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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 06 (Complete uploaded)

This is Episode number SIX of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Yannis Where is Edebali? Cut it short. Answer my question Shaitan1 Selcan Hatun Selcan Hatun Selcan Hatun is not even in Sogiit Selcan Hatun is not even in Sogiit Selcan Hatun is not even in Sogiit intelligence, Osman. You forget that we have dark shadows everywhere What did you do to Selcan HaturP You will decide that she is staying in a Kerwan she is staying in a Kerwan a<m<;-4A.C0 Welcome Princess Sofia Thank you What are you looking for Selcan Hatun9 My dagger is here, but I couldn't find You go enjoy your food Yes my Princess eilU IllUdl dllU liuild IV llldl LdUI Send meat and fruits to that table Kulucahisar's Princess Sophia wanted me to bring you these gifts. e is a man outside waiting, if you kill he will go inform the kerwansaray e is a man outside waiting, if you kill he will go inform the kerwansaray Are you ready to bargain with your demon, 6ubiusq ahi Ahi ini mniAi in ahi q iinwu iipaiao ahi Ahi ini mniAi in ahi q iinwu iipaiao ahi Ahi ini mniAi in ahi q iinwu iipaiao You are lying1 It's a lie that you made up to get rid of me It's not a special day Why did you send them9 May I sit? Idiot guests think they are the owners This is our land. When it comes to being guests, you can sit As you wish So you are that Selcan Hatun ek women in Kul Ne look at the oven, not the fire Although we are the fire, the talent belongs to Hayme Mother grandchild Osman Bey We value our relatives, Princess I missed him too Why do you care about Osman? 


Osman Bey found the killers of my husband, and punished them Hayme Ana She is like a mother to me a in snake If you hurt her, I will get you even if you uu iiuii nt:i, i win yui yuu even 11 i win yui i win ytn If you hurt her, I will get you even if you It's not done yet, Osman I will give you the killers of Aybars Of course, you won't say a thing about my execution Selcan Hatun She will make it to the tents She will make it to the tents Think well ither leave witness my execution 0 • © 0 It was a big game, right? I am the only one who knows you This is Osman Bey who I know1 Brave and smart Xnimii aapii i imn i ipiii laRini 1 unn Where are Aybars' killers9 AAni i infill lcaim vipn mil hi sip Ami AAm i infill icaini xi mn mil hi hip Ann They are in the dark forest right now Osman Bey! Hurry1 time It's not done yet, Yannis k shado with the light of my sword, know that. ark shadows light of my sword, kno ark shadows Thanks to Osman Bey, we got rid of a trouble which affected our lands is a brave hunter You have to know that, Bamsi Bey Sofia is not around. Giindiiz Bey, something is happening We will learn everything when Osman comes So? Where is Osman, Dundar Bey9 Can anyone foresee what Osman will do, Ali§er Bey?


He can be here anytime What if is not him? Osman was the only person who saw him except for us e i n come ere Trust us, Bamsi Bey the weather of Kulucahisar Ah§er Bey... We wish to renew the agreement 9 Come, Ali§er Bey Gunduz.. I am worried Gundiiz.. I am worried Your uncle is still chasing And Osman is not around. iviy icmierr Liiuyiui Jd£i wuni the base of this agreement. My Ertugrul Bey wanted to make Not with these demons Not with these demons un uz ey. He is not here Where are you my Osman? Where are you9 What happened9 You seem like you heard something good Thanks to God, they handled an issue which would n mRnn I'm pleased to meet you If you allow me, I want to visit you and Zohre Hatun in your tents If you allow me, I want to visit you and Zohre Hatun in your tents If you allow me, I want to visit you and Zohre Hatun in your tents If you allow me, I want to visit you If you allow me, I want to visit you Sure We are always open for friendships Aybige, who are they? I couldn't recognize them, My beautiful daughter, who are you9 Where are you coming from and where are We are Ahi Evren's friends Ahis and Fatma Baci's friends Bacis, mother honoura honoura er, Sheikh E O UIOIUI uuu r likes t He would be glad MashaAllah Astagfurullah Hatun I wish you allowed us to show our respect Decency is knowing the poverty, MashaAllah You brought luck to this kerwansaray, you showed your majesty and hikmah Can you give me your name, Hatun? Can you give me your name, Hatun? 

Can you give me your name, Hatun9 A martyr's mother and a martyr's wife, Selcan Hatun from the Kayis You have to be cautious, brothers. Boran' Yes my Bey the way to the right Don't let anyone escape. EyvAllah my Bey Come on Konur C MCl<zV V and Erkut. We will attack with my sign We will attack with my sign We will attack with my sign From now on, we don't have sheathes to put our swords in We have strength to ruin the infidels, 9 Either shahada, or victory Either shahada, or victory the t We are here. From now on, only the angel of death will wander around this land You know that I lost my Hatun You know that I lost my Hatun If you allow me, I want to make your daughter Aygul Forgive me for being late, but the agreement is ready As the traitor Yannis died there are no obstacles for us to agre Will the agreement be valid, as Osman is not here, Diindar Bey9 The elder speak and the young ones When it comes to the agreement I have the seal as my brother charged me Diindar Bey Princess Sofia I was close to Hazar I can still remember it's smell Everytime I see you, And also I think about it's poison Where is Salvador9 Where is Salvador91 Don't bother yourself, Osman Bey friendship is now dead Now it's time to make your friendship permanent But the last time, you tried to make an agreement without me And you got in trouble. Without Ah§er Bey's permission, no flower can blossom on these lands Now... Let's keep my deceased husband Yorgopolos' memory alive together Let's seal the agreement Furthermore. Are the articles we wanted in the agreement?


Yes Dundar Bey Milder oey... uun t you trust us f You read the articles very carefully A ‘Xiiniaipn i any reputation, Kalanos. You will be punished for Aydars’ You will be punished for Aybars1 You go. We will inform you when they speak Boran Yes my Bey My Selcan aunt is here. I have to go the tents i ciro uno viwy iu uui piauv. ivicirvo min opocirx uy nic iiiui mil It will speak like a bird. Wait for further information. Selcan Hatun We have to deal with you too Welcome Selcan Aunt My Aygul. Welcome Selcan Hatun Welcome Selcan Hatun Welcome Selcan Hatun What happened Zohre? Your face turned white Allah, we came together Where is my dark-eyed Osman9 .< 11- <= ♦ a caged tent1 So Sogut's mountains spoke to you don't you know, Zohre Hatun9 Tell me, where is my Osman? B • • • - • > * ) pui II Now only Allah knows where he is Now only Allah knows where he is My Osman must know something, as he was wise even when he was a child Right away Selcan aunt. Come elcan You built your tent under the shadow of my Ertugrul Bey's tent B • it thanks to Allah loved ones InshaAllah. -Amin. -Amin A dark winter will come We don't migrate during this season. a VI Allah knows, Zohre k n    I 1 Ilah. I am worried a Nothing bad happened InshaAllah I am tired Zohre. My tribe is tired. we couldn't stay there. I came first. My tribe will set off soon, InshaAllah InshaAllah.


Who are they9 Who are they9 They are snakes, Bamsi Bey I have an entrustment which weighs my shoulder down, Bamsi Bey These infidels are the killers of my brother Aybars They have a leader as well will bring him too It wasn’t Yannis, right? He is the head of the snakes I caught his tail. And we will crack his head InshaAllah i| sunj cool m chest My Osman... Thank you. you forgot about Aybars. Bamsi Bey Brothers' Sisters! Friends' y that w • “J These snakes thought we would forget our pain and stop chasing it These snakes thought we wouldn't But... Dark Osman Bey held them with his claws and put them in front of me. poisonous head Ya Allah' Allahu Akber Allahu Akber Long live Bamsi Bey' Today is the day when we will behead all the snakes n mm ip It is time to walk to our faith, mum H7ixj inn My dark-eyed, brave Osman Welcome Aunt aac m Arldpii hi i *nnX ii Let's go to my father's tent. He found the killer of Tekfur. He found Aybars' iiiAin mRnn He turned into a flood. us with his flood His father's lion, Kayi's future, what makes you what makes you t makes as I saw you healthy, aunt. Oghuz tri and they will be strong InshaAllah my lion I heard that you went to the kerwan I did. What happened*7 I heard that you went to the kerwan I did. What happened*7 I heard that you went to the kerwan I heard that you went to the kerwan Did someone drew your attention there*7 Yes... Kulucahisar's Princess came to me Sofia Sofia Sofia... 1 • c-' • • They wanted me to spare someone's life 111 itiuni iui yuui iiit?, auiit. Yannis Who is Yannis? ■liinp hllRmm Ml Pl 111 AA 3AA My Osman... I was granted to see Sheik Edebah's face when I was in the kerwan e some important i What about his daughter7 aughter You are talking about Bala Hatun You are talking about Bala Hatun Sure Where are you going9 I have to go to the kerwan, aunt I have to go to the kerwan, aunt We will talk tonight I never thought my death would luuuciii... lie win iiiiiifk uicu lie uieu my Efendi. Prince Salvador Osman... is trapped, my Efendi.


Now it's an old wolfs turn I thought you would be sorry for your warriors, Prince Salvador I would only be sorry if I lost my ideals, Commander Do we know where we are going, 9 We are on the true way Of course, my Efendi. Muslim or being a Muslim, it's staying as a Muslim They sometimes hurt us, they sometimes dismiss We will move forward without giving up • ‘V    e (I Don't forget friends The reward for those who don't bow down to abasement is honour and reputation EyvAllah my Efendi. My Efendi, we heard that Yannis died They threw a piece of bread to the mouse A smart mouse looked at where he was and the piece of bread He thought there was something in it The bread was big, and the distance was short What do you doubt about, my Efendi? Yannis... is a big bait And it is making me think that he left so easily A girl like Sofia would never allow them to execute her father We know what their intention is You are the only one who knows where the treasure is That's why they will attack Osman lead him astray My Ak$a Did Osman see the execution7 No my Efendi has started. He will come to you when he learns Selamun Aleykum Aleykum Selam, Aleykum Selam Tell Edebali that Osman wants to see him about something important, Dervish EyvAllah. Osman Bey' Thanks to Allah, I found you.

I was worried as you left the tents without informing me Is your father offended by me’ You felt it, Osman Bey I came here, so I wanted to kiss his hand and get his pardon. My father accepts everyone who He is sorry for what you did. He wants to lead your way UUI II I wouldn't want to make him sad I know, Bala Hatun I tried to become the justice, but I should've fought for justice He'll be happy to see you He'll be happy to see you InshaAllah InshaAllah, Bala Hatun I will see his face and hear his prayers I have things to tell him Then to you Come sit, until my father comes, Osman Bey I know I was so afraid not being able to see you again I will send my Selcan aunt to your Wh are ou sad9 Selamun Aleykum Aleykum Selam Akpa Dervish Thank you My Efendi is busy, Osman Bey. Does he know that it's important? Does he know that it's important? He does I will see him Osman Bey' Know that sabr is the door to the reunion LI IU VI who came to him. Are you offended to the hand which didn't hold your hand or you reached your hand9 I did this nap tired you on the way But know that there are mountains in your way I can't surrender, Bala Hatun Then you have to be patient until you reunite Is our secret box ready, my /-i^d i It is leaking, my Efendi. d" " J " wJ My father must know something, Osman Bey I know it It is hard to wait for the reunion.


ini11or!11 inn father's breath for this But the way seems tough, know that you will be my breath know t Then do your heart good I will see, Bala Hatun You were going to tell me something Aygul Hatun What happened to AygiiP She came to me when I was your guest She told me that we were a trouble to you and your tribe She warned me Don't get mad, Osman Bey She is from your blood. She is from your blood. Why does Aygul care? It's not about me or you, Osman Bey Then what? Aygiil Hatun loves you Bala Hatun Leave the Aygul issue to me But... I didn't know that I made Edebali upset enough for him to reject seeing me I will wait with patience Our Efendi is busy, Osman Bey Be patient Patience is the door to the reunion Come sit There are things that your father Listen. My daughter Daughters are crowns for us Because she is a guest when she leaves on time And it's time for you, my daughter. I want you to go somewhere I want you to be a wife to a man Today... As you know, his Hatun passed away He wants you as his wife He asked me Do you give permission for it? Your father is asking you, daughter. As you wish, father My daughter Your mouth sa s different and your eyes says different. Stay alone a bit And think throughly. Alright. Girls can't think well, Dundar Bey How can you leave her with such A garden which doesn't want to be planted doesn't give any roses, Hatun I can sell at the new bazaar Let her make her decision Look at the fire of these candles Kalanos ‘ Al IIX1PI IQ We will defeat the Turks together that way hat wa As you look at me.. as our love's fire burns.. other Sofia They are migrating, 50 tents makes 500 throats, Hatun. 

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