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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 18 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 18 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 18 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. They know. The thing they do not know... is that that I know that they know. Commander? I mean. Whoever views his enemy lightly... then his enemy must be light to him] Thank you. Brothers^ can you help with the sacks? I hope it s good news, brother? What's ir> them? Well, brother. There are different kinds of Arab clothes and ammunition. Arab clothes? Yes What will happen to all these Arab clothes? I don t know, brother They told me to go get them and I did. The commander knows the rest. Good. Kudeybiye way. It’ll be freedom for our brothers and death for you. let's go, Adam. Commander, Sister Zeynep wants to see our commander Sefik. Commander, we have a guest. Come in, Zeynep. Come here. Adam, keep the horses ready. Zeynep, t hope everything is alright? You the one who should say if it s alright or not, commander. I did not understand. What does that mean? Commander... you have more important things to do other than searching for Victoria. I know, but Saeed is missing. Unfortunately, no one has the intention to search for him. Your ears should listen to what s coming out of your mouth, Zeynep.

We re doing our best for Saeed. You should look after your duty. You gave me a job at the bakery. You told me to make bread and collect information. If looking for the British spy is a really important matter to you. Then allow me to find Saeed. At least, I'd be able to be helpful In some way. Zeynep, dont cross^our limits. Ever since Suleyman Askeri went to 8aghdad. we all got scattered around, Commander. Victoria was smuggled out.j Our soldiers became captives. And they are left to their destiny. No one knows if Saeed is dead or alive. According to whats being said, we scored a victory in Rota. ,dduAdz Get yourself together! How dare you? Who are you to stand in front of me and judge me? What s your goal? Do you think I'm not aware of this? Look at me. I didn t dedicate my life for this cause so I d receive orders from a novice like you. Did you hear me? Allah forbid, commander. I just want a duty. You already have a duty.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

If you don t want to lose »t, too. Then get a hold on your tongue. If it were someone else in front of me and not you,... I would ve instantly taken his soul away. Look at me, I’m going to consider myself ►T* that I didn't hear anything you because of your grandmother Efsa and father Husrev. Now, return directly to your duty. Keep your mouth closed and your eyes open. Understood? I said, is that clear? Understood, Commander. There is no might nor power except from Allah. Commander, all the security measures for transporting the captives have been approved. I dont give a damn about the approval if I don't see the last prisoner get on Uard. Till now, there's still no word about the captive that fled away. Stop I have to inform the general first. That's so disrespectful! What do you think you re doing? Lieutenant, leave us alone. What s going on, Mr. Cox? I have to see you urgently. Immediately I hopeyyou have a good explanation. Cancel the transfer order of the captives. This transfer should not occur.] You should know your limits, Mr. Cox. You can t give me orders. I'm not orderi ng you . general I’m trying to prevent a disaster. What disaster are you talking about? The rebellion in the prison camp was a game and there’s even more. What do you mean it was a game? Didn't you repress the No need anymore. One of the captives escaped. And somehow the rebellion suddenl^ ended. It wasn’t a game or such, Mr. Cox. A prisoner escaped and the matter is closed. Nobody should hear about it, do you understand? General, are you, soldiers, forced to think so simply I ve been living among them since a long time. The Turks never leave each other and run away. If one of the wolves gets separated from the herd while hunting... he has to come up with a trick. What are you talking General, try to understand. The captive who escaped knew that the captives were going to be transported. And during the transportation, they're going to launch an atttack in order to smuggle out the remaining captives. I’m sure of Chat. I’m giving you a vital information and you're laughing at me. Was that the very important information, Mr. Cox?

We already thought about this possibility. Just because such a thought recently crossed your mind,... we can t cancel the transport of the captives. It's a possibility, right? You think what l m saying is a mere supposition. III prove it to you. But you should pray that it wouldn t be too [ate. Move, Oswald! Get in the car. Damn these soldiers! Damn them! Sir, where are we going? What I'm saying is echoing in his head. But then he directly leave his ears. Because it's empty inside. His heads is hollow! To where do you want me to drive, sir? Into the heart of the Turks, Oswald. I want 2o know what they're brewing. We have to talk to our man at the headquarters^ Or do I also have to shove my words into your brain, too9 But sir... t s too dangerous for you to enter Kut. There are very strict measures. Oswald! How did you become a spy, Oswald? I don't get it! How did you become a spy? Drive! Okay, sir. Allah Allah! What s all this preparation for, Brother Hasan7 I swear It's as if the great apocalypse will break out. Attention Are the preparations done, Hasan? Everything is as you ordered, Commander. G eat As Salam-U-Ateykum! (Peace Be Upon You) As Salam-U-Aleykum) (Peace Be Upon You), brother! Wa AleykumSatam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too)j You were daydreaming. Let s save our brothers from the hands of the heretics. Then, In $ haa - ALL A H (By -1he - Wfl I - of -A LLAH'), we ll wake up from our dream. We ll get them. We ll get them, brother. In fact, we will even pray the Maghreb s(Sunset) prayer together. In Shaa ALLAH (By-the Will of ALLAH ). TrvShaa- ALLAH (By-the-Witl-of- ALLAH ). What did you do? Were you able to complete the preparations Hopefully, yes. Alright, then we re also ready. No, we re not. Brother, If you want, let's see it together one last time. No, that s not what J meant, brother. If you re the head, then it s alright. I feel assured. But I will have one last request for you Tell me, brother. The private formations in Kut ul Amare,. I d like to meet them here. But as soon as possible. Can you gather hem all here? Ain ht. Yes, brother.

Without anyone missing. We ll gather them, but... white our minds and thoughts are fixated on the attack. Maybe something must've reached the ears of that spy. About the captives transportation matter. Allah forbid! Let s not miss out on anything. Alright. I m going to send after all of them. That s enough. brother! If we re going to die, let it be. This is not captivity, it s torture. They told us there s a rebellion so we d leave. The war isn't over, but we re done. How s that going to happen I will tell you how It will. The state has forgotten us and they're busy with their own issues. None of us will survive. We should either fight and kill the heretics or I'll kill myself. What did you say? What are you doing, Brother? What are you doing, Sergeant Mevlut. You re going to kilI yourself then? Then go beg the heretics to take your soul away. If they don't do that, are you going to face Allah as an I just said that out of Intention, Sergeant Why did you get mad? TakeJ>ack hat you said. Then you'll understand how it started and reached this point. Soldiers, get up. Soldiers, get up. All of you get up. Ottoman Soldiers! Everyone stand in front of me! Get up1 Soldiers, get up. Come to listen to the clarification. The sergeant gave orders. Come on! Are you deaf? Get up Get up and listen to the clarification! Come on, quickly! The Turkish soldiers will stand solid no matter where they are. Those who become hopeless shouldn’t wait for a bullet to hit his head,... because he's already dead. What is this place, Sergeant Sefer? It s Hell. Why did we go on this path, Brother Mehmet7 Even if hell is coming, we will extinguish it with our chests'. Soldiers .repeat] Even if hell is coming, we will extinguish it with our chests . is the path to righteousness, and we won't return, we ll keep walking". This is the path to righteousness, and we won't return, we'll keep walking". Did you thinkjha^only one rock will fall, that's the honor of our women.' Did you think that only one rock will fall. that's the honor of our women.’' Stop! Shut up! Or I'll kill you all I Every person who enters a war shall be a martyr Shut up, dumb barbarians! Even If the cyst erupts and rages in front of us,. Even if the cyst erupts and rages in front of us,. the marines and the clouds will rain on the navy. the marines and the clouds will rain on the navy. All the volcanoes of the land underneath us, All the volcanoes of the land underneath us, even if we cover it, it'll turn the horizon to red. even if we cover it, it'll turn the horizon to red.' Don t we all share the same faith in our unit? Don t we all share the same faith in our unit?” Shut upS One happiness, one pain, same purpose and conscience.

One happiness, one pain, same purpose and conscience. Shot up Close your is not your field unit. Shut up, you barbarians! The heart in our chest won t be defeated *ven if it gets shot. The heart in our chest won t be defeated even if it gets shot. Even ff the world collapses. rest-assured for this unit won t waver. Even If the world collapses, rest-assured for this unit won't waver. Soldiers, beat up this one. Get down, soldiers! Hey Leave him alonet Leave him alone! Bastard! You re a bastard! You bastard! Soldier, I told you to get him down and defeat him. Stay awayl Stay away! You bastard' Stand straight I Don t bow. Don t bow. Let him go! Let him gol Damn it! Damn you all! We re a most the e I’m going to get rid of all of you. We re almost there. There s still the afterlife, you degenerate Its not easyjojjetndj>f me. Thanks. May Allah help you. May ALLAH' (S.W.T) be pleased with you. Here Helpiyourself with it. May ALLAH (S W T) be pleased with you. Oh God, Sheikh Husrevi Bless you What happened, Dad? There $ nothing No, daughter. There isn t a placej didn t search. As if the ground opened and swallowed Saeed. Didn't he pass by the mill?. I went and he didn t pass by the mill. So no one heard anything about him or saw him? Who knows him at Kut to know him? Maybe something bad happened to him, Father The officers are wandering around. Go home. May ALLAH" (S.W.T) be pleased with you] May ALLAH (S.W.T) be pleased with you] Now I have an important job, daughter. Don t leave here. Fa-- to where, Father Husrev? Let's see how long you can last. I m going with you way till the end, Saeed. You will, you will Its only a matter of time before the commander finds out that you're a traitor, what are you going to do then? When that time comes, I d be already on board, sailing in the ocean. You ate from this state s bread, Musab. Sooner or later, you're going to throw It up. They'll make you throw it up. Especially the organization. Even if you become a fish in the ocean, they'll still find you. I have no other choice. After! get my revenge on my dad. Mr. Cox7 Thank God you came. Oswald, when this mission is over, I'm going to send you to India. Tension doesn't suit you at all. Bring me my friend. Alright, sir. The bullet that you will be shot with will be a waste. It'll be a waste on you, you degenerate Look at me! Wha . You re starting to cross your limits. Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Relax, relax! What are you doing? You re brothers. So shameful, these dogs are trying to make me talk. Come. Does it bother you? I ][ follow you till my last breath. It won t take long] Come with me, Musab. Where? Santa clause is here. You re so lucky because you ll get to see him] Come o I hope everything $ fine, brother? No, brother. No! This path will also lead us to Fab Harbor. However, no matter where I look the Kudeyfoiye road seems twice as long. It s now hardly used. You're right. Even a slave doesn t you use a road of double the distance. Come oi Commander... the call was forwarded to everyone. everyth!ng is ready, commander. Thank you, lion Musab. How can one not recognize his close friends.

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