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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 05 (TWO parts uploaded)

This is Episode number FIVE of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Beys. Blaming eachother won't provide peace for us. We have to hear what Osman will say. The one who died was a Tekfur, and the blamed one is the son of the margrave. Don't forget, one side is Byzantine, and the other one is Seljuq. That's why we'll set up a trial in Sogiit tomorrow. Why not Kulucahisar? Osman has committed all the crimes in Kulucahisar that he was blamed of. We must judge him. Judging is not important, the important thing is to expose the truth, Kalanos. Besides, which tribe and ey will agree on the decision you'll make on Kulucahisar? Ali§er Bey is right, Kalanos. Osman must be judged in Sogiit, so no one will have questions in their heads. A trial which will be set under the justice of our Kadis will be suitable for everyone. We agree on that. I just want to provide the peace which we were about to set with my deceased friend Yorgopolos. I don't want blood on our hands. Osman is an escapee right now. You couldn't keep him even in your caged tent. What if he doesn't come to Sogiit? Then... He will have accepted all the guilts including Tekfur's murder. I am sure that Osman Bey will attend that trial, don’t worry. Even his uncle couldn't control him. How can you be so sure? Turkmens on this border are like crazy horses, Sofya... Every one of them has different ties, but all of them are tied to a single pole. I am that pole. The one who can speak over me in Turk tribes is not born yet. If Osman doesn't come alive, his body will come.


This is a promise of Sanjak Bey Ali§er. So that you trust yourself, we trust your promise as friends. We'll wait for news, Ali§er Bey. Truth will be exposed tomorrow. in§Allah it will be good for all of us. Who is he, Osman? There is no need for that, Bamsi eyWhere is Edebali? He sent me. My name is Zulfikar. Let's go to him. amsi ey, take precautions here. EyvAllah Osman Bey, eyvAllah. Ali§er Bey is handing a rope, uncle. I saw it, he is close to Osman. That's why he wants the trial in Sogut. Ali§er Bey... is setting up the wolves' table, my nephew. He wants the people who lost their breaths to die. It's true that he is handing a rope into the well. But we will see if that rope will save us or strangle us. What if a decision to the detriment of Osman comes out, uncle? Are we going to sacrifice my brother? We have to find Osman first. We have to give proofs that will convince judges that Osman is innocent. Then I will make him pay for what he did to Batur. Osman is from my blood, he is from my heart. Only I can punish him. ln§Allah it's a good thing. Osman's Alps... So you came, ha? Bogaq brother, take Tursun to the healing tent. EyvAllah Boran brother. We will take Bala Hatun to Ertugrul Bey's tent, come on. There are injured people, uncle. Boran Alp! All rivers fall into the sea. We won't stay long, Diindar Bey. I decide who stays and who leaves in this tribe. Who is that Hatun? §eyh Edebah's daughter, Bala Hatun. Was the girl who was abducted from the bazaar Edebah's daughter? Yes. ordered us to host her in his father's tent. I guess your Bey's heart was not big enough to take her here himself. You can't fit my Bey's heart in these tents. We, Kayis, can't keep a Hatun waiting who is looking for a treatment. We would burn the world for drop of blood of a Muslim. Inform Zohre Hatun, she will take care of her. Edebah's daughter is our daughter. Take her. Selamun Aleykum. Ve Aleykum Selam. Zulfikar Dervi§ told me that you know about the incident. Bala Hatun is fighting death. What are you looking for here? Batur... Take Osman's Alps to the caged tent. They won't go anywhere until Osman Bey comes back.


Dundar you are flaring up the fire. Fire hasn't started, Boran Alp. It hasn't. As you order, my Bey. Thanks to Allah. We now have a precious clay. It is worth the effort, ha Ziilfikar? As you say, my Efendi. It's not the time to take care of that Edebali. We don't have time. It's not easy, son. It's not. It’s not easy to find and to be present. It's not easy to build a box of secret, son. It needs effort and patience. It needs the attention of your eye, and the sweat of your forehead. You'll collect the dirt first. You'll clean it from the stones. The stronger the clay is, the stronger the ceramic is.. Bala Hatun is fighting death in the tribe. That's why it's story is similar to humans’ story. As the box of secret is made from the soil, humans are created from the soil. If they have a good master, and have a good self, they are shaped easily. People are the same, Osman Bey. They are immature, they burn and be then. If it's clay has flaws, and if they see a little fire, the box of secret cracks. It leaks water. Just like people who are not immature yet. Fire turns the soil into a ceramic, and patience turns immature people into a wise people. Box of secret, and the people are the same. As my daughter Bala bears pain... as she get over troubles, as she demands struggling... she'll be rewarded. She'll be the one who wins. Did you think she was not going to be tested just because she is the daughter of Edebali? What will we do on doomsday... where no one will be in use for eachother, ha Osman? Didn't Our Prophet say?

On that day, I can't even help my daughter Fatima." Her pulse is weak. She is poisoned. We can't do anything. She will die. She is the entrustment of Osman. This is Hayme Ana's tent. We can't reject anyone who has come to this door looking for a cure. Let's boil castor oil, it will make her vomit. Go boil castor oil. Give me a towel. Now, Osman... tell me what your problem is. They wanted you to pay a price. They want the treasure from you. If you don't give it... Your daughter Bala... will die in a short time. Children of the devil.. They think that death comes from the poison. Those devils are so arrogant... That devil didn't grovel to Adem (Adam) once. If Hakk doesn't order her to die, my daughter won't die even if they make her drink a thousand poisons, if He wants, then what can we do? We will be happy, as she will be a neighbor to our Prophet(ASV) afterlife. You are right. People who don't know how to sacrifice... who can't risk sacrificing... who can't understand what mortality is, shouldn’t expect the consent of Him. Is it easy to confront our Allah saying that we are Muslims, ha Osman? Muslims are the ones who are honourable. And honourable people are the ones who don't forget the truth in hard times and in good times.


Are we going to stay here, doing nothing? Sofya is Yannis' daughter. Yannis' daughter? Let's see what Yannis will do after you abduct her. How do you know that I will get Sofya? Our life passed trying to get the most valuable clay from the soil, son. Our eyes can detect the valuable people as well. Now I am going to your tribe as a guest. If you can bring the cure, it will be good. If you can’t, don't feel upset. Our da'wah is to have the same sense with "the ant". (Explanation is in the description above) Knowing our sides will be enough. You are right, Edebali. What is the value of that treasure? It's just a piece of wood, son. A piece of wood. I want to listen it another time. Now I should set off. Always be on the right path, son. Go safely. Asli and Kerem. I worked hard on it. It's finally done. Open your eyes, Aygul. Her dead body is at the ey's tent, imagine where her alive body will be at. Look what it writes here, Sofya. A verse from the Kuran Surah Al-Hujurat. The believers are but brothers..." Surah Al-Hujurat [49:10] Kuran is inviting them to be brothers and to be a union on 82 verses. This is our way of exit, Sofya. A disorder which we will cause. Now I am listening to you, which informations did you bring from the Kayi tribe? Kayi tribe is messed up, my Efendi. Diindar is mad at Osman. We can use that anger. ecause Osman doesn't respect Diindar's Beylic. Diindar might be a Bey... but Ertugrul's son Osman's soul is wandering around the Kayi tents. I can feel it, Sofya. Osman will be a trouble not only for us but also for Diindar.


The fire which we will flare up will take us to the treasure. Do you think Osman knows where the treasure is? It's impossible for Osman to know where the treasure is. Edebali won't tell Ahis' secret to him. He is madly in love, enough to stand against Edebali for her. You will see, he will bring the treasure. Efendi Yannis, we've received information from Nizamettin. Tell me Helen. Osman sent Bala Hatun to Kayi tribe. Love... I am bowing respectfully to your power. I witnessed the power of love on the day which I had the blood of the Tekfur on my hands. But Osman... we can't be sure what he'll do. Be sure that he'll bring the secret of Ahis, Kalanos. The love he has... and the anger he has for me.. will bring the treasure to me sooner or later. We will have taken our precaution when he comes. My Ali§ar Bey. Do you know what fish and people have in common, Nizamettin? Both of them get in trouble when they open their mouth needlessly. Now... cough what you have in your stomach. My Bey... you know that it's my happiness to be your eyes and ears. I couldn't keep it inside. I don't like long conversations. Cut it short. §eyh Edebali's daughter Bala Hatun was poisoned. They took her to Kayi tribe. What are they doing? My Bey... most importantly.. Osman is with Samsa Qavu§. Probably, §eyh Edebali is with them too. So Edebali is flaring the fire up inside Osman. We'll put that fire off, so our words will be heard on these lands. Now go... Go find Osman, tell him.. My Ali§er Bey is calling you to the trial." What if he doesn't want to come, my Bey? He will.


He promised me. If he doesn't come, I will rip his heart off. I will make his sword which he uses against everyone go dull. Osman has fire in him my what if he does something to Nizamettin? You sacrifice bread to feed the fish. My father... dismissed you from being Alps. If I were him, I would take your lives. You can't do much harm, Batur. It's an honour if our Alp duties.. or our lives get taken for our Osman Bey. It will be your Osman Bey's turn aswell. If you are brave enough, untie my hands. Do it! I will but first... you'll see what it's like to punish someone! You'll learn what it's like to punish someone! You'll learn what it's like to punish someone! Everyone will know! So... we kissed your hand. We shared bread. Eat, Konur brother. We kissed eachother's hands. We broke our selves. Now even the herbs we step on will be our cure. Ya, Samsa Qavu§... EyvAllah. Trees roar with their leaves. MashaAllah to you, MashaAllah. Can I come in, Osman Bey? Come in, Qetin Alp. My Bey, new bazaar's ruler Nizamettin came. If you allow him, he has things to tell you. Let him in. Let's see what he wants. They are looking for me everywhere. How did you learn and come, Nizamettin? As you know Osman Bey... information is more valuable than golds. You have to have your ears and eyes everywhere, so you'll have information. Be aware. One day you might get blind and deaf. Do you want me to take his ears and eyes, Osman Bey? Let him, Samsa Qavu§. Tell me. What's your problem that brought you here? Ali§er Bey wants you to go to the trial tomorrow and defend yourself. He wants the real killers to be exposed. He wants to go hunting with you like old days. He wants to go hunting with you like old days.  Take our greetings to Ali§er Bey. He shouldn't worry. Everything will be exposed tomorrow. Hatun... How is Bala Hatun? She is not fine, Giindiiz They poisoned her. If we can't find her cure, I don't know if she can make it for tomorrow.

Can I come in my Bey? Come in, Kill? Alp. My Bey, §eyh Edebali came. Don't keep him waiting. Selamun Aleykum. Aleykum Selam. You brought happiness to Ertugrul Gazi's tent, Edebali. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you son. Is Bala Hatun inside? Gonca Hatun is with her. She is sleeping. If you allow me, I want to see my daughter. Astagfurullah. Osman broke our rules. He didn't listen to you. Punish Osman as he deserves. Osman doesn't only threaten your future and tent... but he also threatens Aygul. What do you want to say, Hatun? Aag A|/| Aygul is in love with Osman, my Bey. Osman doesn't love Aygiil. We have to take precaution before Aygul loses her mind. How? A marriage which will strengthen us will be good for us and Aygul. What do you want to say, Hatun? Who are you thinking of? Ali§er Bey. Ali$er Bey's Hatun passed away last year. I want to marry Ali§er Bey and Aygul. I saw how Ali§er Bey looked at Aygul when he came with Sofya and Kalanos. I think you should come together with Ali§er Bey soon and talk about this. Aygul. Can I come in my Come in. What happened at this time of the night? My Bey... §eyh Edebali is here. My Yaman... Keep your eyes on him. I will know every step of him. Yes my Bey. What will we do my Bey? Edebali means trouble. He drags the anger of Mongol and suspicions of Seljuq here. I'm afraid, there is a bond between Osman and Edebali. Won't you greet him, my Bey?


There is no need to rush. He'll hug his daughter first. His suffering will end. Don't forget... Those who left traces become the prey... those who trace are the hunters. Our Hacer mother was desperate like this. ecause the water Hz. Ibrahim left for her was finished. Our Hacer mother, who were worried about her son... Ismail, as he might've died of thirst.. started to look for water between Safa and Merve hills with anxiety. When she was there and back for seven times.. her son Ismail was exhausted. Thirst was too much for his little body. With his Rab's hikmah.. he hit his heels to the ground... our mother heard something. She looked at her back... a river was springing out from the place where she left her son. When Cebrail aleyhisselam heard the crying of Ismail and begging of our Hacer Mother... he put a spring there with Allah's consent. They called it "zemzem" It's a shifa to Muslims inshAllah.

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