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Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 18 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 18 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 18 of Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed. Both our sovereign and queen mother let her. How could I oppose to whom? There has to be a way to bring her back. I think there is a way. How? I m sure.. Sabahattin doesn t want that marriage. Seniha Sultan knows that too. I will force Seniha she will force his son. They will marry or send her back. How will your force her for the marriage? I will pack her dowry and send it in no time. Marriage preparations will begin. And Sabahattin will oppose to that marriage. Of course. As long as the engagement extends ..we can tell our sovereign that they have no intention to marry .. and we can take her back. Only this way she can tell the truth Mehmed. Poor Samir was shot yesterday. Don t tire yourself. Have rest. I got poisoned today. Event cats can t afford lives for Red Sultan. Don t worry. Don t get hopeless. You aren t gonna die. I took the risk of death ..but Ottoman is in the throes of real death. Red Sultan will die not you. Freedom will hold his fredoom. Didn t the prince bring the flower? Don t worry he did. But he wants Melike. Otherwise he won t give. Melike. Please don t leave me.

If I don t go Abdulkadir won t give the flower. But the prince will take you to the palace Melike. Don t worry. I will get the flower.. ..blow him off and return here. Okay? Melike. My angel. We will solve everything. But.. We need to save you from the poison first. Come on Melike. Let s not be late. Naime. My sultan. You are all wet. Like the secret of my heart rains like slicing my soul. Besides it s spring rains. It will stop soon. Let s get inside. Not before taking an answer. Answer from who? From birds flowers bugs ..trees rain. It doesn t matter who. I just need it. You re talking in riddles. Because I don t know. What do you want to know?

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

Will the love in my heart find a partner? Let s get inside. You are not fine. He didn t even respond. However ..I gave him my secret. Who? Come on. Let s get inside. The price of the coffee. You will enjoy it the other will not my prince. No need for money. Are you okay Ahsen? Melike. My sister s name is Melike. I did what you wanted Ahsen. The flower is in the box. Thank you my prince. Let s go to the palace. What palace prince? Melike will return with me. Okay. No time for discussing. I will go with Abdulkadir. Give the flower to my brother. Then let s go. It s for you Samir. A great number of weapons came to the capital. Who knows? Nobody! My generals.

Unless you do your duties adequately will lose your jobs and return home. If I don t do my duty adequately ..I will go to the graveyard with this nation. That s why.. ..tiny news harming my nation doesn t let me sleep. That s why I follow the news that others don t see important.. ..and I investigate for that. They call me worrywart. Let them do. I m just not unwary. That s all. Forgive us my sovereign. We feel ashamed. But we wonder for whom the weapons came. Armenian gangs according to intel. Three Armenians were killed in a church. It s said that A muslim killed them. Said where general? In the streets my sovereign. Then we should invite the street people to this council. They say the same things as you. They say a Muslim killed them. Isn t it quite clear? Muslims were killed. Armenians were killed. Weapons came.

They re preparing for a big move. We will find those weapons generals. Otherwise our enemies will succeed. General. Move Saffet. Even if I do.. The lions won t. Saffet. I need to see our sovereign. Generals are gathered for the meeting there. And I didn t heard that you are invited again for the council. I apologize. Saffet. Listen to me carefully. I dared to get in our sovereign s presence without permission. I can exile you to a very distant city with a single word. Move. Move! Move you impudent ones. Stop general! How dare you general? Forgive me my sovereign. Tell me such a thing that.. ..these guns will get lowered. Otherwise you will pay a heavy price. My sovereign. The weapons got unloaded from the ship. Chaos will break out in the capital. Tell me something I don t know. My sovereign. I know where the weapons are. Come general. Get out. Speak general.

My sovereign. My son Sabahattin. He engaged in trade with our prince Abdulkadir. They planned to buy cheap clothes. But I got some news. Unintentionally Sabahattin got deceived. They got him involved in smuggling weapons. How did you learn that? An Armenian who works in the customs. But he is very loyal to his country. Speak. My sovereign. Armenians.. ..will riot. You are right general. You re telling the truth. The members of Armenians Hınçak and Taşnak gangs... Istanbul. Their names and addresses got identified. But we don t know who gave the weapons. If you hadn t said they were for Armenians ..I would have doubt your words. You said you know where the weapons are. Speak. My sovereign. I don t know the exact location of the weapons.

. But I know where they will come. Delivery will be carried out tomorrow. Speak. In Belgrad Forest. If you let me ..the exact point is marked in this map. My sovereign. Delivery will be done at noon tomorrow. If you allow me I d like to go with the soldiers too. No need general. I said so because.. ..I also brought some important news before. These news.. Because of clumsiness or something else.. They got left incomplete with empty attempts. You did you duty. That s enough. My sovereign. If you allow me I request to be re accepted in the consultation committee.

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