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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 19 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 19 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 19 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Are you okay? Whats the reason for your turmoil? Bread! Ekmekii Bread! Ekmek'i Than s. Don't you have money? You can have it. Thanks. Come Has anybody followed you? Nice. What did you find out? So many important things that I think Mr. Cox will be grateful to me. Come on, Mu sab Tell me about it. This is the last one, Oswald. is the last one. After that, you can ask me for whatever you want and I won t change my answer. You even made me become a traitor. Do you understand? I understand. You're right, Musab. Oo not worry. The ship has been prepared. You're going next week. My father7 He found a boat, Musab. Our friends will meet you there. Then they’re going to take you to your father. Then you can do whatever you want, Musab! hatever you want. But now tell me first. Come on, tell me. They're going to smuggle the captives. They're going to disguise themselves as a caravan and a&tack you. Go on, Musab, go on. What a beautiful blessing this mint is. Isn't it, Jaffer? It is, sir. It's refreshing and good for the stomach. My hands are twitching, Jaffer. Is there a medicine that could make it become better7 There is,

Sheriff Neccar. How can there not be? If you want now All I wanted was for you to show some respect towards me, but you didn t do that. You can t do that by selling herbs. You know shat, too. Sheriff I give you the opium and the tobacco you need. You’re trying your best to admit a box of opium in Kut, without my knowledge. Your caravans don t come a lot anymore. We can't find enough goods. I had So. We re in war, man! Be happy that you saved your not your money * You think it's easy to bring a caravan here m the middle of this hell. And while the Ottomans are on us? I know You'll be patient. If other trader^ have been patient, you will be patient, too. If I hear that you re buying goods from Turks again... I'll kick you out of Kut. And you can find for yourself another job in another city. Understood? less you. father Husrev.1 hope the happiness on your face means there s good news.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

Did you bring good news about Saeed and his companions? With Allah's permission, we will free our brothers. You should busy your minds thinking about tomorrow. No, daughter. No one knows anything or has seen him. Allah preserve my mind. To where would this boy go, Father Husrev? Keep your mind away from evil thoughts, daughter. Let's say everything will be fine. Let it be as you said. Does no one care about this at aH, Father Husrev? What are you saying, Zeynep? What do you mean? You misunderstood me. Allah forbid, it wasn't meant for you. However, what Is Commander Sefik still waiting for so he d go look for his men? We re in war, daughter. Everybody's troubles are on him. Wait for a bit. Everything has a turn. Sir, Mr. Cox isjiere. What does he want? He wants to see you, it s urgent. Let him come in. General, I couldn't wait any longer. I could not wait. The only*thing i'm concentrating on right now is getting these barbarians on board. A*d seeing them set out directly to jndiaJ ifcfteral, be assured that Jndia s Governor will welcome his new slaves happily. Of course, that's if you can get the prisoners on board. Stop the transportation. For God s sake. what are you saying, Mr. Cox? This is not possible. How many times do I have to tell you general, you asked me for proof. So I made my inside guy investigate the matter. This is no longer my personal opinion. Stop the transportation. I'm listening. The Turks will launched attack during the transportation to save their captives. This is insane. They can't do that. Where are they going to hide In the desert? They'll always be seen by us. That's the problem, general. They won't hide. They're going on the road in disguise as Arabs with acarayan. They won't be any different from the other caravans. More precisely, we re going to think so. Then we re going to open our eyes, and find 50 armed Turkish soldiers in front of us. Are you sure of his? I m really upset by your doubts about the accuracy of my information, general. We can t postpone the transfer of prisoners, Mr. Cox. If these prisoners don t board that ship tomorrow... that means they're going to stay for at least five more months. This is not possible. Those prisoners will board that ship tomorrow. By he way, Mr. Cox.. J you always talked about Raving a plan B.

In this case. you will need to activate your plan B. Of course, that's if you have a plan B. General, I have plan B. To the extent that Victoria would give me an accolade. Really! But despite that I'm still going to grant you the chance to earn this great accolade. Thank . Great truth of Allah' Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. (Start with the name of "ALLAH* who is Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful). As Salam-U-Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You)! Wa AleykumSalam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too) Welcome, Commander. Pleasure to be here, Mr. Hiisrev. Have a seat. Thanks. Mehmet told me a lot about you. You are as he told me. Where did you see him? Well, if I say here, then how could it have happened? We already had lost him as a captive in Rota. Or did you/neet in Istanbul? They say a son is his father ssec ret keeper^ You raised a good, honest and brave son. Obviously, that son is yours. Thank you, Commander. My Mehmet is like this. He’s like this. And where did you meet him, commander? It s been a long time since I had brewed tea like this. rgot it, you won t say. Damn this dress. what are you doing here? Your state loves elephants so much. Right, Mrs. If you get lost in a city, all you need to do is find the elephant. You underestimated me so much. This doesn t suit a spy like you. Leave me alone. Oo you understand? Ah' If Sheriff Neccar made a promise, he'll keep his promise. I’m not always so patient, you should know. are you? What kind of You can t let this man behave like this! I can t believe it' I can t believe what’s happening' Mr. Cox will punish everyone for this. Why am I waiting? Why is Mr. Cox still making me wait? Tell me. Mrs. Victoria. Get me Mr. Cox quickly. Miss Victoria! Do you understand? Miss Victoria! Victoria? The sooner you accept this situation,... thellesseryour soul will burn. I won t be so po ite if you at .empt So escape next ti e. Dress her up and take her home. Quickly. You're letting him order you? Who a e you Just let me go. Poor dogs! Let me go. Who do you think this guy is, huh? I'm not going anywhere! Musab You smuggled her out. You smuggled her out. Bastards! Victoria! I'll get you, Musab! I'll get you, Musab! I'll get you! You re committing a mistake against your beauty, Mrs. Victoria. I can get along with you very well. Don t resist it anymore. Let s see how you II be able to resist when Mr. Cox finds out what you did to me. When you get angry, you become prettier in a different way. But I advise you not to go against my word. When Mr. Cox conies. you can complain to him about anything. Take her. Let me go. I'll go by myself.

Ill get you! Yes, Mr. Cox. Go get me the Turkish soldiers clothes. I ll instantly do it, Mr. Cox. Sergeant, tell Alfred I want him to bring me Mehemt and those with him. Let s have a little talk with them. They must've missed their friends. Mr. Husrev, why did you trouble yourself? I ll handle it. You're like my son, commander. How can I consider it troubling? Thank you It's like an add ctton. For some, it s bitter coffee. Everybody s addicted to something, mostly tobacco. I hope Mehmet and other peopled sons wilO be saved, commander Hopefully, Mr. HUsrev. We II do the first partj and the rest depends on fate. As Salam-U-Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You)! Wa AleykumSalam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too)! Wa AleykumSalam (And Peace Be Upon You Too), daughter! Welcome. Welcome, sister. How are you We ll be better, In-Shaa- ALLAH (By-the Will-of- ALLAH ). I'm talking to Commander All, daughter. I made you a cup of tea if you want. 0 seem to have seen the commander before, but. We recently met. but we seem to have common acquaintances. The tea is outstanding, Mr. Husrev. Thanks. Take it deliciously. My heart grows tighter whenever time gets tight, Sergeant Mevliit. Who knows whether freedom or martyrdom is our ending? But we re going to leave this sinister place, thanks to Allah for that. I hope everything s fine, brother Mehmet? What did you see in the fire that you're looking at it wi h love? Nothing. I was imaging that I was back to the division. There is nothing worse than not receiving news. But I hope I will meet my father and my brother, In-Shaa- ALLAH'(By-the-Will-of* ALLAH ). Allah knows how many letters my wife has written to me What did she think when she didn t get a reply? Brothers, we've been alive up till now here through building beautiful dreams. Get yourself together and be relax. Tomorrow is 3 he awaited day. By the will of Allah the day will rise and it’ll bring along our freedom. We re going to get rid ofjhese dogs] The? came. You're such a blabbermouth. What are you doing? Immoral! What $ happening? Don't push. You three, you're coming with me. What s wrong again, you degenerate Don t ask any questions and walk along. Where are you taking Leave our brothers! Nice! Enter. Oh! Look, who s here? Look, who's here? Please, have a seat. Have a seat. Have seat. You must be Mevlut. Yes, I'm Mevlut, you dog. Don't forget my name. Shush. Cussing is prohibited.

You're Niyazi. should spit on your face. Yes. Niyazt. What happened, huh? From the Black Sea. I like him. And my real friend, Mehmet. How are you? Thanks to HIM. What s your problem? Don t do this. You're making me sad. On the contrary, I just wanted to thank you. Because every time you give me the opportunity to show my amazing intelligence. Don’t prolong the matter. Tell us, why you brought us here? Shall I tell you a secret? I know what you're planning tomorrow. And every detail. What is this plan that we don t even know about? Come. Come on. untie me and let me tell you my plan. Oh' If tomorrow s plan is to chop off my head,. you're going to have to be patient. Because first I'm going to cut your runaway friend's head off. Talk properly. Who are you to cut off our friend's head? i.ho am P A person that knows that you dream of helping your friend who s coming to free you through causing a ruckus among soldiers. There is more. Mevlut. Mehmet, Niyaz). Thank you. I got a some work out there, Father Husrev. Do you have anything Jo say to me? No, daughter. Good bye. Why didn't you tell her, Mr Husrev? I didnt want her to hope for nothing. * * * ♦ If we can't save Mehmet she won t be able to get back to her senses. Tomorrow we will either save all of our prisoners or... we will save them! There s no other possibility. I'm coming to .he raid, too. What are you saying, Mr. HUsrev? We will reunite you with him. Do not 'orry. What You saw that I have grey hair and beard, so you're telling it s a done job, Commander? No, Allah Forbid! How could that be?! You have experience in the deserts and wars. Of course. Excuse me, but the years I fought in wars equals your age, commander. Anyways, everyone will take his share from the Ottoman Empire. Even If we hunt down the enemy while he's unawares, he's also irreligious and faithless. They shoot even when hey re tied. We have prepared everything. They don't know about the trick we've planned. The underground is the only place they're going to seek when they find out. Niyazi, I'm sorry, but it's a really stupid plan. Mehmet, a plan that got ruined because of a change in route. That's the organizational mind, huh7 And that s how much you think, huh?. Is that all? Huh. It's stupid. Because it's all a figment of your imagination.

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