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Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 20 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 20 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 20 of Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed. You bastard! You'll even have no grave. Our sovereign wouldn't want you to do this Ömer. "Discover the secret of Ali the fighting lion.." "..and go to him." "If I kill you now ..I will do it for my own desire." "Not for god's will." Guys! If you take your revenge will be blood bath Ömer. When the time comes ..I will kill you for god's sake ..not for my own desire. Stay back! Stay back! If you want your friend to live follow me. Move! I can cut him. Good job. I like you. Don't try to follow me. I can kill them all. YILDIZ PALACE You're very fast Mr.Zaharoff. If I didn't know they were going to your ship ..I could think you stole the weapons. My sovereign. Taking the smartest sovereign of the world on me.. ..who offers me coffee ..would my biggest mistake in my life. So? Weapons?

To get rid of this issue completely To prevent it from getting in our way again ..I will solve the problem permanently my sovereign. At this moment A chief from the police station.. ..must have been invited out. There is no problem about the weapons now. Betrayers have been punished my sovereign. A gift for you. You punished them according to what? I tried to make them speak. But they weren't that type of men. Justice! Mr.Zaharoff. If punishment is needed justice should decide it. They were bloodthirsty killers my sovereign. I was born and raised in Muğla. I know the religious laws. The punishment of those men.. ..who killed your men and stole the guns.. reprisal.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

I executed the rules. Forgive me. You know the religious laws. But.. Not completely. If punishment is needed ..the owner of the reprisal must approve it. My sovereign. My ship.. Get relieved. Mr.Zaharoff. But look after your weapons. You can't have such a narrow escape next time. Let me tell you something Sabahattin. We are not the men who can live here. You're right father. We are not. Put the papers down. I have news for you. My Seniha! My Sultan. According to me are always the headlines of the news all times. I don't know anyone else my Seniha. Stop yapping Mahmud. I have news for you. Unfortunately my niece Hatice gave up on marriage.

No way! The daughter of our former sultan Murad... ..Hatice gave up on marriage. Why does it concern us? Sabahattin. My son. All my effort and worry are for you. If Hatice got married ..your marriage would also get delayed. I don't know. We could make it forgotten. Don't bother so much mother. I know a way to eradicate this freaky thing. What is it son? Abdulkadir. Our prince who nobody promises a future. He banged his fist on the table! I like that boy. Father. Mahmud. Alright alright. He's breaking the engagement. Abdulkadir? Yeah. With Pakize? It's not so easy. Great minds think alike mother. Save me from the awful marriage that you threw me in. Or.. I know what to do. Keep this in mind. Come on Mahmud Pasha? What now? Seniha. This work is large. The fatty girl issue is not easy. You shouldn't have made.. ..the move of marriage to Sabahattin.

I didn't make it for my pleasure. This situation is all because of you. Don't make me talk! My Seniha. When you popped your eyes I found a great idea. Listen to me please. Listen. Now.. Lady Bidar Sultan.. pushing you about Sabahattin's marriage right? Pushing is not enough. She's attacking me in every direction. It's alright. You will open.. ..a new battlefront about Abdulkadir and Pakize. What a shame. A prince shouldn't break engagement. He shouldn't play with a young lady's feelings. What a shame. You're very right Mahmud. What a shame. Instead of messing up with us Lady Bidar should take care of her son. Right? Well done. My Seniha. Wait. The fatty is coming. Comegirl. Comegirl. Thank you. Thank you my healthy girl! Sit girl. Sabahattin is out. You can drink his coffee. I should go too. Where Mahmud? To work Seniha. Official work. See you. Sit down girl. Don't be shy. YILDIZ PALACE My sovereign. Osman of Söğüt troop is here. He has news about Ömer. Let him in.

Please. My boy. Speak. Ömer caught Hiram my sovereign. The heathen.. ..was handing out food to Armenian students in the park. As soon as Ömer found a chance ..he put his gun at Hiram's head. Then? He didn't pull the trigger my sovereign. Mean Hiram took the children as hostages. Ömer couldn't. Didn't pull the trigger. Check that student thing thoroughly pasha. Yes my sovereign. Ömer didn't pull the trigger. He obviously learned the secret of his holiness Ali. He's catching fire now. He needs to sophisticate. Tell him.. dig under the marked pine in the Yahya Efendi Garden. ..and bring here what he will find there. Yes my sovereign. We also lost the weapons. Where can we find new weapons? I don't know. But I can lose the confidence of Armenians. You lost the confidence of Jews. And this one now. Don't ask. I can't return to Vienna. If they learn I lost the money raised from Jews against Abdulhamid ..that will be my end.

The new and great leader of Zionists Theodor Herzl.. ..doesn't have enough commercial credit and prestige open a grocery shop in Vienna. Not a good time for joking. Joking and death have no good times Mr.Herzl. My friend Emanuel Carasso. Welcome. Thank you. Emanuel Carasso. Mahmud Pasha. Glad to meet you. Glad to meet you too pasha. Regarding your upright shoulders and shotnose affairs with Sara must be good. We've really forgotten about miss Sara. Where is she? With the mighty sultan Abdulhamid. With the mighty sultan Abdulhamid? You really.. ..have no limits about witting Mr.Carasso. You shouldn't wit about the health pasha. Sara got poisoned and was about to die. Her life depended on only the cure and permission of the palace. And I took her to the palace. What did you do Mr.Carasso? You really have no limits.

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