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Payitaht Abdülhamid​ with Urdu Dubbing EPISODE 14

This is Episode number 14 of Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed.  He grew up.. ..went to Vatican and became a cardinal. I ordered him not to tell anyone including me.. ..about his name until he reached the top. Finally Pope died in . A new Pope was gonna be elected. Before the election ..Efrahim was supposed to send his name with a secret code. The riddle circle that we made years ago. He was supposed to say a number ..and his name would be seen on this. But.. But what my sovereign? Our secret got exposed general. Efrahim was killed at the night when he would send the code. We don't know if our spy on Vatican got exposed ..if he got promoted or not ..if he lives or not. Because we don't know who he is. Efrahim's code may be hidden in Ahsen. If she remembers her past ..she may tell us who our spy is. We wonder this. What's the connection between Ahsen and Efrahim. The spy called Sara will tell us about this. My sovereign. Shall we ask Ahsen? No general. Even if she may unintentionally have this code in her ..she came here to kill me. Before she remembers her past ..we will work her past out. What's wrong Sabahattin? Abdulhamid caught Sara. We should save her quickly Mr.Herzl. Muslims are slaughtering my Jewish brothers in Jerusalem now. When it's heard Jews will understand that they need a country. I only care about this Sabahattin. What do you mean? While I am carrying such heavy burden ..I can't deal with a woman of kgs. People.. ..sell their friends very fast. Don't disappoint me please. Friendship is the consolation of small lives. Dear Herzl Abdulhamid's detectives devastated our plan in Palestine. Bad news? Ottoman detectives devastated my plan in Palestine. The newspaper was supposed be full of this news tomorrow. My newspaper won't be printed for the first time. That's very bad Herzl. What now? We should save Sara. Friendship is the consolation of small lives. Look boy. To be successful in life should be coldblooded first. Then.. should be passionate like you meet your girlfriend. You're right sir. I like you. Both your mind and ears are open. You'll make progress. Well done. Thanks sir. Take this. No need general. Being offended. Idiot! Are we giving presents? For business. Take this. I'll get in. After three minutes you will. Understand? Yes sir. Three minutes. Okay. In there.. You will see me talking to a man. Probably his back will be towards the door. Yes sir. Then? Then my boy. Take this. Shoot the bastard. Show no mercy. He's a cruel heathen anyway.


God will definitely reward you boy. Yes general. No mercy. Three minutes. Yes sir. Did you miss me general Mahmud? Hiram. If you die somehow ..I don't know what to do. Sit down. I did my turn by sacrificing my eye. You also look good like this. I like it. You shouldn't mind it. Hiram. I gave you a mark. Remember? Can I take it back? Why general? It's a memorial of yours. Right. Right. But.. The atmosphere is tense. I don't want even my handkerchief to be around. They caught Sara too. What? What are you saying? It means the end of our fight. Sit down. Sit down. Calm down. You shouldn't mind that. I have two people with vital importance. Herzl and you. You know nothing general. Sara is more valuable than Herzl and me.. ..and even you. Only she can make contact with Mr.Parvus. Parvus? Yes. Sare makes connection between Parvus and Herzl. She also provided Herzl's growth. Without Parvus none of us could be here. If something happens to Sara ..Parvus will catch everyone who has caused this.. ..and burn them. You can't even realize it. But.. But what? If we save Sara from sultan's hands ..Parvus will be with us with his magnificence. So.. Two forward one back again. I understand.. Hiram. We must save Sara by any meas. But how? Coachman! What are you doing here? I got worried sir. Get out! Wait for me there. All the coachmen are shameless. <i YILDIZ PALACE</i Come in. My sovereign. Deadbather Galip Shoemaker Suleyman Imam Velid and Cevad were slaughtered. Their families were subsidized necessarily by your orders. Good. Good. But make sure that they will subsidized constantly. Even though we paid them our debt to Muslims is eternal. He still has the hammer. He's just banging it. My father took the cauldron out of furnace Yusuf. He won't be back without blood shed. So man? So man.. He says.. We will kill the man who kidnapped my mother or.. ..the deadbather will boil water in this cauldron.. wash my mother's dead body. What now? Shall we inform the palace? We can't find every solution in the palace Yusuf. The sovereign of the world.. ..shouldn't be also disturbed with our trouble. What then? Tell us if there is another way. From now on ..our fingers will be on the trigger. Go to the police. Tell them. I'll follow general Mahmud. If he is involved in the assassination ..he must have a connection with Hiram. You think you will find a trace? I hope I will. Come on then. Ömer. Be careful. Don't worry Zeynep. May god protect you. Father. Banging can't flatten the crinkled cauldron. I know. You know too. Father. You aren't speaking but.. But I see.. ..your silence is more influential than words. I'm gonna bring mother. General. If you wanna be hosted in Parvus' indestructible castle ..we have to save Sara. Hiram.

Even if Abdulhamid has finished with Sara ..he will never release her. Because he thinks Sara is responsible for.. ..every crime that has been committed so far. What's going on? Who is that? The mother of Ömer who took my eye. What's she doing here? She was the only way for Ömer to stand at my gunpoint. I kidnapped his mother. His mother? Hiram. I sometimes experience huge surprises.. ..against tiny coincidences of the life. What coincidence? Think well. Abdulhamid has Sara. And we have.. ..the mother of the man who saved Abdulhamid's life. We will give the mother.. ..and take Sara in return. This is tiny and sweet coincidence of the life. General. You are.. You're the hind leg of devil. Hind leg? Hind leg. But Abdulhamid.. Will he release Sara for this woman? Hiram. You know Abdulhamid's reputation. I know his heart though. You think he will release. The only thing that Abdulhamid can't beat with his brain.. his mercy. With this woman ..we will use Abdulhamid's only weakness. <i YILDIZ PALACE</i Holy moly general Kemaleddin. It seems you deal with two sultans at the same time. Haven't you slept yet? Look who's talking. Why are you still awake? I'm thinking Fehime. Which dress should I wear for my general? Naime also had nice dresses sewed. I agree you should think. What do you mean? Nothing. Elif. Elif! Yes my sultan. I wrote something on a paper. I can't find it. Did anyone get in this room? No my sultan. Nobody got in. I didn't see it either. What did you write my sultan? Forgive me my sultan. Okay. You can get out. My sovereign. Sara Hedaya is ready for interrogation. What's your order? You interrogate her general. Ask her about what she has done so far. As her about the aid money who she tried to ruin in the market. The bomb planted on the railway. Ahsen. She attempted to be a mall. After the questions Tell her that our seeds got stronger.. ..after she bit. Let her know Ahsen issue will be the same We must know if she knows Efrahim or not. We must learn what's the connection.. ..between Efrahim and Ahsen. Yes my sovereign. Mr.Herzl? As I heard ..your newspaper wasn't printed today. Yes. Although it's a disaster for my journalism ..we will turn the scales on us soon. Don't worry. But it's weird..'re still sitting in the capital as if nothing had happened. Weird. Because we have a greater trouble. What's the trouble? Sara Hedaya. She's a hostage in the palace. Sara Hedaya. Hostage. In the palace. Are you sure? Of course. You should claim them to release her. Sara is a British citizen after all. It's not easy Mr.Herzl. Taking someone from sultan's palace. Mr.Parvus will get angry when he learns that. You're right. And he will get mad when he learns.. sit doing nothing. But I think you're afraid of Red Sultan.. ..not Mr.Parvus. We're talking about a man.. ..who stirs the whole Europe up with his cane.. ..and keeps the queen up at nights with his news. How is Melike? Ahsen is fine.


She doesn't remember. A nice name. But everything returns to the origin. She'll definitely be Melike. Whether you like it or not. You trust your power so much.. We all smile for that. You think you shape everything in the world. Everything in the world.. ..repeats the god's orders. Why did you want to ruin Mulsims' money in the market? It was business. And you lost. From who did you get the bombs that exploded the empty train? Everything you do.. ..makes us stronger Miss Sara. He's smart Sara. He wants to irritate you. Don't eat that. Let's come to the main point. Ahsen knows our sovereign well. She loves him as a father. Melike loved nobody else except her father. You think we don't hear the lies.. ..that you're telling yourself? Who is that man? Old boy. You're in the cage now. When Melike sees this picture ..she'll remember that he father was killed by the sultan. What's his connection with Ahsen? He's Melike's father. You can show Melike this picture. She'll remember and say the same thing. General Tahsin. When your year old daughter died of disease Did you curse this country? Did you curse the underdevelopment of your country.. ..which couldn't find remedy for a simple disease? It seems you know about us well. I looked at the death veil in my daughter's face. You got afraid of the horrible veil and cursed. No. You know our past well. Know this well too. Death isn't the end for us. Not disappearance. It's a birth for another life. When mu daughter died ..I didn't curse. I didn't rise. I became grateful. God put her in mother womb.. ..and opened her eyes in the ground. God is everything for us. You should also believe this.. ..adn get rid of your greed. You would feel relieved. Head servant Zülfet. Yes my sultan. Did you prepare Makbule? Because she shouldn't stay here anymore. Bidar Sultan is dealing with her. Everybody should deal with her own harem! Come. We were waiting for you. Thank you. You took care of my girl. Of course. It's my duty right? But she should be nursed in my harem now. As you know she will be my daughter in law. Seniha Sultan. Unfortunately you can't take her anywhere. I think you can't decide that. It wasn't my decision of course. But doctors agree on.. ..she shouldn't be moved even slightly. Who knows these doctors are experts? Our doctors are especially tasked for our sovereign's harem. That's what I'm saying Lady Bidar. She's a member of my harem not the palace. Seniha Sultan. You don't want her to become even worse right? Come on. Let's not disturb her anymore. Have a seat girl. I have some questions for you. You must have thought last night? Can you remember anything? Maybe a dream? Voice? 

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