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Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 16 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 16 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 16 of Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed. Yes my sovereign. In the customs A great amount of clothes got stuck. A French tradesman brought them. When he disagreed with the buyer ..the clothes got left there. We can do that very cheap. Good. No need to negotiate. Let's buy now. Right. We need to buy immediately. But I want.. get our prince Abdulkadir involved in this.. ..and make some money. He is your uncle's son anyway. Don't play with your prince my king. What is the true natur of this job? Sabahattin. You are truly my son. Alright. The true nature is.. There are weapons under the clothes. But.. But?

You need a partner like the prince.. take the weapons through the customs. Right. I think.. We will take the weapons through the customs.. using the prestig e of prince Abdulkadir. And Abdulkadir will make some benefits. When we get the weapons.. ..we will give them to the freedom lover anarchists. They will create chaos in the capital. We will paint the sultan red. Good. My way goes to the palace again. Have a safe journey prince. Yes my king. Praise be. He is truly a prince. Come in. You promised me my prince. To help me find my brother. Of course I will. But.. I can't get you out by the door. How can I get out? By the tunnels. After the incident of stabbing the servant ..I had a secret passage built in the tunnels. Come in. What is it Saffet?

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

My prince. Our sovereign is waiting for you in his presence. You can get out Saffet. My prince. Our sovereign was very angry. What did you to draw his anger on you? Saffet. Forgive me my prince. Wait for me here. I will come as soon as possible. Poor Melike. In that filthy palace she's getting ruined ..under the red sultan's scaring cruel evil eyes. I got shocked with my feelings and ideas Sara. Melike is a captive in the palace.

I can't make the connection. You've become so idiot Samir. Abdulhamid had your father killed. It's a miracle that.. ..he has let you and your sister live so far. I can make the connection about this. It's inevitable for me and Melike to.. ..incur the wrath of the sultan who killed our father. But.. You became captive in the palace at the same time. That's unbelievable. Red Sultan is a savage. He is a brutal tyrant who even.. ..has the birds followed from East to the West. You're right.

That you're a British citizen is enough for him to arrest you. Ink pen or words don't work on that blood sucker tyrants. My hope is gradually vanishing Sara. Red Sultan killed your father. And he will also take your honor. My honor? If you just write on the tables despite all those deaths can't protect your honor either. What else can I do? You will use your fists if necessary. The one who has no honor in his heart.. ..can't have honor in his words. Sara. What's wrong? Sit over here.

Don't worry. I will. Your nose is bleeding. A vulgar wild and furious wolf.. moving towards you and Melike. Two drops of blood in my nose aren't important. Come in. My grandfather Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.. When he was a child When his name was only Mehmed He misbehaved one day. When his father Sultan Murad saw him ..he said that he wouldn't be a man. When Akşemseddin heard that he opened his hands.. "What father says what fate says" ..he said. Fate was right. Akşemseddin was right. Fate flourished my grandfather's ways with flowers. The child grew up.. ..and became the conqueror.

I wish.. ..I had said the same thing.. ..and the fate had proved me to be wrong. My sovereign. I'm embarrassed that I upset you. It's not about upsetting me. How could make Sara meet Ahsen? Don't you know what it can cause? My sovereign. I didn't know the essence of the matter. You didn't know? She doesn't remember her past. What if our captive.. ..reminds her the past? Don't you think what this can cause? You are ruining everything. Why did you do that? My sovereign. Why did you? My sovereign. Ahsen thought that you had her father killed. Did you tell her? No. But I think she remembered. I told her you wouldn't do such a thing. I told her you won't kill an innocent. I thought she would realize the truth by talking to Sara. My sovereign. We searched everywhere in the palace. But we couldn't find Ahsen.

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