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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 04

This is Episode number FOUR of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Did Constantin's and Nikea's wealth come to an end? Did you come here for treasures? Don't speak, woman! Don't touch her! Aag A|/| Nor Diindar Bey neither Giinduz Bey will leave it. Boran brother, everyone on this land and border will know. If someone betrays Ertugrul Gazi's son Osman, he will end up like this. If I were silent to this betrayal, how would I go out as a man, an Alp? If I didn't punish my uncle's son today, if I discriminated traitors, would my father's efforts and my mother's milk be halal? EyvAllah my Bey. We'd sacrifice ourselves for your justice. What are we going to do now, my Bey? I didn't shed this blood to show off, Konur Alp. Whoever stands infront of us will end up like this, no matter if it's my brother or uncle. Everyone will know that. My son... my valiant... He tried to kill me mother.. Nothing will happen to you my valiant. Don't worry, your mother's hands will heal you. He wanted to kill me, mother. Bring the towels, Burqin! Nothing will happen to my brother, right mother? Kayi Hatuns are used to blood. It's not the time to cry. Go wash these towels. Stand up! Hurry! Burgin, mix daisy and cannabis. Don’t forget to boil trumpet flower. Yes Zuhre mother. Aygul, set fire. Demirci Bey. You know the trouble we are in with the castle. We are on defense. I informed Alps. They will bring their swords to you. Check them. EyvAllah Gunduz Bey. I don't want laziness. Do your duties. EyvAllah my Bey. Can I come in my Bey? Come in. My Giinduz Bey. What happened? Osman Bey. What happened to Osman Bey? Osman Bey stabbed Batur infront of Dundar Bey's tent. Osman... may your hands can't hold shields. May your heart be filled with blood. If I betray like your son, may it be, aunt. Aren't you done with shedding blood? Was it my son Batur's turn after Aybars? As you know... we get lives for lives, and we clean blood with blood. Let me, Giindiiz Bey! Do you want injustice or justice, aunt? Keep your hands off. I want revenge, Giindiiz Bey.


You are roaring like you don't you have a man in your tent, Zohre Hatun. It's not done here, Osman. You shedded my blood. So that you wanted me to suffer... You will pay it's price. You did this too, ueiuso You did this.. Enough Osman... When will you find peace? When will you stop Osman? Your brother will stop when we are not betrayed anymore, brother. No... You won't stop Osman. You won't. Alps Take Osman Bey to the caged tent. Betrayal and supporting it... is no different for me. I am bowing down to the morals, as you are Alpba§i, not my brother. I will question you for that. Be aware of it. Son... Son... Son, who fights like a maned wolf when he didn't even grow mustache. Son, who stands up like a flag when he falls. You made this dark soil a homeland son... Son... you are not dead. Our Creator, who created the ground and the sky says the same thing. They are dead." Rather, they are alive, but you perceive [it] not. (Baqarah) We don't know son. People who'll come after you will know. They will. son. Son... if you don't fall... if I don't fall.. who will turn this dark soil into a homeland? Who will turn this dark soil into a homeland? What happened Erkut Alp? My Bey, Osman Bey stabbed Batur infront of Diindar Bey's tent. What are you saying Erkut Alp? Forgive us my Bey. We do as they ordered. You will do your duties. Don't worry, brothers. Bring the goods. So you are thirsty, ha? You won't drink it before you speak. Bamsi Bey... My Osman.. Why, my valiant? Every betrayal has a price. And Batur paid for his betrayal. Good then. But my Osman, tell me... How did he betray? They gave Theokles, who were going to take us to the killers of my brother Aybars, to the castle. Who did it, my Osman? My uncle... my brother... Batur. Whose blood is it? Whose blood is it? Osman Bey attacked to Batur, my Bey. Zohre Hatun is treating him inside. My lion... Batur. You will be fine my son. He tried to kill me father. Osman shedded our blood. Where is Osman hiding now? Which well is he in? He is not hiding and he is not scared. It's Osman. He looked into my eyes and implied that he did well. He will pay the price of shedding Diindar Bey's son's blood. Father... stop him. Or he will end us all. Diindar Bey. Giindiiz took him to the caged tent Being an uncle is not useful Diindar Bey. You have to show your Bey face to Osman. I will show Osman what shedding blood is like. Where were you when Osman stabbed my son? What were you doing? Dundar Bey! What do you think you are doing, DundarBey? How could you give the bait for my Aybars' killer, Dundar Bey?

How could you give him to the castle? To prevent other pains. To not lose valiants like Aybars. To prevent the war between us and Byzantine... while Mongols are looking for an opportunity. To keep our tribe safe until my brother comes, Bamsi Bey. But... what happened? Kayi's big hero Osman Bey sneaked in and killed him. Hear me, Bamsi Bey! Osman killed Theokles. If it wasn't for the folk, he was going to kill my Batur as well. He was going to rip my heart off. Dundar Bey... My Osman's bravery confused you. You will blame Osman if a wind blows. Yorgopolos' and Theokles' death... is showing Osman as the guilty one. Don't join Osman's kerwan and overshadow Kayi's future. Open your eyes! See the truth! Do you know what I'm seeing when I look at you, Diindar Bey? What am I seeing when I look at you? I see laziness. It's not laziness, it's being cautious and defending. Bitinya's scale is very sensitive. I won't let Osman do whatever he wants and hurt people. You will see, I won't. Osman is an entrustment from my Ertugrul Bey. I won't let you do anything to Osman, Diindar Bey! I will not! We didn't found this tents already built, Bamsi Bey. I am Suleyman §ah's son, Diindar. I won’t pity and I will destroy everyone who attacks at Kayi's future... including my son who is suffer in inside. I am Bamsi Beyrek! As long as I am alive, no one will touch Osman! I am swallowing my anger, Diindar Bey, I am breathing blood out. I am throwing fire up, I will burn, Diindar Bey... I will, Diindar Bey. We learned something important my Bey, if you allow me. What happened? They raided the new bazaar, Aag Aiu They killed everyone. What are you saying? Go inform Giinduz Bey. We are going to the new bazaar. Yes my Bey. I will question Osman when I come back.

You shedded blood today, ueiuso You shedded blood of someone who has the some blood with you, Osman. Tell me now. What will happen now? What will happen now? I shedded the dirty blood which poisons Kayis, brother. It's the beginning. Don't you make mistakes again. I am not Batur Osman. Did you hear me? I'm not Batur! I will rip the eyes of the one who would draw a sword against me! Know your limit! Or else, I won't care even if you are my brother... I won't wait for my father... and I will rip your heart off, Osman! Everything is obvious. Blindness, and betrayal. You should be scared, not me! Osman... when you were crying in your crib... I learned politics from my father. The important thing is the aim. What is it? Sometimes, you get in complicated games for victory. What is it? An immature person like you can't understand these games! 

New bazaar is raided. Diindar Bey is calling you. Alps will set off to the new bazaar. Bala Hatun.. Brother. Unlock the cuffs. For you to bring more troubles, Osman? Unlock the cuffs. I have to go to the new bazaar! Why are you so interested? Why would you come to the new bazaar? Brother! You have to think how to protect yourself from Kalanos first. Brother! Brother! Unlock my cuffs! Do it! • ueuiso You will get out when I want you to. Those chains will stay there until my father comes. Brother... Brother! Do you want to go? You will get drowned in your cruelty! Shut up Bring wine. My Allah... You never make us carry the burden that we can't carry. Give me the capacity of our Sumeyye (RA) mother. (First martyr woman) Grant me with being a martyr like her. Give me strength. The moment when I saw you with tears next to the horse.. I promised myself. If someone makes this Hatun cry, then this person will be my biggest enemy I said. Bamsi Bey! Unlock my cuffs! Uncuff him before my anger turns into a storm. Then cuff yourselves. My Bey. Do as I say EyvAllah. Bamsi Bey. They raided the new bazaar. We must set off immediately. Let's go my lion.

Katalonya's brave warriors! I am toasting for you! Don't you have mercy? I want a little bit of water. You heard Salvador. You won't drink water until you speak. Do you think you came here to make me speak from Katalonya? What are you saying? Come. I'll tell you. Come. You are not scared of a woman, right? Idiot, does it change when wolves are female? She is running away! Catch her! Hurry! Hurry! Zohre Hatun. Bamsi Bey abducted Osman from the cage. It's like he brings other problems before we solve one. You are surrounded! I will rip your head off! If you ever try to escape again, I will break your neck. Take her.  Tursun Bey. I was coming to you, Osman Bey. What happened in the new bazaar, Tursun Bey? Bamsi Bey... he is like a father to me. He knows everything. They raided the new bazaar and killed everyone. Gonca Hatun is injured. What about Bala Hatun? Did something happen to her? They abducted Bala Hatun. Did they do it? We know who did it, Osman Bey. But soldiers didn't get out of the castle. They must've found something to have it done. I don't know who they are. They must’ve taken her to a secret place. I can't go back to the castle. Sofia will understand the relation when she sees Bala Hatun. Because she saw me with Bala Hatun. Osman Bey! We can save Bala Hatun from those killers' hands if we keep being together! You will go to the castle, Tursun Efendi. Why, my Bey? If they wanted to kill Bala Hatun, they would do it at the new bazaar!

They will torture you and question you. When they can't get any information, they will take you to Bala. EyvAllah my Bey, EyvAllah. And we will descend upon them. Boran. Yes my Bey. Tursun Efendi will take us to Bala Hatun. Go after him with Konur Alp. We will wait news in Samsa Qavu§’s tents. Yes my Bey.  Tell me something... so that my anger won't swallow you. What were you doing.. when my bazaar was getting raided... in the morning? What were you doing? They were crowded my Bey. They came out of nowhere. Coming out of nowhere is like this. Are you jackstraws? Are you wearing swords to show off? Why am I feeding you? Why? Why People who don't pay for the food they eat don't need a throat. You asked me the other day. My Bey, which smell do you like the most?" My Bey... Now I will answer. Nizamettin Efendi! Blood's smell. Don't bow down. Now I will ask a question, and you will answer. Alright? Yes my Bey. Even dogs bark when a stranger comes by. Did you bark, Nizamettin? What happened to this bazaar? My Bey... My Bey... please... don't. Take their bodies and throw them into the forest. They weren't useful for us, but they will be for wolves and birds. You won't do it with your shoulder but back. That's right. Listen, son. This bow was made from an acer.


And that's the bone of a buffalo, under the leather And I put leather on it myself. So I mean... So I mean... So I mean... For your arrow to reach it's target, many creatures lost their breaths. Either you won't take this bow to your hand.. or you will shoot your target. Now... do you want to take this bow? Bamsi Bey. Welcome, friends. Thank you If you let me know I would bring rams. You are not late, Samsa Qavu§. You brought honour to my tribe. Let alone rams, I’d sacrifice all the creatures on these lands. But... you don't look like you came for a feast. We will be your guests here for some time, Samsa Qavu§. We can't be in peace in our own tribe. Tribe is here. Friends are here. Tents are here. You are welcome here. EyvAllah Samsa Qavu§. We are sorry, Ali§er Bey. It's not easy Diindar Bey.

When the new Hakan of Turks is equipped with this.. it'll conquer hearts by demolishing the infidel land This will give hope to the oppressed, and fear the cruel.. with the spiritual light which is spread from here. How will we find that Hakan among all those people, father? Is there a way? We'll find him, my daughter. We II find that spark that didn't blow out despite the whole winter. Because, when we connect this sword to that spark... it will turn into a volcano... and it will distribute help to the oppressed. Who is that Hakan (Turkish ruler), father? He is a man who doesn't hesitate to fight the cruels. He is also wise, as well as being strong. And he helps the oppressed. He is a man, son of a man. So, the situation is obvious... I offer that we shall conquer Kulucahisar cas e. If we succeeded, we'd conquer all the castles. Thus we will be freed of Mongol and Byzantine attack. We'll plant Islam's flag everywhere. Easy, nephew. Easy. Why are you so fast? You stayed in that castle knowing that you II be accused of the murder, right? Yes, uncle. Because the murderer of the Governor is also my brother Aybar s murderer. ueiuso You don't hide anything from us, you, brother. What can I hide after all the information, brother. Our efforts on you were worth it, Osman. You qualified your weapon, and you qualified being the son of a Bey. I, as your uncle, am proud of you. Do you really proud of me despite the fact that they abducted Aygul, uncle? The enemy is always evil, nephew. It s not your fault that what happened to my daughter. Eyvallah (thank you ), uncle. You dived into the castle like a blunt dagger. Infidels held you responsible for every case. What I am trying to say is, protect yourself until Ertugrul Bey returns. I trust you, Osman. Watch out for yourself and your Alps(men). Don t worry, uncle. As long as the castle keeps calm... I can look after myself and my Alps. May Allah help us. Excuse me, uncle.

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