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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 14 (Complete Episode uploaded)

This is Episode number 14 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Let me go! Let me go! Aah! Did you run out of breathe whilst fighting... and advancing towards freedom, Osman? I swear to you... I'll be the death of you, Dundar Bey. What? Are you trying to take which is mine, Osman Bey? No! Did you think that you could take... Genghis Khan's blessed belongings from me? Come on! Don t mess around! Come on1 If something happens to this hatun... I might not be able to protect you from Balgay. It's done, Cerkutay. Carry her carefully to Balgay. Come with me. We've got things to do Osman Bey! Dundar Bey! You've joined hands with Mongols for my father's post. You involved your son Batur in your betrayal as well. That's enough, Osman! That's enough! You did what you did... Because of your stubborness.. Your arrogance... Your immaturity. You'll pay for the things you did, not Kayis. You'll burn alive with the fire that you started. I'll make my father's tent your grave. Wolves are with wolves... Coyotes are with coyotes. The reign of coyotes... Lasts until the wolves rise. I'll be the death of you, uncle! This camp is tied not to the custom of Oghuz... But the law of Genghis Khan. You're not going to live long enough to... Take revenge for the betrayal, Osman Bey. Balgay Bey. Say it later, Kongar. Die, Osman. Either martydom or freedom. Die! Stop! Die, Osman! I came here to take which belongs to Geyhatu. Traitors! T raitors1 Get out of here! Savages! I managed to take the laws of Genghis Khan from Osman. The laws are my gift to Geyhatu. Also the blessed dagger. Geyhatu will reward you for your victory. Don't worry, Balgay. Is this Osman? Yes, he is. Giddy up. Oh Allah, please don't let my enemies humiliate me.. Destine me to become martyr by fighting. Osman Bey... Is prisoner of Geyhatu. No! We'll. We'll.


Take him to Konya safe and sound Soldiers! Take Osman Bey to the carriage. And control his wound. Don't let anyone come close to him. Balgay... Follow me to the tent. I've news for you from Geyhatu. You shall come as well. My Osman! Stop! Stop! You have become the principality Bey Commander Balgay has wanted it to be this way. Nothing can pass the smell test without the approval of Geyhatu. If Balgay wanted it this way, he must have his reason. I have my eye on you... And my ears on your camp, Diindar. Now, you may leave. I want to take the laws of Genghis Khan to Konya by myself. Don't worry, Geyhatu will know that you found the laws and you're the one who brought them. What is the meaning of taking Osman to Konya? Geyhatu wants to interrogate Osman in order to learn how has he captured the laws. He is not your prisoner anymore. Or do you have something that you're afraid of, Balgay? Release Osman Bey! My Osman! My Osman! Ya Allah! Behave yourself! We don't want any trouble. We must take him away. This is an order of commander Tom. I am talking to you, Balgay. Do you have something that you're afraid of, Balgay? I don't have anything to be afraid of, commander Tom. I just want Geyhatu to know that I'm ready to die for him. What if Osman tells everything to Geyhatu? Toni and his soldiers. Take Osman and the laws and bring them to me. Command is yours commander Balgay. Show yourself! Oh my Allah.. Give me strength! May Allah give you power my Bey My brothers . Don't worry my brothers1 Hang in there my Be Hang in my Bey. Stand^talfKayi tribe! We'll stand tall! We'll stand tall, Kayi tribe. No one can make us submit! We'll never... Give up on our divine cause... Even if they make the whole universe a prison. Either freedom or martydom. Allahu Akbar! (God is the Greatest) Dundar Bey. Wait for news from me. We've got a lot of enemies. Don't forget that I made you the principality bey, Diindar. My loyalty to you is endless, Balgay. Show yourself Where are you? Show yourself Where are you? Batur! Batur! I've mistaken you for a man. But instead you were a snake. Shame on you, Batur! You deeply saddened the camp of Kayi with your betrayal.

Bamsi Bey. What? Abdurrahman Ghazi. Osman sees you as a brother. He put his life in danger for you. All the things I've done for you! Behave yourself, hatun! You think that you can bully my son! You're talking without listening. I did what needed to be done. Me! Your bey! Your principality bey that you don't like... That you rise against... did all of it. Do you hear what you're saying Dundar Bey? I do Why did Toni come here, Bamsi Bey? Who set this trap? Who made all those coyotes go away? Me. I informed the Mongol governer in Konya... And made them fight each other. Now, Balgay will be demoralized... And the power wars between them will start. There was nothing left to do... To protect my camp. What if something happens to Osman? What if they kill Osman in Konya? What will you do then Diindar Bey? They promised me. We came to an agreement. They'll not harm Osman. They'll just interrogate him. They'll just interrogate him! We understood. We understood. You're not a traitor. However, you're naive, Dundar. Naive! How can you trust Mongols? How can you trust Mongols? Not only to Batur... Shame on you too! Shame on you too! If something bad happens to Osman... Then I'll become a hawk and tear you apart with my claws... So you know Diindar Bey. Listen to me good, Selcan Hatun. You're not talking with the same Dundar. With the first mistake you make... I'll rip off your claws and brake your wings... So you know. Come on! Giddy up! Let's move! Kayi tribe cares for you really well. Not as well as tyrants to a war. You're talking like you're so sure to return. Who said that Geyhatu is going to release you? You came to these lands. Without getting any information about us, Tom.

We've made migration to our destination... And reclusion in our sorrow... And martyrdom in our revenge. Bamsi Bey. Lads. Where is that bastard Balgay? It's not that bastard Balgay who took my Osman. It's the assistant of Geyhatu Tom. So Geyhatu has heard about the laws of Genghis. Then, we've gained a capable enemy. I don’t care if Genghis himself arises from the dead. We're not going to leave my Osman to those heathens. Come on valiants! Let's move! The prisoner is escaping! Catch him* iiiupi Kongar! Kill them all! Where is Osman? Where is the law of Genghis Khan? You're going to give an account for this to Geyhatu. There is no one left to take news to Geyhatu, Tom. You're going to die as well! You are mistaken. Osman is going to be»your end. So, you let Osman to take the law as well, you imbecile! Find'Osman! If you don't, I'll wreak your spite! Giddy up! Giddy up! These are the men of Balgay. They’ve killed Toni as well. And there is no sign of Osman Bey. Bamsi Bey, don't you own this dagger? Yes, I do. Where did you find this? There is a dead body in the back of the carriage. I've took this from his neck. Good. Good. So my Osman has managed to escape before the bastards of Balgay arrived. Good. Come on my valiant. We'are going to find Osman before those weasels. With Allah's help, we'll not let weasels kill a lion, my Bey. With Allah's help. Come on my valiants Let's move Until I smell your silken hair... Cover your head^with this kerchief (headscarf).


Every time when I turn to Almighty Allah, your name comes out of my lips. I pray to be together until the end of our lives. • UBUiSQ Forgive me I've failed to be with you in your dark times. Forgive me. Alaca. Alaca! My Alaca! Don't worry. You're safe. Who are you? Don't worry about me. I need to clean your wound and control it. You have to hold on. Bala. Bala, where are you? Bala, where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Alaca. Where is my Bala? Where is my Bala? Where is she? Today, I've two guests in the household that don't have a path. Who are you? I'm looking for someone. Her horse stays in front of the cave. Osman! Osman! Bala! Osman! What have they done to you? Tell me, my love! What have they done to you? Bala! Tell me, who has done this to you? I'd like to ask the same question to you. I'm fine. who has done this? Tell me! Tell me and I'll rip his heart! Cerkutay. They've blocked my way. Son. Move aside. Son. We need to do this now. In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. Is she going to live? Tell me, is she going to live? I don't know. I've done everything that I could. Rest is up to Allah. You don't look well, take a nap here. Cruel dogs... You're going to taste the bitter death! Mother... She is the light of my eyes.. Don't let her go dim. Save her. Oh Allah, help your servant, Elif. In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. Peace be unto you... Peace be unto you. O Allah, Owner of the whole universe Indeed, You have power over all. You are independant (Allah needs no-one) You are all powerful.


Oh my Allah, the condition of your ummah is miserable. Not only occupants and tyrants... But also divisions and differences in opinions have captured the hearts. We've have forget about the strongest bond... Which connects us together, the brotherhood of muslims. We've lost our faith in each other. We've been defeated by our eagerness... By our desires. Oh my Allah who knows everything... Clean the dirt from our hearts with the divine light of Islam. Enlighten us. Forgive us. Destine us to be clever and strong against infidelity... Against the tyrant and tricks of the devil. Oh my Allah... Destine us to become the ones who pass the bridge. Destine us to become the ones who stay on the right path... And who die for the right cause and become martyrs. Oh my Allah... Reverence to your name El-Fettah (He opens all things)... Dissolve our darkness... Let us defeat the heathens. To us... To muslims who wait for hope... To the poor who wait for good news. Destine a new fou ndation.. All hail, my sage. May peace be upon you, too. What's the matter, Bamsi Bey. My Sheykh Geyhatu's men from Konya came here to take my Osman away. Osman managed to escape from their hands but now we're not able to find him. Seems like he has gone into the earth. In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. Bala Hatun is missing as well. We're looking for her everywhere. I hope they are not in trouble. What if they have been captured by Mongols again, my Sheykh. Both faith and effort... saved Yusuf from the well... Ibrahim from the fire... Ismail from the knife, Bamsi Bey. This is not the right time to stop. Let us begin searching. Man proposes, Allah disposes.

If Allah wills, my Sheykh Lead the way. Come on my valiants, let's move. Where are you, Bala? Where are you? What happened here, Gonca Hatun? They've fought, Pehlivan Dervish. They've fought. There is bloodeverywhere.. I found the pack somewhere here. There is some cloth in it. But there is no news from Bala Hatun. Bala Bala! These ornaments... These are from Bala's head. Friends, keep looking around. I'll go back to Kayi tribe. I need to find Selcan Hatun. Okay. May Allah be with you. May Allah be with you, too. Nobles of the camp... Qetin Alp is going to take you to a safe place. We'll take the hills and kindle the flame of rebellion. Until we get rid of the MongolS/Who bother our lands... We can't live on the fat of the land. We're not looking for a easy life, Samsa Bey. Don't under estimate us because of our age. We still have the power to scatter armies with our call. You've had your chance for martyrdom Sazak Bey. Now it's our time for a holy war. I hope Allah doesn't allow us to die in our sleep. Amen. Beys, children and hatuns are entrusted to Allah first... Then you, Qetin Alp. Alright, my bey. My beys who stand by me... I give my blessing to you. I hope you'll give yours to me! We will my bey! Live long, Samsa Bey! Live long, Samsa Bey! I hope the dark souls' anger... will be upon you, Cerkutay. How can you let a wounded hatun slip through your fingers? Are you stupid? You'll pay the price for this. Did you take care of it? Commander Balgay. I skilled the soldiers. They're not a threat to us anymore. Good. What about Osman? What about the laws od Genghis Khan? When I got there, Osman was long gone. Commander Balgay.


Osman has taken the laws of Genghis Khan and ran away. Soldiers are looking for him. Osman is injured and alone. We'll find him sooner or later, Commander Balgay. Geyhatu should think that Osman killed all the soldiers. Send a messenger to Konya. Tell him what happened as I want. Command is yours, Balgay. In the name of the souls' anger... Erlik hamn laneti Osman a The curse of Erlik Khan will be upon Osman. Summon Zohre to me. Tell her to come to me in secret. Tell her to not let Dundar know. I'll find out from her... Who told Geyhatu that I have the belongings of Genghis Khan Come on! What are you waiting for? Come on! Osman! So Samsa has risen against Balgay! He has taken his father's wives and children to a safe place. He'll go to Falcon Hill with his alps tomorrow. He's bnave enough to fight a battle against Balgay... Stupid enough to think that he'll win... Miserable enough to die with Balgay's anger. How does Balgay know that Samsa will be at Falcon Hill? There is only one answer to that, Master Yannis. Balgay must have bought one of Samsa's beys. We must infiltrate a spy among Balgay's commanders. I'll do the necessary about this, Sofia. Who do you have in mind? Everbody has a price in this world... Or a weakness. Master Yannis. Osman has escaped from Geyhatu's soldiers, Salvador. I'm not surprised. Osman is hard to handle. Noone can handle him. The only way to beat Osman... Is to cut off his head. It is the right time to take us to... The place where he and his alps hide, Salvador. Make sure that Osman is there when we attack. I'll lead the soldiers. I'll be with you, Princess Sofia. My brave warrior Salvador. Now go and start the preparations. You will be the one to capture Osman. You will take the Genghis Khan's laws. Balgay should not come to the attack. Do you understand me ? Don't worry, Master Yannis. Selcan Hatun! It's not bad news Insha'Allah. Bala, Bala is gone. What do you mean she is gone ? She said she was going to meet with you and I wanted to go along with her.. I felt uneasy letting her go alone. She went and did not come back, dervishes are looking for her But no one knows where she is. Oh no, isn't there anyone that saw her ? We found a bag, but what’s inside does not belong to Bala.


Those are male clothes. Zohre! There was blood where we found the bag, there must have been a fight. We also found some of the silver garments from Balals camp. Selcan Hatun, I beg you, lets ask Osman Bey. Only he can find her. Osman, my Osman. •ueuuso Bala! ueuuso Bala! She can't hear you, she is in another level. Drink this. You need to gather your strength. This won’t suffice, wait a little. There should be some dried meat. She will live, right ? She will be fine, right ? Blind love... you almost died, but you still think about her. She will live, Insha'Allah. If she dies, half of me will be gone with her. Then even if I burn the whole world, my wrath towards those who did this won't go away. Like your hand, your heart is also strong. A love like this needs a heart like yours. Tell me, who are you from, Osman Bey ? From Kayis, how do you know my name ? She was mumbling the name Osman. It's you obviously. Who are you from ? They call me Elif Hatun. When you have no one around you don't hear your name much. Why do you live in this cave ? It must be hard being alone. I don't like people, especially people who are servants to other people... relying upon others. I escaped here years ago, without no one, found peace. Not only one but two are wounded, we disturbed your peace mother Elif. MayAllah bless you. You healed us. You will leave when you are healed and this cave will be left to me again. A man that is healed from a great injury quickly, is a strong brave man. Masa'Allah, you are really strong. I have lost too much blood, I need to regain my strength. I need to be standing, there are many enemies. And they are evil. It's enough for me if she is okay, in front of my eyes. I'm not afraid of any fight, with Allah's help. There is no news from Osman yet, right ? No, father, but don't worry, alps are on guard duty. He can't come here. Batur, don't let your guard down it's Osman we are talking about. Uncle! What do you think you are doing ? How can you let them take Osman away ? These... These are my father's tokens of Beyhood! How dare you bring these to your tent ?

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