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Kurulus Osman Season Urdu

Dirilis Ertugrul Season Urdu

Watch Direnis Karatay with Urdu Subtitles

Direnis Karatay with Urdu Subtitles

Your are Watching Direnis Karatay. The will found inside the Sultan Arslan-Alp Was written on two maps. One day will come and the Seljuk state will collapse One of our tribe in Anatolia would take.. the trust and build the new state. This secret was kept Since our sultan Ahmed Yasoui. long time ago., at the preparation school. Those who kept the maps secret They become secrets., now under the soil Our secret is kept within a sacred chain of people till today My name is Ahi-lfran. The last of trustees I will tell you about the sacred secret. They left Khorasan last year, and arrived to Ahlat my Sultan They came to us as refugees, when they learned about Noyan. We will hand over the skilled ones to Ahi-lfran We will host the women and orphans, with those who arrived earlier Ahi-diwan loved the sword you made, my Son. Your teacher is pleased with your good skills and reputation. From now on, you become a teacher. From today, you are one of the Ahi's groups.. You will respect every creature that has a soul, and the animals as well Show the mercy to the flowers, insects and the trees Don't decline from Our Master Ahmed Yasawi's ethics. When there is peace, you will be good teacher. When it's war you will be a knight who defends his nation Konya needs more teachers for the war Noyan is on his way from Khorasan to dominate Konya. We can't be waiting Ahi. The more secured walls of the state.. are the Ahis and Sisters, my Sultan Allow us and we will be walls against the oppressor Oh Allah - Oh Allah Those who came after my grandfather.. Had conquered the Anatolia. have fought 100 years with their swords up. They became an obstacle against the crusaders. They had no chance to sit like this and prepare students Is not that easy to settle down in this region Until we become very knowledgeable.. What is your order my Sultan? I will ask the knowledgeable people, Asfahani, the scholars Karatay, Build a school to be the castle of knowledge. to produce doctors to heal people. and judges for those seeking justice. This is my dream. Noyan poisoned me. He has no cure Our state is entrusted to you


You know what to do when the Mongols come. But, there is something you don't know. We have planted a soldier in their palace Tell me my Sultan, who is he? How to recognize him? or find him? When they stand outside our doors.. But, before that.. Don't ask him first. He won't tell you. Karatay. It's the meeting time. I will meet my Allah. And you will meet your Son. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah.. emu i uecir'vviiribrsb"ii idViviui rarnnidu ^puurp is the servant and Messenger of Allah. 6 years later A bit more left Karatay. You kept what it was entrusted to you. How about you Ahi? Are you sure of what was entrusted to you? I will let you see your son before the war The teacher Qobali raised up your son inside Noyan palace He will bring him to you. What's all this game for? Ahi-ifran By the order of Sultan Giyasedine, I arrest you. For what reason? He is accused of spying for the Mongolian Qobali. Betrayal of the state has a punishment. Ahi-ifran is the last person to betray his state. Is this your authority? My prince. With your permission, Sulap. You have a trust to protect, Prince. It reminds your Son of his past. If he finds out he is a prince like you.. Surely, he will work for us. The one you are looking for, has the Phoenix on his neck Sacrifice me for now. Have you called me Noyan? We caught a traitor tonight. He is one of my closest people. Now, I ask you. My sons. What would you do if you catch a traitor before war? Burka Execution immediately Oljayto Death How about you Kotay? It's easy to be a killer, but difficult to be just, Noyan You may find a stone late to build You may find the head of state late. But, justice must be immediate. Must be done Justice.. Before Metta became a khan He tested his soldiers loyalty. One day, they went for hunting. He ordered his soldiers to point and shoot where his arrow was pointed at.. At the moment Metta tekkin pointed his arrow to his beloved horse One of his soldiers did not do it Instead of shooting the horse, he shot his disobedient soldier. Time comes and goes. Metta thought his father cannot lead the state.. The time they have been in the hunting.. This time he shoots his father. Everyone of the soldiers who use to obey pointed their arrows towards the Metta's father, the king The traitor.. Is your teacher who taught you. Get ready You have condemned him Like I taught you Sons. The death is the punishment for everyone disobey the ruler The mercy.. kills.


I am the justice and the ruler. I am the punishment and the death. We cut the snake tail. And you will get its head You must follow the protocol in front of our sultan Only two of you will enter inside. Remove your swords. We only remove our swords .. when enterin our bed room. But if you want we will remove them when entering your Sultan' tent My father Noyan said.. No need to shed blood in the battle field We will accept the Seljuk Sultan as a Bey. You pay the taxes yearly.. And follow the orders. is the head of the traitor you planted among us. Whoever this head belon to ou wasted our time We don't fear who comes from the east But, you.. Because of your fear, you started killing the innocents Tell your father.. Tomorrow, you will be drown in your own blood Our swords were drunk from the independence water. We are independent There are similarities between both people There is Symbol on our flag Decorated with the crescent and the Phoenix Your flag has crescent, sun and fire. Our army management follow the Metta's old system Furthermore, was it appropriate what you have done? huiApnn npin ‘iinninpn siiipc; pm papii paa ii who comes from the East is a condition. Both have the same goal. The Seljuk Sultan has no choice but to obey our Khan. We have same culture, but different goals young man You use your swords for the gold and booty Go and tell your Khan.. No value to the money and properties, if it will disappear with your names This state will not be an appetizer for his drink. The one you are looking for has the Phoenix on his neck Does the one who sacrifices his teacher know what the traditions are? Don't make your words speak, but your sword. Tomorrow, I will be alone in the battle. Send me the best of your fighters to face me. Have you counted his army? We have 3 soldiers against one of them my Sultan Let's stay in the peaks, and avoid the valley my Sultan They are easy locations for defence They can't attack us. My Sultan. Let's wait for their campaign first. Then we move our archers and knights I agree with Dogan alp. We don't have to leave the peaks. What's the defense Minister? Dogan alp. Grant me 1000 knights, I will defeat them. 20 thousand soldiers to come down to the valley Surhap, you stay with me. If your father kikobat was alive.. He would put the archers on the peaks. and divide the Mongols who approach. He would command us to attack with horses. It's been 6 years my father passed, Karatay. wouldn't I think the same as minister of our Sultan?

You have killed the great commander Gamiri. And you put the Ahis chief Ahi-ifran in prison. If you push our Sultan to another mistake now.. it will be difficult to secure this state. If we are received by the younger commanders' accounts We will be destroyed my Sultan. If you doubt about tomorrow's victory.. then take your plans and go to your school. Or you obey me and my ministers, and witness my victory. It's your call. It's my Sultan's command. My place is beside my Sultan, in peace and war. Where is my father, Karatay? Where's my father before a war like this? He was detained by the sultan Giyasedine. For what reason? Come m dau hter sit down. Sit for a while. Many years ago.. I loved a woman and married her I had a child. isn't it prohibited for princes to get married? Of course it is. But the soul did not listen to that, daughter. When it was discovered, I paid for it through my son. They took him from me. Before the Sultan Aladdin dies. He said that my son is alive.. and that his secret is with Ahi-ifran. Few ears a o our father brou ht one of his men in that alace. And kept my son as a trust. What's going to happen now, Karatay? What are we going to do? The fighter who dare to challenge us tomorrow.. should not die. Now.. It's time to drink the blood Let's see it my lions If it's our victory.. what is your request from the powerful Noyan? I don't request anything for myself Noyan. Only to protect you well.. I request to be your personal guard. Kotay! I will tell after the victory. But if you allow.. I will be the first to fight. I want that horse Noyan. If you want the horse.. you must win the battle today and bring it back What's this? He is telling us that he will win the battle.. and get back the horse. Karatay Send the best fighter you have. Kinaly.. Ae}0» Defeating a professional knight this way make me sad. If his teacher prepared him well.. he will not lift up his sword on a woman They retreat.. The victory is ours my lions. It's a trap, fake retreat. It's an old tactic You can't come between me and my victory, Karatay. Attack! Attack! How can you dare? Your blood is prohibited for me You won't be my Suntan, if you run away like cowards. If you escape, this army will be defeated and upset. Bring down your sword. Order. This horse can get you across SIVAS, my Sultan But he can't get you across the right path (Judgment day ) We searched everywhere. No trace of Kotay, Noyan.


He is the price of our victory. A good bye Our state is entrusted to you. If you fall into trouble, when the Mongols come.. You know what to do. Now.. Speak up Younus Emrah. What the history books will tell about us? They will tell about Seljuk defeat in Kosah-dagh And you writer All? They will tell about the Sultan escape from the battle. Sungur. They will tell about our disability to protect this great nation. Those whom their state collapsed in Kosah-dagh had a new dream They took their way to make their dream come true They built a new state. Do you believe in this dream? Allah willing. If that so, then listen to me Noyan will try to dominate Konya, we will resist. Konya will not fall. We will finish building our school The Mongols will know, we are not here due to immigration. The army is divided, prince! If the army is divided, there is people of Konya. If necessary, you will visit house by house, knock door by door. You will prepare Konya for resistance. did not want to kill you in the battle, get your hands off me Do you reconigze this? If you want to kill us, do it now. But, if you are curious about this seal.. get ready. The Mongols tribe My son Oljayto. From now on, you are the chief of my guards. My son Burka.. The horse I promised you is waiting outside The first reason of our victory. The most deceiving minister of Seljuk state, Asfaham From now on you are the governor of Konya. You will rule the Seljuk state as my subject The cardinal Bennetti is your personal counselor How will people accept a governor when there is a Sultan? You show them that the Mongols governor is higher than a Sultan. Surely, they will accept it. It's an honour my khan. Who do you fear? The prince Jelaldine Karatay. The guide of the Ahis and sisters.. is not the one who fights the dogs or clashes with wolves. He has a vision and a stand of a wolf its sheath, but from his heart, my khan If he resists, this will make of Konya a hell. Did we make of you a governor for nothing? You will prepare Konya for the invasion decrease the farming and the harvest Disarm the people and collect the weapons.


Close the iron factory.. Stop building that school.. and the quarry.. You must understand.. You will suffocate Konya before we arrive You will break Karatay's sword and pen As you command Where are we going? To your past. Your mother is buried here. And this is your grave. The history kills you, my child This will be your captivity And this seal is your freedom You will grow with this seal. If your destiny matches the people destiny Then one day you will return to these lands Put it in your grave. This state.. Years ago, it sent you to be among the Mongols Alp-Arslan has planned it this way.. All the Sultans kept the trust, and Sultan Aladdine has decided. I don't get what you are saying What's your name? Ae}o>j Ae}o>j You are different from the others, Kotay. You can't be an oppressor, you are a son of the Seljuks We have hidden you with your teacher, for these days. that means? My teacher died because of you? Your teacher died for his state to survive forever. You and I, we may die for the same. My state is Noyan's state. My mother died here and I know nothing about my father. There’s nothing between me and your state. What do you want from me? There was a map that indicates the Alp-Arslan's grave No an ot that ma durin his invasion of Khorasan A part of the map with Ahi-ifran.. And the second part still with Noyan. This is what I want from you. If your state's future is depends of me.. it's prohibited for me. Welcome Dogan Alp Bey. Thank you prince. Welcome sister Fatima Welcome minister. The Sultan Giyasedine arrives to the borders, my prince. The people in the city are afraid. No an is re arin to invade Qa sr . If that place falls, then consider this place has fallen. The sisters are ready to fight in both cities. But, keeping the Ahi in prison sadden us How long this will last prince? Everyone knows that your husband is innocent, Sister Fatima The sultan Giyasedine. -Does he still a Sultan, Karatay? Giyasedine on his way like a fugitive Sister Fatima. Sultan Aladdin had a dream. And also his secret he had in his heart. Today that secret got wounded. We need the Ahi-ifran and the Giyasedine to get up Dogan alp Bey. You go now and bring the Sultan Giyasedine to Konya. Adel. Manage the palace as a minister. I will do the necessary for the Ahi. Oh people Don't say you did not hear The man to rule the Seljuk state in the name of the Mongols khan.. From today is his highness Asfaham He will rule from Konya palace on behalf of the Mongols What's up, Agha? The Mongols, they burnt the school, run. Aren't you the Konya soldiers? Why standing here? isn't this Konya school? 

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