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Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 17(Season's Finale) Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 17 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 17 of Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed. Any news from Osman of Söğüt? What about the sorrow of Ömer? No news my sovereign. If there was important news he would inform us. I know how motherlessness feels. It opens an endless wound in the heart. But I also know how fatherhood feels.. A good child is like armor. Ömer.. a strong armor. We went to the dock my sovereign. But the weapons had been taken from the ship. How boy? Don t they check what s in them? They kept the chests in the ship because they would be checked. But.. Then someone came and bought the goods in the chests. They couldn t check. Who? Your prince. Abdulkadir. Let s see.. ..who is the hand of Sara Hedaya among us. The saying is true. Children bury their fathers at peace. Fathers bury their children at war. Wait for me in the Mabeyn. Invite general Mehmed too. Yes my sovereign. The prince. What s your order my soveregin? You asked me about my order general.

What can I say? My eyes say my son is at the devil s service. But my heart believes.. Even though our dynasty members make mistakes ..nobody betrayed his country. What does your mind say my sovereign? My mind.. This is written in the book my mind. "Give rights to who seeks their rights." "Behead who rebels." Alright. What s your order my sovereign? What should we do? I trust my prince s character general. Follow him. Give him some time.. pass the exam. Or.. Will he drink the poison of betrayal like honey? Yes. It s a delicate matter. The order is yours. The order is god s general. We are in this position to obey his orders. May god not test anyone with his son. General! Yes my sovereign? Imagine you enter a tent general. There is a cat and a pot of milk.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

The milk is being shaken in the pot. And there are white stains on the cat s mustache. Can you say the cat drank the milk? The situation shows so. My idea would be this. What if the milk has got shaken by the wind? What if white stains have come from another thing? Did you see it drank the milk? Wouldn t it be unjust? Evidence comes before opinion for us. If my prince has made a mistake he will get punished. I want you.. learn if he has a mistake or not. I feel relieved now my sovereign. Of course you do. Of course you do. The ones who decide justly feel relieved. General. Take permission from the teachers of our prince Burhaneddin. Tell them his father missed him. Yes my sovereign. I didn t kill these men. I m afraid of god. I don t kill the innocent. Let s lock him in and burn them all.

I have seven bullets. But I don t wanna hurt anyone. Move away! I can shoot! Move! He has a bomb. Be careful! Our sovereign ordered me to protect him! Ömer can die. But not alone. Ömer brother. Don t worry. Our sovereign doesn t leave anyone alone. I didn t kill those men. The plan is to set Armenians against Muslims. Stop talking politics! Everybody knows that you slaughtered them.

The killer of them.. priest disguised Hiram. Come to your senses! Find the spy among you. The bomb! Stay back! Watch out! Run! Come on. Have a seat. Sit girl. Don t be shy. Listen Makbule. You are under my protection in this house. So you should be relieved. Girl. Look. While it is in this house of.. ..a powerful Ottoman general like me A tiny fear of cats can t exist.. the heart of a cowardly mouse. So you should be definitely relieved. In fact you have to be relieved. Don t be afraid. Girl. It s all known. An ignoble man stabbed you. But you are still alive fortunately.

If a person is supposed to live ..he must live with honor right? Answer my question strongly and bravely. Did general Mahmud stab you? Not at all Seniha Sultan. You asked your question with such fiery words that.. ..she would almost say it was me.. ..even though she wasn t gonna say that. Keep silent general Mahmud. Don t fuss please. But.. Mahmud! Girl. Tell the truth. Only the truth. It means the causer of your condition.. general Mahmud. Seniha Sultan wanted to make your her daughter in law. So that you wouldn t give her husband s name. Bidar Sultan took you under his protection. So that you would give the name of whomever she liked. Listen girl.

You won t tell this anyone else. I.. Well.. Who stabbed me in the cellar.. General.. General Mahmud.. wasn t him my sultan. May god be pleased with you girl. May god be pleased with you girl. May god be pleased with you my truthful girl. You took a heavy burden away from my shoulders. May god be pleased with you my truthful girl. You see Seniha Sultan. You suspected me. Get grieved with your shame now! It s not shame general. I m just happy. Nice. Good. I mean.. Sometimes we just.. ..gossiped about you by calling you fatty. Give me your blessing my girl. Give it. From now on you can freely eat .. ..pastrami molasses dried fruits creams honey. can eat all of them in this house.

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