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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 08 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 08 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 8 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Here are some story of this Episode. Epısod Tell me Jassim tell me again Tell me without exceeding any detail As said Suleyman Askeri faced the reactions he did not expect Especially from the merchant Omar and that Sheikh so called Hüsrev they openly opposed the Ottomans in the meeting with clear behavior So whaî did Suleyman do He shed the blood And the blood of that merchant Omar Omar Isn t that Omar who organizes poems of praise of the Ottomans in the carvanserai Yes that s what surprised me Trader Omar admired the Ottoman Empire And now turned into an enemy That s great The shedding of blood means that the fire will get bigger We must communicate with these men as soon as possible Jassim But this sharp act made me suspect We must have to test them The man lost his hand I do not know Sheikh Husrev but I have never seen Omer like that What s your suspicion for Mr Cox If you want to know Suleyman not just only your hand you would even have to lose your head Maybe Sheikh Husrev also influenced Omer I will conduct the necessary investigations Rosary Rosary It really comforts people Tell me Jassim tell me everything from the beginning Tell me so that I read the spirit of my enemy What are we going to do Mevlut Sergeant We stayed in this middle of the desert in this much cold Niyazı Yeah Have you become old Who are you talking about me I am still young and energetic Maa Shaa ALLAH Praise Be to ALLAH Really We know what we have to do These are not enough for us.

We ll dig this place and we ll go under The dirt will cover us Yes yes Well what are you waiting for Go on start Digging man What kind of behave is this man I was thinking something You re right let s dig the ground I have not eaten my anchovy it s been a long time Well listen when the war is over we will go back to our motherland together Why is that Why would it be To get some anchovy And I ll make rice in a large tray together with it And then we will brew out tea And I will also bring the milk butter with my anchovy rice pudding with it I seek refuge in Allah And I listen to you as a man Oh my Allah my Mighty Lord Oh my lord forgive me I smell anchovy Seriously I swear I swear that the anchovy smell comes to my nose Dig it more Maybe you can find anchovies Yes let s dig May your ways be open May ilah protect you from the darkness of the desert and from its dangers There was no need for this May ALLAH S W T be pleased with you ou saved my children s life can this dry bread and milk be worth it Be careful Do not worry Nothing will happen to this big old woman And my dear Zainab knows how to take care of herself That s enough live with peace Oh my dear Here

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

we go Bismillah with the name of ALLAH Adam My commander these are the legacies of our Martyred Lieutenant Fawad May his testimony be accepted blessed Jameel We are all sorry for our loss Is there any news from Niyazi and Mevlut There is still no news Commander Talk to the clans without losing any time They are to know every grain of sand in the desert Do what you do and find me Mehmat I need Mehmet Jameel This country needs Mehmet Mevlüt and Niyazi are still out looking for them When they find Saeed they will definitely find Mehmet If we do noî find him he will come and find us if the situation goes like this Maa Shaa ALLAH Let no one s evil eye be on him see the boy he has gone through a lot of misfortunes.

Basically is not that what we want Commander It is it is But now want him here Find me this man and bring him here immediately Fawad my dear gun partner Do not worry we will bury the British and traitors in these lands Saeed Yes What is it now I ve untied myself I got my hands free And now I will untie your hands Get up Stand upright Together in the good and the bad my brother Together in the good and bad The letters are in that bag OK You take the letters And I ll disrupt their men s order You bring horses while I distract men You can not confront all of them on your own We attack the men at the same moment and take the letters and ride the horse and go Is that clear Alright Hey what are you talking about It is time Oh the only one Allah The prisoners are running away Saeed Letters are up to me I know go ahead Mehmet run my lionheart run Run away and save the country run away Run Saeed Run Run Mehmet Run Mehme Saeed Run my lion I will come back brother I will come and save you this is my promise to you He is taking letters away Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim  Start wish the name of ALLAH who is Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful Your brother left you and went Now tell me his place to make you meet He went to the bottom of hell Go and get him What the hell do you think you re doing m questioning him Mr Cox His brother escaped What did you say His brother the soldier He took the letters and escaped Habbab you know the desert better than us If I ask you can you find that soldier Sure Let us think from the beginning The soldier fled and you tied his brother and tortured him to learn his place Is that correct I am very sorry Has your brother ever been to Baghdad before Noü Nö That means that he does not know these areas While even his brother does not know where he will go will you learn his whereabout from his miserable brother Wilson you made me feel disappointed. 

You never understand a prisoner s condition You should feel what a prisoner feels to understand his condition Tie Mr Wilson as well to the captive in the same way Do not be afraid So did you see what are the benefits of dandelion herb Oh my gradnmother do I have to pass a test everytime It s easy to find out Benefit of bitterness and liver Do not say that my daughter is not life itself a test Hmm Think about it What are we doing in the middle of this great desert What business will it be We distribute healing to those who need it And this is the purpose of our life in this world  mirage of this endless desert she has appeared before me again like a gift of Allah Oh what Am I talking about I will fulfull your wish Will you really achieve what I am asking You just say that my desert winds that decorate my nights Bury yourself in this sand then Shut up I loved your sharp tongue Efsa Woman do not be afraid We will not hurt you I am Zeynab s future husband Look at me Habbab If the two of us remain in this world I will not be your wife If I kidnap you now How would you resist me I want you to be satisfied But my patient also has limits so you know that Stop there Habbab Do not try to take another step further Allah is watching I ll cut my neck Zeynep my daughter Do not interfere to my job grandmother Desert is my witness No one like you came to the land of the Arabs and will not come Zeynep surely one day you will be my wife I apologise I m a little late Mr Cox Do not diminish respect I m talking to my precious guest Excuse me what did you say You honorless Honorless What an ugly name is this Is that how they call you honorless No problem We will play a simple game with you I will ask you some questions and you will answer.

In every wrong answer I will draw lines on your body And in every correct answer I ll draw lines on Wilson s body Is there something incomprehensible I think you got it So let s start I ll start with a simple question How many soldiers are there in Osmancık Battlion Seven hundred Congratulations Congratulations you know WtJson Very simple There is nothing that can not be understandable So let s come to the second question Let s go on What was written in the letter I do not know alse Let me ask again What was written in that letter I do not know It was sealed how do I know Good Congratulations now you know It was sealed how would you know Wilson Third question Who wrote those letters I do not know False So nice of you you re strong When there is no place left on your body your right will end and I will be forced to kill you Be careful I am asking again Who wrote those letters Could he be Enver Pasha You from where did I knew I knew you are aware of it But I ll accept it correct Wilson Do not be afraid do not be afraid If they are from Anwar Pasha Then this should be a call A call of Jihad Struggle Well another question How many groups like you have come out I do not know I swear I do not know True It is not possible for you to know this you re right You answered correctly Wilson If you were already aware of these why did you ask you bastard For Wilson His wounds make him not forget the mistakes he has made throughout his life .

Then what do you want from me There is nothing I will get from you I m playing a game I wanted to have some fun We all need to have fun So that is why I wanted to have some fun Lift him up Come Come From here Get back to your positions This is a huge mistake and it should not be forgotten WiJson What is my name Cox Cox Cox It s ok it s ok all good ok It was nice to play with you My g andmother Are you okay I m fine my girl I m fine My heart is beating fast Let s relax a bit and we will continue Rest is not enough Let me put followers of Mecca to your cup of a tea you will feel better then Wait my dear Zeynab wait There is no tea that cure my old heart Grandmother If you are worried becuase of that traitor of the country so called Habab No my daughter Allah is my witness I never hesitate I know you ll get better of him My dear Zeynep I want you to promise me Do not talk like that It hurts my heart This is the destiny my daughter We came alive and we would go dead Either today or tomorrow Promise me After I die no matter how much solution this precious country of calamities you will not leave standing under the banner of unification You will not bow towards injustice cruelty I promise As you always taught me The Ottoman is our heart And these lands are our place And my Mighty Lord did not make this land a place for the oppressors And may HE do not give the enemy an opportunity who want to take us to the darkness I wish our lineage do not live in captivity Ameen Be it so Saeed Saeed give me your blessings my brother I have succeeded my Commander I did not leave letters to the enemy Are you okay.

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