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Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare EPISODE 03 with Urdu Subtitles


This is EPISODE number 03 of Mehmetçik Kultulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Saeed is selected in the Osmanick battalion in place of Muhammad. İn the start of this 3rd Episode Saeed has a mission along with his friends in Battalion. The commander tells them about the mission that they have to reach the headquarters of enemies. While going to search headquarters there was an ambush in the way. There is a tough battle there. Lot of their friens die in this battle including their Commander. The rest of soldiers become captive including Saeed. Suleman commander is informed about that, he becomes very worried about this. The enemies asking about the main headquarters of Osmanick battalion but nobody tells them. They even kill some of their soldiers and they also burried a soldier alive. Saeed is also stand by his words.

Saeed is doing the drills and missions and on the other hand Mohammad is fighting with his leg. He don't want to stay there with his wounded leg. He is praying to Allah to heal his leg. He is in hospital and dreaming about to be doing missions in the Osmanick Battalion. He has also a dream of a light in which he drinks blood like a pure water and his leg is doing fine with that. After that dream Mohammad stands in his leg and he feels much better. He stand on his feet and salute like a soldier in his hospital room. His father Hasruv is watching him on the door. Father Hasruv comes in and talks with Mohammad that you will be fine. When Mohammad tells him about his dream that he saw a light in the dream, Hasruv tells him doctors don't know about this but you will be fine. While they are talking doctor comes and ask Mohammad that what are you doing? Why are you putting pressure on your leg. Mohammad tells him that it is now going to be healed. Doctor tells it can't be healed like that. Mohammad asks to go to his home for sometime. Doctor permission him but with a nurse for him in his home because commander Suleman advised the doctor to take care of him.

Cox is still in the church. He is singing the poetry of Shakespeare about Romeo and Juliet. The Father of church comes and he says to Cox that what a painful end of this story by Shakespeare. Cox emotionally tells him that this is his favourite peace of work by Shakespeare and this land is his Juliet. Father of church tells Cox that everything is ready. He tells him about a man who has a lot of warriors and weapons are also ready. Cox is going to Iraq now to ruin the peace. He also thanks the father for everything he did for him.

Elizebeth comes to say goodbye to Mohammad as she is also going to Iraq forcovering the battle. She comes to Mohammad in hospital and encourage him that he will stand on his feet one day. She also give him his photo when he is standing on his feet and is speeching to pesople outside of Dar -ul -fanoon. She tells Muhammad that she will remember him always like in this picture. Elizebath is also goingon the same train in which Cox is going. Cox and Elizebath meet in the train. The Battalian is also going to Iraq for the mission. They are all standing on the railway station and all gathering up. Mohmmad also want to go. Before their departure he also went to Commander Suleman to get permission if he allow himto go with them. But Suleman Commander stop him. Mohammad is eagerly want to go with them so he decided to to go secretly wioth the Battalion.

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