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Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare EPISODE 02 with Urdu Subtitles


This is Second EPISODE of Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare with Urdu Subtitles. In the last Episode, you have seen that the Eliminations for the Ottoman Empire is continuing. Suleman Askari has seen the courage of Mehmet.


Victoria is on the Railway Station to receive Mr. Cox.  Mr. Cox is a spy so he asks some questions from Victoria that there is nobody following him. Victoria makes him sure that she has no followers. The men of Suleman Askari knows the arrival of Cox and following him along with Victoria. 


At the other location, Mehmet and Saeed are doing drills for Eliminations to get in Osamnic Battalion. After getting the water in the tubs on their shoulders without spilling a drop of water they get into the shootings. Saeed asks Mohammad that if I fail what he will do. Mohammad tells him that you don’t worry I will shoot on your position. While shooting Saeed fails and Mohammad shoots in his place. Suleman Askari is very smart instructor and commander, so he noticed this cheating of Mehmet.


Cox asks me questions on the way from Victoria about the Situation. Victoria tells him about all the situation that the majority of Armenians and Rums are with us. She also tells her about the weapons which they have provided for the Chaos in Turkey.  Men of Suleman Askari are following Cox because they want to know their supporters and their place.


Here, in the training Commander was shouting the names of all boys. Suleman comes and stops him from the place. He comes and gets steps forward Mohammad and Saeed. He tells them that you have done cheating but a commander can see what others can’t. Solemn asks Mohammad that why he did this? He replies that for his brother. Suleman Askari warns him not to do such a thing that is very dangerous for the whole Battalion. He also warns Saeed that in war there will be no brother or commander to support him. In the battle, only Allah is with him.


Men of Suleman Askari are following cox but the Cox knows their movement. He just starts with to kill groom of Phaeton.  He jumped out from the Phaeton and kills the groom and then He and Victoria has a proper fight with Suleman Askari.

In the large fight, Cox and Victoria get their supports within the city who fights along with them with the Soldiers. They also kill a lot of soldiers of Suleman. Cox gets a lot of support within the city and they manage to run away cox from the hand of Soldiers. Victoria is also with the Cox. Mohammad is also there in the market where the fight happened.  Mohammad sees first that what is happening there then he jumps into the war and with his courage and bravery he manage to catch the Victoria. Later on, he has shot in his ankle. He runs away behind the Cox and delivers Victoria to the soldiers This Episode is very long. Duration of this Episode is One and half hour.

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