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Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 44 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 44 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5 Payitaht Sultan Abdulhamid" is a Turkish historical drama television series that premiered on TRT1 on February 24, 2017. The show is set in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire and focuses on the life and reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II, who ruled from 1876 to 1909.

The show's second season consists of 26 episodes, and episode 44 would be the 18th episode of the season. The show features a large ensemble cast, including Bülent İnal as Sultan Abdulhamid II, Özlem Conker as his wife Saliha Sultan, and Kaan Taşaner as the revolutionary leader Mahmud Pasha.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

Throughout the series, viewers follow Sultan Abdulhamid II as he navigates the complex political landscape of the Ottoman Empire, facing challenges both internal and external. He is often forced to make difficult decisions in order to maintain the stability of the empire and protect it from foreign threats.

The show also explores the lives of other key historical figures from the period, including members of the Ottoman royal family and political figures from other countries. Viewers see the impact of the political and social changes of the era, including the rise of nationalism and the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

Overall, "Payitaht Sultan Abdulhamid" is a popular and highly regarded historical drama that provides a window into the political and social dynamics of the late Ottoman Empire.

Throughout the series, viewers see the Ottoman Empire struggling to maintain its power and relevance in the face of internal political intrigue and external pressure from foreign powers. The Sultan faces numerous challenges, including attempts on his life, rebellions by various factions within the empire, and diplomatic crises with other nations.The show also explores the personal lives of the characters, including the romantic relationships between Sultan Abdulhamid II and Empress Rabia Sultan, as well as the conflicts between the Sultan and his siblings

While I cannot provide a summary of a specific episode, I hope this information provides a general overview of the show and its plot.

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