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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 11 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 11 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 11 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Episode Move Come on Come on! Get going Mr Omer didn t he say why he summoned him? He didn t say anything Inform Mehmet to come immediately to the headquarters ” he said If it wasn t for an important matter why would he be summoning his spy in the middle of a combat to the battlefront? We shouldn’t waste time Hiisrev Baba Let s load the supplies Clearly your task is a difficult one this time my son Be alert Eyvallah(l will) father The women knitted undergarments gloves and socks And there s a large amount of carbonate Leave it there sister we appreciate it I should leave before I lose time Where to? The commander summoned me to the headquarters But didn’t he tell you why he summoned you? He didn t He must be at the headquarters as soon as possible" he said you will return won t you? If he summoned a supplier to the battlefront for the soldiers He d ask for Hiisrev Baba and Saeed too Obviously he s gonna say something else Perhaps he s gonna give you another task For sure If that s the case you ll return with Mr Omer Without you it s impossible to maintain the supplies from here to the battlefront You ll get there and return with Mr Omer In Shaa "ALLAH"(By the Will of ALLAH")

I owe you my life Assuming that I won t be able to come back forgive me if I ve hurt you in any way I won t forgive you if you don t return There s no time son The war and commander await Let s take these out take care Come on come on Don t make Hiisrev Baba(father) angry Farewell Move! Faster! Can t you hear me? Im talking to you Get up! Come on Come on stop wobbling! Move! We spilled their blood in the desert of Rota If necessary let them exile us to Fezzan Execute us if needed Move Thanks to HIM we made it this far Even if would die this moment wouldn t have any regrets Since we drove out the enemies the entire country must be rejoicing in victory Mehmet Hey Mehmet Is everything okay boy? Yeah everything s fine By ceasing the enemies and making it this far I m more than grateful to my Mighty Lord May Allah bless the commander Son of Hüsrev at your command sir Welcome Mehmet You re wondering why I summoned you instantly from the repository Perhaps the most difficult task awaits you The task I m going to give you will not only allow us to triumph in Rota perhaps it will even drive the English forces into the Persian Gulf Commander I swear on my honor that I ll fulfil each task you give me It s on this waxed paper It s waterproof You must be thirsty ey? The worst has yet to come The commander is on my mind Stop talking Move! Move Move Allah! Allah! Allah Allah! Allah! Allah! Come on troops! Don t retreat! Don’t retreat! Fire Come on troop Ouch Commander Commander! Ouch! Let me go!

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

The target is the enemy Let me target them Your target is the enemy! Let me go Let me go Come on my lions Âtta k Allah! Allah! Allah Come back Do not retreat! Allah! Allah! Allah Fır ! Don t retreat! Allah! Allah! Allah Wait Get up get up get up! Get up Don t fall out Don t fall out He lost too much blood Lieutenant Pefik uttered greatly However he didn t leave the battlefront It all I an do It s impossible to stop the blood Go to the lieutenant and send him my regards all preparations must be made in order to send the commander urgently to Baghdad I told you that Suleyman Asken would attack you with everything he has in his power The Turks wouldn t have one bullet left to use if the ape descending Indian people could ve resist one more day Knowing that you would sustain the battle SUleyman made use of the Blitzkrieg technique Mr Cox! I knew that you were in the Middle East for a long time now I ve spent many long years as a military officer in India too neral If you don t know the Turks you can t beat them To know them? Yeah right Britain has so many enemies that my lifetime wouldn t be long enough to get to know them If I weren t a soldier I would ve want to sell coffins to the British Army co True I m sure you ll become an international establishment soon Give me the scissors quick The morphine will wear off in a little while It s a miracle he made it this far He was at the front during the bayonet war Lieutenant Shafiq uttered greatly However I know the commander from Tripolitania He was a great warrior in the deserts of Libya He was like a constant shadow of Enver Pasha

The morphine is wearing off Commander commander don t tire yourself How many casualties do we have? Commander you re gonna be okay hopefully How many casualties do we have? How many casualties do we have? Victory is ours commander Victory belong to ALLAH Shafiq How many casualties do we have? Lesser than the enemies commander Commander Mustafa became a martyr Shafiq take me to the front Commander don t get up you have to r st Commander can t allow it his stitches will become loose Come on guys Come on soldiers to the battlefront come on guys Come on rise I understand commander Hold him I m holding him slowly Slowly Come on my lions Move over there Come on Shafiq Gun Give me my gun Come on Come on my troops The troops attacked tremendously They ve taken many lives It s going to be difficult to get by if we don t put the tribe s voluntary battalions in order father I hope those enemies in Rota will be demolished first of all By Allah I hope the contrary doesn t happen father Whether his remorse or courtesy both are pleasant son If losing the combat in Rota we will know what to do If we lose we ll lay mines on the ways that lead to Kutulamare The commander ordered us to form an organization against the invasion Not only is the combat strenuous at the battlefront It s difficult here too Countering the enemies and being here is not the same right? While my brothers fight against the enemies we re busy aligning bread

I m going to Baghdad Yes sir What s the matter Mehmet? Looking for familiar fa es? I ve a friend here from the Darülfünun I heard that he was held captive Where? İn Kurna? I don t know exactly brother I was just told On the last day we were told to fix the bayonets the British were doomed by our trenches The desert turned into a bloodbath of the killed infidels That s why they treat us so badly But of course they were defeated on the battlefield that s why they are taking their anger out on the captives Hey namesake tell us how did the invasion start? It was in the evening when I got to the front I was carrying the supplies The war had come to an end Before the morning prayer our men had alreay bombarded their territory This Laz bo ri ht here killed  two birds with one stone Well done son of Rize You re incredible I bet you have an eagles eyesight Y ah But if we have won how s it possible you were held captive? Because of him It was the last day of the battle Most of the infidels were wounded disipirited The ones who weren t ran away And then suddenly I saw Mehmet chasing them I asked him what he was doing told him not to go to wait but Mehmet wouldn t stop he left so we followed him

There was smoke everywhere We couldn t see a thing To keep it short when we opened our eyes we were all chained up How were you imprisoned brother? We were in Kurna I was a soldier under colonel Sufi Bey You must ve heard about the battle Most of the volunteers that came from the tribes left the front The commander ordered us to retreat He ordered us however with the cooperative tribes behind us and the enemy forces ahead of us in order to not cause any more distress the commander decided to surrender As a result we ended up here Any casualties since you came into this hell? No Thanks to ALLAH We stayed alive from that moment on Everyone is here then? It s time for the prayer brothers Let s go We don t have water to drink with food Forget the water We don t even have the soil to do the dry ablution Nothing but mud Give that to me brother Mehmet I ll take it I m sick and tired of this damn desert I wish I could fight the Turks somewhere else than in these deserts That s the Azan(The call of prayer) The sound of the Azan I think they are going to pray Are we fighting these barbarians just so they can do the call to prayer at our camps? ove!Let s shut their mouths up ALLAH" Hu Akbar! ("ALLAH" is the Greatest) There is no God but Allah ALLAH” Hu Akbar! ("ALLAH" is the Greatest) [ ]["ln the name of Allah the Entirely Merciful the Especially Merciful ] [ ][AU] praise is [due] to Allah Lord of the worlds "] [ ][ "The Entirely Merciful the Especially Merciful Sovereign of the Day of Recompense ] [ ]["lt is You we worship and You we ask for help"] [ ]["Guide us to the straight path "] [ ][ The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor ] [ ]["not of those who have evoked [Your anger or of those who are astr Surah Al Fatıhah [ ] Al Qur an al Kareem Sto Cut it out! Praying is forbidden Separate [ ]["Did We not expand for you [ Muhammad] your breast”]? Cut it out [ ]["And We removed from you your burden"] Praying is forbidden [ Which had weighed upon your back"] re you deaf Shut up Praying is forbidden Separate them Get down on the floor down Н у you too This is an order Separate them I said stop İt is forbıdd n! ALLAH" Hu Akbar! ("ALLAH" is the Greatest) Stop them You don t get it do you Stop talking I told you to get on the ground Get dow Separa e! Stop!

Everyone go to your spot Separate I said make them separate! Brothers please if we don t listen they are going to kill us Separate Everyone go to your spot Praying is forbidden This is an order Why would we stop praying just because you forbid it? ALLAH" Hu Akbar! ("ALLAH" is the Greatest) Praying is forbidden Kill me! Hit me Come on Come on hit me! Kill me! Move Lieutenant Kill me! Shut your mouth Lieutenant please This soldier is new around here Bear with him Stop looking Separate [ ]["May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined and ruined is he"] [ • ][’’His wealth will not avail him or that which he gained"] [ ][ He will [enter to] burn in a Fire of [blazing] flame And his wife [as well] Come with me You are shaking in your boots in front of this infidel Uskiiplu You think you are at a battlefield? We are at the prisoners camp If you keep acting like this you ’ll leave this place in a coffin Come to your senses Come to your senses [ Allah hears those who praise Him ] Don t Go to your spots Praying is forbidden ALLAH" Hu Akbar! ("ALLAH" is the Greatest) [ ][ In the name of Allah the Entirely Merciful the Especially Merciful”] Separate [ ][AU] praise is [due] to Allah Lord of the worlds "] [ ][ "The Entirely Merciful the Especially Merciful Sovereign of the Day of Recompense"] [ ]["lt is You we worship and You we ask for help"] [ ]["The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray ] Amen Commander.

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