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Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 19 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 19 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 19 of Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed. Gazi Osman Pasha. You sighed so stormy.. ..that we all capsized here. What should I do Mahmud Pasha? It's tearing my heart out. Our boy Celal has even no grave where we can pray for him! His grave is all the Ottoman lands pasha. You're right. But imagine.. Drowning to death should be so painful. First you go towards the sea bottom. Then you can't breathe. Then your mouth gets filled with water Tahsin Pasha. The worst part is fish. The hungry fish. They bite the man.. ..piece by piece piece by piece. Terrible! Don't increase our sorrow.. saying such terrible things. Right. We already feel sorrowful for our boy Celal. Yeah. Our boy Celal has always.. ..wanted to be a martyr. I feel grieved for our country not for him. Our boy Celal.. ..with his love of country and duty.. ..crossed many seas and mountains.

He routed many enemy fronts. He always pointed his gun at the enemy. But I feel sorry for him. When he got drowned and died in vain ..he couldn't qualify to be a martyr. Don't you know the story of Khalid ibn alWalid? The sword of Islam spending his in the battlefield. He had no points in his body not wounded by enemy. But when he fell ill He said "I can't wait for the death in my bed like camels." Like in the battlefield ..he welcomed the death on foot. Isn't he a martyr? He is of course. Our Celal.. ..welcomed the death on foot.. ..and honored our ancestors. Celal is a martyr with his ideas and actions. I hope so. I hope so. Please. Celal died with a bullet wound in his heart. Their boat was attacked. This knowledge.. ..has surprised me much my sovereign. Are we sure? Osman Pasha. Celal and your son Kemaleddin Pasha.. ..were fellow soldiers friends and brothers.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

The severity of my grief comes from that my sovereign. When it happened ..Celal had Kemaleddin's coat on his back. That coat came to the shore. The officers brought it to me. There was a hole in its chest. Bullet hole. Right in the chest. My god. Who did this my sovereign? The coward pasha! The coward! Celal died fighting. The bullet stroke Celal first. It's final destination is.. ..our country. Our honor. Our future. We should find and punish the killers. If we can't afford that ..we should welcome the death on foot. What about the weapons my sovereign? What happened to the weapons? They took them. But we will find. Nobody can stand against our country's power. But pashas..

We need to find the weapons before they hurt more people. Leave it to me Mahmud Pasha. Just raise Celals for the future. As long as we work As long as we serve our nation As long as we exalt our country They will attack us. So.. What is the reason of that attack? Our railway move my sovereign. You are right pasha. When we paid the debts of former reigns ..they began attacking. What about the railway aids? Both high state officials and people.. ..perceive it as a matter of honor. The railway aid demands and interests are perfect. We have no fear about that issue my sovereign. Thank god. You can get out. Tahsin Pasha. Your shift is never over. We keep the hope of resting.. ..for the day when our god will welcome us. My sovereign. Sara Hedaya's condition is getting worse. But she doesn't seem like she will talk.

Everybody challenges it when the Death isn't around. But when the Death comes with all its chill ..he looses the mouths and knees of many brave people. As you wish my sovereign. Did you invite Mr.Zaharoff? I did my sovereign. Good. Are you gonna kill me? I came here to ask for mercy. If you want to live will speak or.. will kill me. Hold it. Hold! Who killed.. bosom friend Celal? Who attacked the boat? I.. I don't know. Kill me or speak. Because we shed blood of who has killed our brothers.. ..or we die for the revenge. The rest is torture for us! What did you want from our country? From our sovereign? What did you want from our religion?

Speak or kill me! Please. I'm innocent. I know nothing. Pull the trigger. Pull it! Pull the trigger! You inglorious killers! Killers! You took my brother. Killers! You can't help shedding blood right? Pull the trigger! Pull it! Pull it! Come on pull it! Pray for.. ..our mighty sovereign. If it weren't for him I would tear you into pieces! You took my brother. If you want to live will talk about significant things. Or you will die here.. ..gradually.. a wretch. By the way. Keep this in mid. You can't eradicate us by killing us. Close the door. Yes my pasha. Greetings. Greetings. Let's drink some strong coffee. Did you find the pig's tracks? We did man. Hiram bought lots of pigs from the ranch. He did What he deserved. The shepherd of the pig flock. He took my sweetheart from me. I swear.. ..I will throw his heart to his flock.

I only wish from god.. let me end his cruelty. You trace the pig. Ask the nonMuslim butchers. Who slaughtered lots of pigs? My sultan. My condolences.. ..for your dead soldiers. If you invited me for the sunk weapons It's not important. An Ottoman soldier.. more valuable than all my weapons. Your weapons didn't sink Mr.Zaharoff. My sultan. My men confirmed that the boat sank. My soldiers became martyrs. But.. They got shot not drowned. The boat sank. But the weapons didn't. The boat sank. The weapons didn't. How is that possible my sultan? They attacked our boat. That's betrayal. They took the weapons.

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