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MAVERA EPISODE 17 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 17 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Mahmut.h^d £h.y K^ud © ©{p©GI?©^g (*]© M©T I can’t understand what kind of a cruelty is this.Pehlivan Master, you can’t understand it, of course. Of course!Why?Because such incidents are not to be understood.It is to be make us draw our sword and fight with the enemy.We’ve been patience more than enough! We’ve waited enough!Here, here, took!hich one of them is guilty?Which one of them deserved that cursed man’s cruelty?He is yelling at us.He is yelling that his head is an unnecessary thing on his head!He is yelling if there is a brave one to take his head!See what happens after we take his head.

Atif, Mervan and all the other snakes…Well see then, if they can dare to come close to us.Evelallah, our sword cuts everything.It cuts everything but……it doesn’t cut the things Hace put our hearts, Mahmut.Hace will come soon or later We will sit and discuss it.We’ll figure out a solution.Look.Please, don’t lose your control.Okay? Look.Look at these poor people.Necip.Are you okay?I can’t accept it, Sahsuvar.They were so crowded.Necip, you did a greater job than me here.I wasn’t here, but you were in Sazlik.Come on, don’t be like that.

Don’t hurt my heart.Come on.My condolences, sister.May Allah bless her.May her place be heaven.AdnanTake me to her.Daughter, don’t do it.What they want is your life.Who knows the ones who did this to this poor girl, do to you.I took shelter in you to hide.But it didn’t work, mother.Baghdad is calling Kara Leyla.Let it be.It doesn’t know that Leyla will return as black as possible.I leave Meryem to Allah firstly……then, to you.She is your daughter now.Of course, daughter.But are you surePeace be with you, friends.Peace be upon you.Valiant friends. Look over here.’es, friend. Do you want something?Do you have water?We do.Here.Thanks.EnjoyDon’t you drink it?No, I don’t get th irsty that much.This is for birds and worms around here.

-Give your blessing for it.-I give my blessing.give my blessingWhat is your name?When you come to this world, there are many people who name you.I’ve been also called with many names but……I can’t remember them all now.They’ve been calling me Turab father for a while.If you ilhe it, you can call me like that.Turab father?-Turab.It means earth in Arabic.I guess they call me like that because, I work on earth.And for our beard get whiter, they start to ad father on my name.So, I became urab father like this.Our Prophet Hadrath (PBUH)…..used to call AliHadrat-h Ebu Turah, too.So, the father of the earth. That’s why I got surprised.He is a brave man who resounded the earth and sky^ when he called Allah.Do you lik£ the lion of Haqq, Ali?We have a deep affection for Hadrath Ali. May Allah bless his soul.They say brave ones like brave ones.

May your affection be eternal.Turab father.What are you doing in this deserted place?I bud trees.I help the things growing on earth.That’s all I do.I promised something.So, I need to bud a tree in the garden in that lower village.That’ s why I am on the road. I have to do it.Actually, I dorfft have the power to wander around these rocks but……I promised once.Where are you going?If you are not in a rush, why don’t you comp with me?You can help this old man.And you catra have some chat with this poor man, huh?Estagfurallah.Okay, Turab fatherLet’s go where you need to go. We can handle what you are supposed to do.Let me grab these. Turab father.Thanks.Come here, Turab father.Oh, Mahmut..You see those cruel menThey raided the district like bandits.

They destroyed everything.Of course……everything disappears find its place.And every object turns to its center but…what do we do about Sahsuvar?How is he going to find his own center?How is going to settle down, I really down know.What are you saying, master?Don’t you see his situation?H£ has a storm inside and a volcano outside.He will be destructive in any case.Here, here he comes.-Sahsuvar.Where are you going?I’m going to make the ones pay, who did this to Sazlik, master.What are you going to do, huh?You will go take Mervan and the ones around him down?1*11 kill them all!If they edge me enou gh, 1*11 burn that lodge down!Sahsuvar.Do you hear what you say?That lodge, there-What are you going to say, master? Are you going to say it is the lodge of Hemedani?If it was a place as you claimed, do you think they would dismiss you from there?That lodge is a snake hole containing a handful of traitors!

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