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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 07 (Full Episode Uploaded)

This is Episode number SEVEN of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. They captured osman, because they need information They think that they could reach the treasure through him M Ffcndi what is your order9 You will go to the castle as a messenger. Tell them: Edcbali will give the entrustments They have to free Osman in exchange. M Efendi we struggled lor years to take them Our friends were martyred on this way. Is it worth it for Osman9 We took the reputation of the Islamic World back Akga Dervish . But Osman is as valuable as the treasure Arc we really going to give the treasure to them mv Fl'endi? Tf we can take Osman, yes T will be waiting for Yannis. let us come w ith you father You will go to the Kay 1 tents. Bala. Tf something important happens there let us kn w Shaitan's orcath is ar Hind the tents Cut that breath if necessary. As you order father. Where wi 11 you go’ Wc came from the soil, and we are going to the soil. daughter May our war Hit me, so life will How instead of blood. hope will flow... Hit Hit’ H t Speak Where is Edcbali9 Speak or T will rip you and your Alps’ hearts out Speak! Where is he9 Speak' Come closer Come closer. at the place where you want to rip ofl In my heart He is in the hearts ^I Turks1 If vou arc powerful cnou take them! Shaitan, come! Bogag> ■>n c to me! Bogag! My brother' Boaag! Bogag T am hearing a little moaning.


Do you hear it'1 Lions roar Sofia! They don't wail! May our dungeons be filled with decayed lions' bones. Hang on my brothcri Don't bow down! Allah isHAYY! (The Fxcr-I.iMne) Bo”ac My Rabb... savs in Bakara Or do von think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you9" Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Shut Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Make these dogs shut up1 Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) It's the scene of my flawless victory Dundar Bey. Wc know who did this. Now order us. Kayi's Alps will raid Kulucahisar castle. Why do you think it's Kulucahisar Bamsi Bey 9 Sofia and Kalanos came to our tents and thcv want friendship Wc don't even know who did this. O Sulcvman Shah... who is sitting on your coat now0 He can't even recogni/c the enemies . Fvcn T realized that devil when I just arrived. How cant vou see Sofia's real face7 It's not like the Fast you came from Sclcan Halun. This border has a critical balance and diplomatics. Tf you hadn't run away with vour husband >ou would've known There is no mind but words. She doesn't look at herself and trying to teach us diplomatics. Your period passed Sclcan Halun H vc u try to prevent our business I won't just say words, know that. Look at her Bamsi a stranger would think she was a Sultan, Don't make me go mad. Know your limit 7ohre! Shut up Sclcan Halun, Sclcan Hatun. Tf vou ever argue like this again T will cut vour tongues. Now, leas e the battlefield to men. Hatuns. Go out! Dundar Bc! Dundar Bc Apparently there arc some people who forgot about Kayi's furor here. Make them remember. Osman is my son Wc won't find omfort until wc find him But the same is bi"acr than I thought Wc will ambush like wolves to save Osman from the trap, and roar like lions. Wc will be as sly as foxes. Niw. . listen to me well. Big devil Udcomc You arc coming one alter another. Our biggest pleasure is to make you sull'er UPIUS Pain is honcj fir us, and suffering is sim Don't get too excited Osman. We still have time. We will listen to  >ur meaningful sentences Princess Sofia., well done my daughter The Turks won't stop. and look for Osman in the castle. They will see vou as an angel May it be easy Osman. Gundu/ Bey we can't ignore u hat they arc saving. You will go to the castle with Bamsi Bey and talk to Sofia Make them feel my anger. Tell them.

If our friends arc involved Osman's trap . wc will cut their hands and rip their hearts out Yes mv Bc Thank you Dundar Bc T wasn’t done with that red devil. You arc going there for Osman's sake. Bamsi Bev Don't forget i Wc don't leave anything half-finished. Batur. Your Alps will look everywhere. You w ill be on alert They will search every place If you find a trace of a man, inform us. Yes my father I thought you would be smarter You took the bait right away Osman Isn't it early to celebrate your victory Yannis^ Our light has just started Thanks to my Rabb .. He gave me an evil enemy like you. Did you learn these words from your lather t.UEUlSQ You want to learn where Sheikh Fdcbali rig tQ You want me to sell him and find where the treasure is To be honest T don't care where the treasure is T want to destroy your reputation Tfyou take valuable pieces of a state vou take it's hon lur and race T have many treasures You mifijht take our treasure but you can't take our souls. Our ancestors say "The State leaves but morals sta" Our m irals arc in nir hearts and minds. F.vcn if there is one Turk left in the earth that means our state is still alive. And that one Turk's aim is to destroy your sultanate! Osman Bey... you must be thirsty. . You arc so angry newbie Osman Ts it ready 0 Fire. . fire, which burns iron... Show us your power. Shaitan! Dastard1 You have good friends, Osman. As you get hurt, they scream.

Is this the power of your fire. Yannis Witness my victory Osman. Mceala Where is Fdebali9 Where is Fdcbali9 Allah! In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful. Verily We have granted thee a manifest Victory That Allah may forgive thee thy faults of the past and those to follow, fulfil His favour to thee and guide thee on the Straight Wax And that Allah may help thee with powerful help." Tt is He Who sent down Tranquil I it} into the hearts of the Believers that thcx ma add faith to their faith for to Allah belong the Forces of the heavens and the earth and Allah is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom Fnou h Enough I will tell you where Fdcbali I'm listening to vou, wise Osman Where is Edebali? Master Yannis! Master Yannis! Allah is HAYY! (The Ever-Living) Allah is HAQQ! (The Absolute Truth) Allah is ONE! Dastards. Master Yannis1 Did you hear from Osman Bey, Batur9 Aren't you his friend1 You couldn't prelect your Bey. Wc made all the enemies kneel but the traitors among us stab us in the back. InshaAllah you didn't betray again Or else T will make vou a prey for cbgs. You can't even protect} our Bey Samsa. So that you were so brave, where were you when Osman was abducted and his Alps were martyred'1 Yau arc the tire of (it nah Batur But T promised Bamsi Bey T won't carrv wood to the fitnah fire until vvc destroy the enemies If T hear one another thing about vou no one can save vou from my teeth Cut it short Samsa. Go to the Kayi tribe and obey my father Dundar Bey Frtugrul Bey gave the power to my father. Why did you visit mc° Wc arc not here to visit you Sofia Wc canu here to question you An attack ma>bc a bctraval. You will tell us. T don't understand what you're say ing What betraval what a tack arc you talking about9 Osman Bey and his Alps were attacked.


There is no need to keep it loni?. Tf Kulucahisar did this, vou should be scared of us. Y^u arc threatening us on our lands in our castle. Gundu/ Bey We cbn't threaten Kalams! It's the order of Suleyman §ah's son Dundar Bey if it’s you who killed our Alps, w ho attacked our Bevs and harmed our union, Ravi's furvr will be on you I swCar on the faith in our hearts. We will break your door with our thunder nailed horses . and with xir irin fists. And we will make vour walls grave s tones for vou Wc will do it Sofia vallahi b llahi T understand your pain Bamsi Bey. We arc >our most powerful allies. Whv would wc do this0 Wc killed the traitor among us. Yannis Tust to strcnethcn our friendship. T lost my lather for this peace. Whoever breaks this peace T will kill him. Commander Kalanos! Order all the soldiers in Kulucahisar. Our powerful all Kayi tribe's Osman Bey will be looked for. thins that harms him will be destroyed Wc won't stop until wc hear fr6'm nirff Fnd your doubts, Gunduz Bey As wc protect peace everyone will win FyvAllah Princess Sofia EyvAllah. Sofia these eyes. saw many foxes disguised as sheep Tn the end. these loxes were the materials of my shoes. Know that Princess Sofia. Come, my Gunduz Let's go. FyvAllah Bamsi Bey Master, arc you alrigh ' He even took too much. He is strong as a lion He won't speak easily Keep torturing him when he wakes up. Where arc you going Master9 To the castle Fdebali will contact me for Osman. Y^ur men will be cautious. Yes master. Kavis can smell the blood. What arc you doing here0 Traitor! Priest Marcus! Tursun Fakih' Soldiers! Catch him! If someone touches me Andreas will die! You will take me to Sofia!


T brought Edebah's greetings! Fat meat Slowly jackal Don't die T still need you Why arc you doing this9 What do you want from me9 Fvcn if we arc opposite sides we have the same enemy. UBILISQ Listen to me well Osman's alive bvdv was a trouble but his dead body will bring more troubles. Tell me where Osman is. T hac t> "ir^teet mv lather's reputation Why would T care about your father's reputation9 T can't tell von w here Osman is. T don't want Osman alive. . T want him dead Osman is an obstacle standing against my dreams. When weg) hunting he leads. When we have a meeting. he speaks Osman is always the strong one And I always stood back T can't move forward while he is around. Either T will kill you ^rT will give tenfold of this gold. There is nothing to think about Yxi want Osman's head from me. Tell me about the sold can even kill my father I will be waiting lor you by the riser Brine his head by tonight. But, T won't give you any gold before T see his head. Tt was a good agreement Tt was a good aerccmcnt. Anyone here0 Tsn'l there anyone1 Isn't there anyone9 You are there son. Edebali! Who else do you need9 Fdebali 1 Where are you9 People have their beloved ones in their hearts. Don t look for me elsewhere Thanks to Allah Fdebali Thev tied my hands and everything. . T am desperate. I have no power left People who find real freedom in Allah's way can’t be held captives, son. Why am I sulTcring Why am I sufTcring Why am I suffering Why am T sidfcrine How can I get rid of this' The cure is hidden in the problem. You will see. Take it son lake it Take t Take t Separate the dirt and soil. So you will learn how to separate.

You will learn so your knowledge will go further. Real treasure is science. Osman Treasures are only obvious to the ones who can see. you think Allah who sees hears and knows everything. forgot vou9 Do you think His servant came and tied you9 Get rid of your doubts, so i. Separate the dirt, and reach the treasury So. Undoubtedly, along with the hardship there is ease" So Undoubtedly, along with the hardship there is ease" So. Undoubtedly, along with the hardship there is case" (Surah Al-lnshirah 94:5) So, Undoubtedly alone with the hardship there is ease" So. Undoubtedly along with the hardship there is ease" So. Undoubtedly, along with the hardship there is ease" So. Undoubtedly along with the hardship there is ease" So, Undoubtedly along with the hardship there is ease" So. Undoubtedly, along with the hardship there is ease" So. Undoubtedly, along with the hardship there is ease" Bala Hatun! Slow down. 

Your speed competes with your shamelessness Wc want you away from but you come closer Don't you have any grace' You don't know what our morals arc as you don't know your limit Since when do Turks dismiss their guests9 T know what to say but you don't know where to stop You came with your sinister feet you brought trouble Osman will die because of you. Ho w much blood do you want to be shed 7 Isn't it cn 'Hb'h9 Do you always cry when you arc in trouble9 Tt's like von were raised in a palaee instead of a tribe Aygul sister, if you haxc big drcams. keep our heart bis as well Tt shouldn't be ruined in even incident. If vou raise vour hand to me again.


I will take your eyes hi Hatuns What's happening here9 We are always in trouble because of them. And they arc at our door again without any shame. Bala . get in the tent, daughter Go mind your business1 Aaul . ou forgot, let me remind vou You are a Bey's daughter. Your biggest ornament is your decency That's the first one Osman put his life in risk for Bala Hatun Fven you can't get in between them And that's the second one Al wavs remember them Don't try my patience And that's the third one. What's happening Andreas9 How can you come in here with a I'akc-pricsl':’ Calm down Sofia. Your old friend came to visit you. Why arc you an ary9 Soldiers! Andreas will die if you take one another step. T brought Fdcbah's offer Fl’cndi Yannis was right Priest Marcus you came here yourself You will bring the treasure T am listening to you. T won't say a \ yrd until Yannis comes here I will wait for him here I hope I w 'in't disturb you. Did vou hear frvm Osman Bev'1 N i but T know that red dev 11 is d >in£» this. Kulucahisar's devils arc playing a game to us. They don't know that wc arc all granted with something I wish we could destroy their castle After Osman Bey returns wc w ill do that lor sure. My Osman . I wonder how he is Osman is the future of ^ur tribe May my Allah protect him M} father sent me here after he heard about Osman To ask if you need anything He needs to support you Mav Allah be with him You arc havine a long conversation. Don't you listen to your Bey in this tribe9 Ts there a dualism now as you arc keeping someone who is unwanted9 So, Undoubtedly along with the hardship there is ease" So Undoubtedly along with the hardship there is ease" So Undoubtedly along with the hardship there is ease" Thanks to Allah! Aik hi' M Bey M Bev'  It's m first time seeing a li in passed out from getting beat You should sec it's claws1 Ya Allah1 Arc you showing off as your Dundar Bey is the representer now1

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