik went waste.My dear mother.You still worry about Sazlik.Don’t worry, mother. We can still bring some from the tribe.You see how one cruel man can harm many innocent people?Let’s say we are strangers. Isn’t Sazlik just the middle of Baghdad?

Mansur!Baghdad accepted everyone and it couldn’t accept……five yoruks with a few tents?Mansur!■•Aes a3|?H l.upiQ…we can always find a solution, when we are out of patience?Aren’t you a brother of Hace?Pull yourself together!What can wind carry away from the stone?Come on. Pull yourself together.All of you!Hace!Haae!Hace!What happened? What happened? Who did this?Tell me, who did this? Who did this?Oh, Mahmut.Who did this, tell me? Who can do such a thing?I’ll hit him with my sword so hard that……the biggest intact part of his body will be his ear!”Stop, just stop.-Hace.Tell us. Who did thisStop, stop a second. Mahmut.What does itmatter who did this?

You love it! You always want us to tell war stories. That one draw his sword……that one hit with his blade. Just drop these.You tell me! Tell me! Who did this4 Mahmut!You think the child can say it, even if he saw it?Excuse me, Yalgiz.Mahmut.Calm down.Just assume that I had dirty blood on my body, so, I had cupping.Okay? Let’s go tonomad tribe now-If I take some rest, I’ll be fine.Brothers.We troubled you in vain.-Not at all.-Give us your blessings.Not at all, just be well, Hace.Let’s go to nomad tribe. If I take some rest, I’ll be fine.Yalgiz.Yalgiz.Yalgiz.Yalgiz.Yalgiz.We are going, Can.We are going to the tribe. Come on, Can.Come on.Sir, we carried out your orders.Our guards destroyed the stall of the Yoruks, and……destroyed their goods.But……they have resisted and attacked our guards.But they gave the answer to that.They have been punished for that as well.Yoruks fought against the guards?Yes sir. But guards managed to defeat them by acting more fiercely.Good.Well, a one sided fight would be boring, right?Yes sir.You fulfilled your duty.

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