Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice

The series is about the state structure, political events, wars of the Seljuk Empire and the life of Melikşah I. It also narrates the story Melikşah’s son Sencer, who took the throne after the death of Sultan Alparslan, the Seljuk ruler who opened the doors of Anatolia to the Turks, is also depicted in the series, which also tells the struggle of the Great Seljuk State, Turkish-Islamic civilization.


In the 11th century, the history books were writing the epic of a great Turkic nation, the Seljuks. Your eagle has given the signal for the attack, Hadrath Sultan Alp Arslan. Take a good look at this castle, my Js6n, Melik Shah. When our blade struck the Byzantine infidels in Manzikert, we paved the way for a conquest of the West. When we take the Berzem Castle, we will pave the way for an Eastern conquest. When you get to be Sultan one dak , do not be content with what you have. It is our custom that when the son takes the flag from his father, he shall move it forward and expand the realm. I swear to you and our nation, that I shall expand our borders until the-end of the World, my Sultan. If I go back on my word, I shall be cut down by my own sword. And scattered into the wind. Warriors, brave fighters! In the castle up ahead, a glorious victory awaits us! Today is the day for sharp swords, strong arms, and hearts beating with courage It is the day to roar like a lion, leap like a wolf, strike like an eagle, for the will of Allah! Today is the day to either become veterans, or martyrs! Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is the Greatest).

Many a son, many a brave fighter gave their lives for a great cause. Marik lives were lost Butumany new lives were being born. The apple of my eye. The blood of my Melik Shah. I thank my Rabb for giving you a ive an we InshaAllah. he will be a child deserving of his mother's milk, *hd his ancestor's blood. Thank you, Hekim(doctor) Bey. * HSs the word been sent to my Melik Shah? Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is the Greatest) Order the'Declaration of Victory to be written, Hace Nizamulmulk. Have the couriers ta'ke them to Baghdad, Egypt Constantinople, China, to the lands of the Franks. Let it be known in all the corners of the world, those who make enemies of us shall share the same end. As you wish, my Sultan. My Sultan. If you would allow it, I'd like to take the word of our victory to the capital. It would be fitting that our Melik takes word of the victor to the crown cit You have proved your worth in the battle. May your sword never return to its sheath without a victory. Do not be fooled by this victory and think that this is the strength of us mortals. You shall seek to realize the will of Allah, so that Allah allows your victory. So that you may always carry news of victory, son. If you want to support us, please watch our episodes on

Bring the keeper of the castle to me. We have business with him. You have a healthy son. Basholu? She grew faint after the birth. No matter what the midwife did, she couldn't be saved. I'm sorry for your loss. Basholu has gone to the land from which no one returns. But she left you a life combining the lives of you two. She asked you to protect and cherish your son as you cherished your love with her. I understand you both wanted to name him Ahmet. My Ahmet. Your mother has passed on to the land of no return. She left you to me. From now on... you are the apple of my eye... you are the center of my heart. Where is Basholu buried? You faced exile for my sake. Your heart burned for you missed our son, Tapar. And you didn't even... get to hold our Ahmet before you passed away. My Atabey (tutor). I could not protect Basholu. You protected her in great danger to yourself. Now is not the time for grief, but for standing upright, Melik Shah. I pray for good news, has the army returned from the battle? Hadrath Sultan Alp Arslan... I am not afraid of you, Alp Arslan. He had given the keeper of the castle of Berzem a chance to be forgiven, in accord with the etiquette of war. You cannot force me into submission! But he chose instead to insult our Sultan. His desire was to get close to our Sultan. Hie-succeeded? The traitor used a poisoned bolt to attack our Sultan when he was returning to his throne^ And struck our*Sultan»on the wound he had kept secret.

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