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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 03

This is Episode number THREE of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Look at the trouble we're going through to make that foul creature live. Cruel world. I forged the steel thoroughly, Batur Bey. No one in this world can defeat you now. If it lets me down during a battle... then no one can save you from me, blacksmith. I wonder what you re up to now. All of them were lies. Kalonoz. Listen to me. God damn you. Stop! Who are you? Ne are the only force that will get Byzantine back on its feet. Commander Kalonoz. We're the only masters of that great, holy power. We swore to fight the Turks and bring our empire to its former glory... and protect Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Who are you? Yannis. Monk Yannis. I'm a loyal servant of the Margaret Church in Serres. Everyone you see here, in the name of our church, are guards of Kulucahisar. Kulucahisar is just one of the castles under our control. Many more castles, with their commanders, soldiers, and even governors... are under our control. Sofia. What < bout you? Growing with the hate of the Turkish... I m a woman who has always obeyed Master Yannis. I'm a woman who couldn t tell her feelings... to the man she loved, because of this cause. I offer a commander like you to join us... to become more powerful, and to fight the Turks until the end... Commander Kalonoz. Tell me. What were you looking for in the castle? It's obvious that you took something hidden. Was it, the treasure? You're right, Osman. It was the treasure. But we neither stole nor seized it. With the help and grace of Allah, we took back what was ours. That treasure in its entirety, belongs to the Ahis. I know Ahis, and how they withstand to Mongolians. But I'm uncomfortable. Edebali. Why are the ones in the castle opposed you? Why did they steal your treasure? What happened in the castle? Your daughter Bala, Father Tursun, why were they there. A dark force ruling Bithynia has spread everywhere, every corner. Sometimes they dominate with their ideas... and sometimes with the men they pick. What do they want? What are they after? They want to end our beliefs with the darkness they laid upon us, son. They want to kick the Turks out of these lands and revive Byzantine's spirit. They know Ahis won't surrender. To be ahead of us, they stole the treasure that is Ahis fortune. They want to push us into an economic crisis, son. Even Sofia who killed the governor and captured the castle... is their agent in the castle. The ones who stole this treasure from you, as you described... a dark and great power, Edebali. The force behind the ones who believe in Allah, is always greater, son. We neither have concerns, nor fears. We know and believe that no matter how angry the enemy s armies are... there is a Mount Hira for every truth. The things you've told me cheered me up? I have a strong feeling that, during all this trouble... what we need is a strong union. A majestic union no enemy can weaken. Maybe... maybe even a state. This shall be such a state that with it, justice should be revived. Islamic world shall find peace. The cruel shall shake, manners shall rise up with it. Don t be surprised, Commander Kalonoz. Just answer. Are you with us? Let s say I'm not. Will kill me too? No commander who has no hatred for the Turkish, has the right to live, Kalonoz. We set off for a great cause. And our enemies are so close that... there is absolutely no room in our hearts for mercy. Who are those enemies? Sheikh Edebali, and his Ahis. An old Sheikh, and a handful of Ahis. Why do they bother you so much, Monk Yannis? You don't know them, Kalonoz. Sheikh Edebali is the soul of the Turkish who cannot be captured. Even the Mongolians couldn't deal with Ahis. The moment we think they are done with, they will start a new beginning.


Then, how will you deal with them? With heroes like you, who kill and die for their causes. Ne Greeks, have an ancient saying. If you're going to hunt wolfs, sharpen your axe. If we don 't sharpen our axes, we can t oppose the Turkish. And if we can't oppose them, Sheikh Edebali and his Ahis... will unite with Ghazis (Veterans), Alps (Men). aciyans (Women)... and that will be our doom. Now I will ask again, Commander Kalonoz. After many years, do you want to be remembered as a traitor... or as a hero who stopped the Turks' rush? In this holy journey, I'm with you until my death. Shut your mouth. Shut up! Shut up Only if my Osman Bey didn t need you... so I could skin you alive. I told you everything I knew. Let me go! Shut up. Shut up! Open it, open it! Now sit here quietly. One question, one answer. Who are you. Peace be with you. Friends. Peace be with you too. Separate the double and single-threaded ones well. The ones with patterns are still incomplete. We can't sell them like this in the Very well, Bala Hatun. Very well ala Hatun. These ones are not suitable for selling. Turn them into boots for the unfortunate and give them away. Very well, Bala Hatun. Not only in swinging swords, but you re also skilled in trading, Bala Hatun.


We can protect our lives with swords, Turks' dignity with trade... and traditions with our manners, Osman Bey. The Turkish's traditions are on women's hands, my dear mother used to say. Thanks to you, I realised how right she was. ala Hatun. Your horse Alaca. What happened to Alaca? The situation is not good in the barn. No grass can grow in your path, my friend. ala Hatun s wing, my Alaca. I'd never known I'd see you like this. He jumped right out of the Epic of Manas to my life, Osman Bey. He was my guide. Like the moon in the sky, My Alaca was my crescent with its light in the dark. My Al c<i. Excuse him, Bala Hatun. How can you be mad at the moon because of dark clouds. You've gone through such things with Bala Hatun, gone through such battles... It can be seen from your scars. You are brave just like your owner. You don't give up. you don't surrender. It s obvious that you do your horse good, Bala Hatun. You love him like a friend, ride him like a foe. And he endured in silence... didn't say anything despite the infection in his stomach. For you. If you have faith in me... allow me to heal Alaca, like you saved me from the mud. I have faith in you. so I introduced you to my father, Osman Bey. Take care of my horse. Alaca. Alaca. It II take care of the infection in your stomach. Now... I say we take you to the Tent. I ll treat you there. So... not another tear falls from your owner Bala Hatun's beautiful eyes. May Allah bless you, Osman Bey.


My only wish... is you allow me to see you again in the bazaar tomorrow. My companion is in your hands. I allow it, Osman Bey. No matter what, I'll bring Alaca back. In the 99 names of Allah, who calls into being, fills our hearts with faith. Everyone is awaiting orders to get their swords, and punish them. But, Dundar Bey, it seems like you re stalling us. I understand your pain and anger, Bamsi Bey. But, is it wise to seek battle without learning the truth? Diindar Bey, if only wisdom was needed for battle... many small ones couldn't take over big ones. What our council lacks is courage, Dundar Bey. What it lacks is courage. My father. Diindar Bey... has set his heart to Ertugrul cause. By doing this, when he was just a child, he proved his bravery. Now, no one should try to question my father s bravery. We tried trading, they attempted an assassination. Our Aybars became a martyr. My brother Osman is struggling desperately in a bottomless well. Battling is our job. But... patience, is our guide. Until we hear from Osman, I say we don't take action. I hope nothing s wrong. What is going on? Thank goodness! Osman Bey is coming! Thank goodness! Osman Bey is here. Thank Allah’ Praise be my Bey! Welcome my Bey! Take it to the barn. We can neither leave Osman to infidels... nor can we take the chance of battle. My nephew is right. It s rather early to go into battle. We need to wait till Osman returns. Oh. Osman. Waiting is useless while treachery is the matter, Dundar Bey. II tell you if it is war or peace. e my guest. I'm telling you, valiant Beys. It is time to fight the unrest which has spread from Kulucahisar. owever... Fighting with swords only will be nothing then a cat bite to the enemy. What do you mean, Osman?


We are facing a tough enemy... who can strangulate us with their amplified organs... as we damage them. It is time to polish off the bitches beyond the walls. The eys who are here, are to agree on fighting. However... the final decision is Dundar Bey's. Brother, I didn't realize you grew up that fast. In this land, there's no time to be an immature, brother. The biggest immaturity is to follow infidels just to do business. A decision of war for the Turks' own benefit should be agreed here today. therwise... You should know that you'll cut your own throat. We face the ones who killed their own governor and set traps for us. They started this war by killing my brother Aybars. Ne will pray for the battle. It's the time to be martyrs, it s not just a war. That's all I have to say. Kayi Beys need to rise for war. It is time to fight! Osman Bey is right. The infidels will not behave well. Eyvallah (Yes) Osman Bey. It is time to fight. Now, tell me. War or peace? Beys saying "war" in distance If it is a war, then it is a war. We d prefer dying to give our Osman, ... who is entrusted to us by Ertugrul to infidels hands I see that... Beys have already decided. However, this decision... is beyond me. We need to be patient till Ertugrul Bey returns. The war decision is Bey's according to our traditions. Now... Excuse me. I want to talk to my nephews. Eyvallah (of course) (In the name of Allah) Ya Allah! Yes, my daughter. Thanks to you... This sword, the entrustment of Hz. Ahmet Yesevi is in our hands, my daughter. With your prayers, politeness, in sha Allah, father. The best politeness is a person s enorr. and the best prayer is his actions, my daughter. You succeded in a very important job. Because this sword is not like... the other dark sword which sinks into the he rt. This sword shows up in the most difficult times and.. reach to the new Hakan (Turkish ruler) of the Turks.


When the new Hakan of Turks is equipped with this.. it'll conquer hearts by demolishing the infidel land This will give hope to the oppressed, and fear the cruel.. with the spiritual light which is spread from here. How will we find that Hakan among all those people, father? Is there a way? We'll find him, my daughter. We II find that spark that didn't blow out despite the whole winter. Because, when we connect this sword to that spark... it will turn into a volcano... and it will distribute help to the oppressed. Who is that Hakan (Turkish ruler), father? He is a man who doesn't hesitate to fight the cruels. He is also wise, as well as being strong. And he helps the oppressed. He is a man, son of a man. So, the situation is obvious... I offer that we shall conquer Kulucahisar cas e. If we succeeded, we'd conquer all the castles. Thus we will be freed of Mongol and Byzantine attack. We'll plant Islam's flag everywhere. Easy, nephew. Easy. Why are you so fast? You stayed in that castle knowing that you II be accused of the murder, right? Yes, uncle. Because the murderer of the Governor is also my brother Aybar s murderer. ueiuso You don't hide anything from us, you, brother. What can I hide after all the information, brother. Our efforts on you were worth it, Osman. You qualified your weapon, and you qualified being the son of a Bey. I, as your uncle, am proud of you. Do you really proud of me despite the fact that they abducted Aygul, uncle? The enemy is always evil, nephew. It s not your fault that what happened to my daughter. Eyvallah (thank you ), uncle. You dived into the castle like a blunt dagger. Infidels held you responsible for every case. What I am trying to say is, protect yourself until Ertugrul Bey returns. I trust you, Osman. Watch out for yourself and your Alps(men). Don t worry, uncle. As long as the castle keeps calm... I can look after myself and my Alps. May Allah help us. Excuse me, uncle.

I will find out what you are hiding from me, and what kind of trouble... you are in, Osman. At that time, we II confront again. We'll confront. Master Yannis, the light in your face tells me that the news is important. Nizameddin, our man in the bazaar. He writes about the new bazaar. Osman is with them also. As I predicted. Osman is with them. It is obvious the Ahis (The Ahi Brotherhood) gathered in new bazaar. We need to prevent that. We will, Kalanoz, we will. We will crush the bazaar and kill all of them. If I attack them with my soldiers, that declares the war, but I am ready to fight. It is too early for a war. Besides, someone else will do it for you. Who can do this except for me, Master Yannis. Prince Salvador, the bloody blade of Catalonia. With my fearless warriors, am under your command, Master Yannis. Alaca. Come on, here. Here you go. My uncle praises me. He talks so sweetly, Alaca. It doesn't bode well, does it? It doesn't bode well. But, my uncle is a wise man. He is trying to comfort me... and then act like who he really is. Masha Allah. (touch wood!) Don t worry, you'll be fine soon. Come on. Come on. Osman Bey. I was going mad while waiting for you. Are you angry with me for what happened? You have gone through a lot because of me. I continue living thanks to you. May Allah be pleased with you. You are from my blood, Aygul Hatun (lady). Your life comes first. Whose horse is this? ecause of the herb he ate. She is a peddler girl's horse. I offered my aunt s balm. I'll take her to the new bazaar and deliver. Be careful, Osman Bey. Eyvallah ( Thank you ). The horse.. is a peddler girl's horse. a peddler girl? If a man takes a Hatun's (lady) horse to her tent... It means that he loves her. Alaca, come on. Come. Come on, beauty. Welcome, Gonca Hatun (lady). Just rest, Bala Hatun. We've gone through a lot. You can't imagine how I desperately want to get back to my job, Gonca Hatun. Who are they, Bala Hatun (lady)?


A couple of lovers. Ash and Kerem. If they are lovers,’ why are they separated. heard their story from an Allepon traveller. Kerem misses Asli so much that he is reduced to his ashes. And Ash sweeps the ashes with her hair. So, their meeting is due to the judgment day, and only their story is left for us. What can I say, ala? May Allah give us a love that can be reached. Amin. hope his uncle doesn't get angry when Osman meets him. Osman Bey has beaten up the enemy. Don't worry. He will get over these, too. Also.. Sheik accepted Would he have accepted him if he hadn't seen the light in Osman, Gonca Hatun? Teokles hasn t arrived yet. Maybe he have been captured by Osman? amn it. If he makes him speak, things will go bad. It'll be so hard for us to find the treasure. Commander Andreas! Yes, madam. I sent Teoklas after Osman. He hasn t returned. Find him, Andreas. No matter what, find him. They are hiding what they know from us. Can I? Come, Samsa. Long-time no see. What a surprise to see you, Samsa. We left you at that castle alone, but... you were able to manage it. 

We are blood brothers, Samsa. Infidels must have been surprised, too. Let's sit. Infidels will panic when Teokles doesn't show up. Who the hell is Teokles? The dog they sent to kill me. Now, we captured him. I know it, my Osman, I know it. I know you will take revenge for my Aybars. Teokles will lead us to the murderers of Aybars. Eyvallah son, Eyvallah (thank you ) I'll regret them ki ling a Kayi's valiant. I, as Erturul Ghazi's son Osman, .. will skin them to the bones. May I? Come, Boran Alp. What happened, Boran? Why are you looking worried? Osm< n Bey... Teokles escaped. ow come.. I entrusted him to you, didn't I oran? Answer me! How couldn't you take care of a man whose ankles and wrists were tied? Weren't you there? I healed him, then I went to hunting for him. He wasn't there when I came back. The rope was cut by a dagger. Someone must have helped. Who is that? Who! Can I, Dundar Bey? Come, son. come. I have something to tell you, father. Go on. ueiuso What did he do? He captured one of Sofia s hunters, Teokles. Where is he? Don't worry, father. I saved him from Osman's hands Could you receive any information? After Osman escaped from the castle, she sent him to get him. Who sent him? Sofia. Sofia. Osman beat up Teokles so bad, but he is fine now. Where is that infidel now? We have him, father. This information will save Bithynia from a huge war. Inform Gundiiz Bey. Off you go. Jackals go to their nooks, bears go to their caves. The place where he is going to is obvious. The castle. I'll shoot the jackal in its corner, z I ll choke the bear in the cave! 

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