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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 12 (Complete Episode Uploaded)

This is Episode number 12 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Our ancestor Cengiz Han said. If they offer you something on the enemy lands, make them drink it first. You will drink the sherbet of death in the end. The Kayis will have a wedding at your funeral. Aunt. No! Don't do it! Let her go! Balgay! Enough of your cruelty! Those who have wings and nails can't approach me. Who do you think you are, blue-eyed snake? Let Selcan Hatun go! You'll kill her! I am telling you, it's enough! Enough! Valiants, friends, it's our turn. Now our swords must talk. Are we going to wait for Osman Bey? My beautiful daughter, we would wait, but enemies won't wait. But... Bala Hatun, Gonca Hatun, it will be a tough fight. Go inform Sheikh Edebali. Tell him; if the Kayis die, they will be martyrs, if they survive, they will be veterans. He should keep praying for us. Safely. I will rip your eyes with my dagger, so you'll understand what it costs to pour my kimiz. Enough! Dastard dog, let the Hatun go! Gunduz! Balgay, I said it's enough! Don't you understand?! Father! Dundar! My Gunduz! My Allah, You help us! Let my father go! Father! You shepherd... If you die, who will look after the sheep? Please, let my father go. It's the day for the Ahis to unite with the veterans. Go to my father, tell him everything You? I have to stay with the Hatuns. May Allah be with you. You too, Gonca. Mother! Honourable enemies mustn't die like bugs. Osman told me that their roots go back to Oguz Han. In Mongol law, Han children arej trampled down by horses.. so their blood won't touch the soil. It brings bad luck. Take them to the others! Brother! My son. Don't touch me! I will cut their wings... and the shepherd Diindar will watch. Brother! Brother! uos Aj/| Now... You will all see what happens to the people who don't obey Mongols! Don't touch me!


Dying is coming together with my Rabb! Let me die with honour! Take him! My Allah, don't test me with losing a child! Balgay... enough of your cruelty... Come on valiants, we will have a fight. Friends! Friends! It is time for shahada! It is time for war! Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Tell your Alps to stop! Alps! Don't be silent! Get your swords! Our laws don't order us to be quiet! Alps. It is time for shahada! Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) uewso Brother... My Osman arrived. My Rabb, no one can question Your Hikmah. Password for this Episode is 12345. Thanks to You. Balgay! Welcome to Balgay's hell, Osman! I came here to clean the Turks’ tribe. You will stop you and your soldiers' cruelty. Do you know what I see when I look at you? A dead body which is cut by my sword and given to the ravens! You are seeing yourself, Balgay. I offered the Sanjak Bey position to you, and you rejected. I told you that I would give death to you. Balgay says his word only once. I won't break my promise, Osman Bey. You are a dead man now. I didn't come here to be your servant... but to give the power of Cengiz Han. May Cengiz Han's name shake your heart! What power are you talking about? You will either listen to me or darken your destiny. I have a treasure which can't be rejected by any Mongol commander. Why do you have Cengiz Han's name on your tongue, while it is already running in my veins? Cengiz Han says... listen to your enemy who faces you with his consent and bravery... listen, so you will be able to show your power by answering with the same bravery. Don't you have that courage, Balgay? Commander Balgay, messengers have come from Konya. They are the messengers who are sent by Geyhatu. We brought news from Geyhatu, Balgay. Geyhatu wants you. He wants me to send you and your Alps to Konya. How does Geyhatu know about you?


What are you after, Osman? Geyhatu knows about the value of the treasure I have. I was waiting for him to take it from me. What does Geyhatu want? What are you doing, Osman? Shut up, Hatun. Osman didn't come with empty hands. Soldiers, put your swords down. Tongay, Cerkutay, stop the executions! Hold them captives again. It's the order of Geyhatu. What is happening, my Efendi? Osman ruined all of our plans. He made Balgay dismiss Ali§ar. He killed Nizamettin. And now, Balgay... Mongols... They have come with their bad smell and cupiditiness. Mongols' fire heats us, but if it comes closer to us, it will burn us, daughter. Damn it. We don't have any hope except for that Balgay bear. I had to kiss his dirty hand. I feel nauseous as I think about it. Balgay is trouble. He is a creature who doesn't have any morals. But he is not our last chance. We might have another way for salvation. Salvador. Can we trust, Salvador, He might play a double game. We can't know before we try it, Sofia. We will test him. We will test Salvador and the Mongols. People know their accomplices the best. And I know Mongols. We will offer Constantine to them. They have enough power to take it. Thus, you will be the Queen... and one day, your Mongol husband might die. Come to the tent with me, Osman Bey. We will talk inside. Come inside, Diindar Bey. What are you saying Osman? What is Cengiz Han's power? I won't let that dog shed any more blood, uncle. Trust me. Show respect while you are with Balgay, Turk. I want to know what he'll say. I didn't come here for nothing, Balgay. Be aware of your words.


Cut it short! I am listening to you, speak! I don't take orders from Mongols. Uncle. May I? Yes, son. This dagger... is the protector of laws. Yasa koruyucu is the protector of laws. is the protector of laws. The thing you are holding is the dagger of Cengiz Han, which protects his laws. Dastard lost his mind. My Bey was a wind which cut Balgay dog's breath. Once, I was a captive of Noyan the dog. My Ertugrul Bey helped me like Hizir (Khidr) Brothers, we won't let them find peace on this land! It's not the same, valiants. These eyes have seen many Mongols... but Balgay is different than them. He is tougher than them. You must set different games to defeat him and protect these lands. We will leave here first... May Samsa Bey not be remembered as a man if he can't kill him alive and bury him. How did you find this? Commander Balgay, Osman is lying. A Turk can't have Cengiz Han's blessed dagger. Balgay, you couldn't raise your soldiers well. They make decisions without you. If all of your soldiers are like them, don't have dreams about Constantine. Ganimetleri bize ule$tir ve cezalandmlmasi gerekenleri cezalandir f5K&*>1 ^ MAWIMI ffllm NIKS' ones who need to be punished. Ganimetleri bize iile$tir ve cezalandmlmasi gerekenleri cezalandir Yasa komyucu Protector of the laws. Protector of the laws. I have the laws of Cengiz Han... which is written by Shigi Kutugu. Do you have the lost laws of Cengiz Han? Do you hear what you are saying? Where is it? Give it to me. You will first accept my conditions. Tell me You will free my Alps.


You will leave my tribe with your dogs. You will give the treasures back. You will declare it at a meeting with Beys. I came here to take the lives of those who disobeyed. If you are lying, I will destroy all the Kayi tribe with my soldiers. Know that. Don't be sad! Break the chains of captivity! Open the doors of the conquests! Rahmeti sonsuz, merhameti simrsiz Allah'in adiyla! Euzu Billahi Minesseytanirracim BismillahirRahmanirRahim Euzu Billahi Minesseytanirracim BismillahirRahmanirRahim (Ey Peygamber!) Hig guphen olmasin ki biz sana 1 -Indeed, VOe frave*grantedVdu(6 Tftasulullah) a clear victory. 2-So that Allaah may forgive you O Rasulullah for .I x lxu ey <ye in the future1 an )b y jr i vez nn yolu u aptiK d so that He may complete His favour on you, guide you on the straight path... oy e i e a , a ir erin mu$n erin o e en ert sana isna e i eri (atalar dinine muhalefet) suglamasindan kurtulmam saglayacak. sana lUtfedecegi nimetleri tamamlayacak ve seni dosdogru yolda sabitkadem kilacaktir Aynca Allah sana muhte$e'a*bir zafer kazandiracaktir. 3-...and (so that) Allaah may grant you assistance that is most powerful.


Aynca Allah sana muhte$em bir zafer kazandiracaktir. 4- It is He Who sends tranquillity into the hearts of the Mu'mineen so,thatitheir,lnjaantinp.r,eases,together with the Imaan they (already) have. The armies of the heavens and the earth belong to Allah. (Surah Al-Fath) My Osman. We can't trust Balgay's decision. We have to be on alert. Balgay doesn’t listen to Osman Bey. War is coming closer. This time the fire will be different, my Bey. Even if hell comes, we will put it off with our hearts. EvelAllah! (With the Help of Allah) It's enough if we believe. We will, my beautiful daughter. The blessed entrustment you brought... made me very happy. I am one step closer to my ancestor Cengiz Han's soul. You talked about Beys, now they are here. Speak now. We rule the tribe with laws, and we rule the laws with Toys. But Toys don't start like that. With Holy Allah's 99 names, who says "Be" 5 and it is, and fills our heart with faith. Kayi's valiant Beys, I have Cengiz's laws, which Balgay values a lot. These laws are important for a Mongol commander. The Mongols have been after these laws for years. Now I have them. Balgay will leave the tribe in return for those laws. He will free our Alps. I wanted him to promise in front of you. EyvAllah. My ancestor Cengiz said. Mongolian Be careful of yourself when you are alone, be careful of your words when... you are not alone. I'm Balgay. I promised you. If Osman keeps his promise... I swear that I'll do as he says. However... If you are playing a game... know that, I will even burn your wolves and sheep... I won't even leave your babies alive... Then I have to keep my promise. Speak! Sir... Osman is dangerous.

Even if he has people behind them... he is like a lonely wolf. It's right that he is alone. All of his Alps are in the hands of the Mongols. Just like he has my soldiers^ Let me go and find out where he is, and what he is doing! You might be lying. You can fight against us when you are with Osman. Salvador... People can get run away from death many times. But no one can escape forever. Do you understand me? Yes sir. Trust me. I will serve you in this war. I swear, I won't die before I leave Osman in your hands. If you make a mistake... I will skin you out alive. My Osman, what did that infidel Balgay say? He will keep his promise, my Bamsi Bey. Don't worry. He will leave our tribe. He will free our Alps. Alright, my Osman but, where did the laws come from? Who gave it to you? It's a secret Bamsi Bey. I can't tell you. Son... do friends hide secrets from each other? There are ways which friends can't follow, my Bamsi Bey. My Osman, there were no ways when we came here. Now we have ways, as a result of our shed blood. My Osman, it disturbs me... Tell me, what really happened? Don't go on me, Bamsi Bey. Osman! Don't push it, Bamsi Bey. I can't tell you. It's not a friendship. Either the way we followed was wrong... or we couldn't teach it to you. We know the reason why Geyhatu wanted the laws from Osman, Balgay. Whoever has the laws, has the power, Cerkutay. No one can face him.


If Osman brings the laws... you will be the power on these lands. It's not about having it. How did Osman find this dagger which protects holy Cengiz Han's laws? How could Geyhatu know about it? I didn't ask Osman how he found it... so he'll think that I took the bait. I will first have the control... then I will have information about it. If Osman brings the laws... are you going to give it to Geyhatu? He can come and take it if he is strong enough. I will take it to the Mongol khanate myself. Balgay will have the position he deserves in the Mongol khanate. How did it go? Balgay took the bait. I have the rest. Then go, my Osman. Your time has started. Walk, so rivers and mountains will follow you. It was in my destiny to pray for Osman. O Zohre... You are hoping for help of free headed Osman for your son... We are not hoping for help, Hatun! Do you think I will give my Batur to that dog, Balgay? If necessary, I will put myself in front and won't let him have my son. Have you heard what you are saying, don't make me mad. I am thinking about my son, Diindar Bey. InshaAllah Osman will find a solution. But if he does, then all of the tribe will see him as the Bey. Think what you are going to do on that day, stop getting mad at me. I say the last word in the Kayi Tribe. Osman knows that. Osman made a knot, and he will untie it. Children can't deal with Toys and Beylic. He can't do it. They badly tortured you, Siddiq. They did, but it's worth it Besides, it's not easy to be Siddiq. Tell me. How did it go? I convinced Yannis and Sofia. They sent me here to collect information about you. Then we will give them what they want, so they will trust you even more. What do you want me to tell them? Tell them that I am about to save the tribe from Balgay. They will ask me how you are going to do that. I have something which Balgay wants. Cengiz Han's laws. After they learn it, they will get worried. Worried foxes fall for the traps more quickly. Go now, do as I say. You couldn't be brave to the tied men, are you trying for women now? Dastard! Look at me. What happened? Did your minds go to heaven?


You all gulped down after seeing Osman Bey. Dog! Don't hurry, all of you will taste it. All of you. Son of devil! Wait. I will strangle you with my own hands. If Ilam Konur, I will take your bones out of your skin. Your eyes are not slanted. And you are not short. Tell me, what did these Mongols do to you for you to become their dog? I got it. You are a Mankurt. Mankurt. What did you say to me? Repeat it if you are a man. Say it! I said if I am Konur, I will take your bones out of your skin, Mankurt. Untie him! Untie him! Untie him! Mongol dog! Come! Don't! Dastard! Goktug, come my son. Look, I have the same. Yes, my son. All of our men have it. Father! Konur, Goktug. Father! My Bey! Dastard! Dog! I will teach you how to smile. Don't be hopeful as Osman Bey can save you. As we are here, these lands will be your hell. Konur! It's Balgay's order. They will live until he says otherwise. Konur... Selamun Aleykum. Ve Aleykum Selam. As you came here safe and sound, it is obvious that you flared up Balgay's greed for rulership. Now I will go save my brothers, Selcan aunt and my tribe from Balgay. And with Allah's consent, our big war will start then. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. I protected it like it is a part of me. May Allah bless you, my Sheikh. It is your first fight with the Mongols. The first fights are tough. When our Efendi (ASV) set off for his first fight to Badr with his sahaba.. polytheists were underestimating the blessed army. They were boasting about their strength. Thus, they underestimated the Muslims. But our Efendi (ASV) was always on alert. 

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