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MAVERA EPISODE 15 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 15 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. What is this? Who are you?You step back, Mansur.inally…..we meet, Hace.I saw you with Dubeys.So, you wanted to meet before.But you could barely work up your courage to meet us.Th is is not about my courage.This is a matter about your loyalty, Hace.Actually, I saw you before.But back then……I didn’t see you worthy of talking.A poor dervish, who came from……Turkish plains.I considered you just like this.Just one of the hundreds of mad men……of whom these lands are familiar.But then……I realized that was not the case.saw the gem you were hiding……inside yourself.

I understood your secret.The ones, who are covering their faces……the ones, who are hiding their words, cannot understand our secret.Tell me directlywhat you want to say.I can’t reveal my face.If I do……the game ends right away. Because……then, I have to kill you.And it means we ski…the best part of the job.Obviously, you are not a friend.If you are an enemy, what you want must be killing me, right?Which game do you want to play?If you think I will beg for my life……you will lack of that pleasure forever.I told you I knew you.I know why you don’t believe me.You are not someone, who is afraid of dying.If it was the case…the wooden sword wouldn’t given to you.How do you know about the wooden sword?

What do you want to achieve by hiding the truths, Leyla?Don’t you see the disasters it caused?Pehlivan, don’t shout without understanding.You need to tell me to lot me understand!You just keep your silence!Do you think being silent is easier than speaking?I don’t care. I don’t care!I never keep quiet, when the truths are spoken!But you know it well.You know hiding and keeping quiet well.If that little girl hadn’t blurted it out, we would have never known the troubles you had!Who knows? Who knows, maybe, the same rrtan harmed Hace!That’s why that little girl has such terrible nightmares.If you had stopped chasing those men, when I told you, maybe, none of them would have happened!We are not even afraid of going gallows!

Do you think we fear that?If I didn’t stop chasing this because, it was right thing to do!If I saved that little girl from those evil men……because I believed it was right thing to do!And will you rub our nose in it now Not at all. I die for my Meryem daughter.As to the matter about you, Leyla…Allah made our paths crossed with each other.I saved you. I trusted you and brought you in this tribe.But I am tired of your tricky games now!I came here from plains. When I came here, I took only one and right path!never took crooked paths!Only you know those paths. But I am suffocated by those paths you take now!So, I am playing games, huh?If you suspect me after all those time we spent together, shame on you!I hope it is not something bad, inshallah.I need to see Asife Hanim Sultan. Can you call her?

Even if she sleeps, wake her up.Yes, head doctor.couldn’t sleep anyway.Inshallah, there is no problem.Inshallah, there isn’t, Asife Hanim.However…the things that our guardian brother in the dungeon said indicates contrary.Tell me, I am listening.Tell me. How do you know about the wooden sword.When you were not aware of it, we had already known it.The lamps lighted in Asia……are waiting for signal…to illuminate the rest of the world.And that is you, aren’t youIsn’t your tale……tells exactly thisThis is the truth itself.For you believe it is a tale, then, why are you talking to me?I’ve come to wake you up by preventing you from losing yourself into the tales.The end of yourtale won’t be good.Only All ah knows our end.

If he turns us into a lake, we are filled up with water.If he turns us into a desert, we get parched.We never complain for both of them.Whether you become lake or desert……we will always be mountain.\Ne are unyielding Alamut Mountain.Campaign can be start on us……but victory cannot be won over us.When you are torn into pieces by crashing into the rocks of that mountain… will also understand this.Have you come here to tell me these?I know our greatest enemy.And I wanted……you also know your greatest enemy.Know his greatness and enm…so that, we can enjoy the game we play.If I get out of these bars one day……and you become brave enough to reveal your face……then, the game will be enjoyable.Maybe, it happens one day, Hace.But not today.What do we do, daughter? I fear something bad will happen to you.

Nothing bad will happen to me.\Ne need to take action, before something bad happen to Hace.-I’ve seen this dagger before, nanny.-Where have you seen it?When I was with Dubeys.This man was standing there and the dagger was on his belt.Are you okay, Mansur Jan?Who was this, Hace?What was he talking about?

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