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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 15

دونوں حصے اپلوڈ ہو چکے ہیں ، ویڈیو لوڈ ہونے کا تھوڑا سا انتطار کریں 

This is Episode number 15 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. What have you said to Geyhatu about me, Gundiiz? You don't know what you're talking about... For the fear of Geyhatu, Balgay. Speak! I don't know.. Anything about your laws... Or your work. Your dog. Brought me here and tied me up. Allah! You're going to tell me everything. I'll riddle you with holes... Until your flesh is no longer able to hold your blood, so be warned. Soldiers are ready, Balgay. Is there any news from Kongar? No Balgay, but he won't return empty-handed. Let him speak until I return from Kulucahisar. As you command, Balgay. Commander Laskaris. Do not return to the castle, until you find princess Sofia. Understood? I swear to the virgin mary, I won’t return without finding princess, God damn the day, that Turks and Mongols came to our lands. Master Yannis, Osman Bey is here. Osman, Osman! Sofia! Where is my daughter? When my mother Selcan returned from her camp... She showed me her dagger to show that she had captured her. I never forget, Yannis. I have Sofia. What have you done to her? She is comfy. She is sleeping in her cage like a sheep. She waits for her father to rescue her. If you do anything bad to my daughter, I' I've came here to make a deal. If you let me live... Then Sofia will live as well. What do you want from me, Osman. Balgay! Let me go! Get in! Leave me! You can't treat me like this. Open my eyes. Open my eyes!! Open! Bala Hatun. Fortune has changed hands, Sofia. Andreas, Salvador and Helen... Where are they?


There is no good for to know their place. I've much more important news for you. You'd like it. My father. Sheykh Edebali. He went to gather valiants, Ahi's... Who are looking forward to a holy war. Osman Bey has plans which are beyond the imagination of people. You're not able to see the flame... And the army who carrys wood to that flame in front of your eyes. What a shame. We need to tie this hyena much better. Cut the ropes, Zulfikar Dervish. Zulfikar Dervish. Leave here. Leave here. It's not going to happen, Bala. Your end is definite even if I die. You'll perish. Before you try to threaten me... Show me what you got. Here we go, little girl. You killed Ahi Evran. But Sheykh Edebali came. Hakca, Pehlivan, Ziilfikar, Gonca, Dervishes came, Sofia. If they're not enough, Osman Bey came. Don't forget this day, Bala. I won't. But you should forget it, Sofia. Don't remember this condition you're in. Are you okay, Bala Hatun? If I ive Bal a to ou... Geyhatu will destroy this castle. You know as well that's going to happen. I came to an agreement with Balgay. Why would I betray him? You're both deceiving each other. Who do you think will win in the end? You or Balgay? You'll try to kill each other in the first chance you get. I'm the only one to save my camp and you from Balgay. What then? After the flood, the sand remains, Yannis. Then we'll come across to you, your daughter and the evil force behind you. It's you or us! Tell me. I'm listening. Tomorrow oil'll convince Bal a to o to Landlord of Ine 61. He'll be convinced that he is going to Conquer the castle and chests full of gold.


I know the way that Balgay will use. You'll set a trap for him in the way of Inegol, won't you? We'll both get rid of Balgay. Do you think you can handle his soldiers with only a handful of alps? This is my business. Let's say you killed Balgay. How would I know you'll give my daughter back when you're done? You'll believe Osman the son of Ertugrul Ghazi. Soldiers! Hostility and belief are different things. I can trust you. But belief is not enough for big causes. As a mark of our agreement... I'll give you the laws of Genghis Khan. When the time comes. You'll give the laws back and get your daughter. What if you die? The laws of Genghis Khan is more important to us than Sofia. When the time comes. You'll give the laws back and get your daughter. That’s all. What if I both take you and the laws... And sacrifice my daughter. You'll not give up your dream of making Sofia the queen of Constantine. You are a nobody without Sofia. What will happen now, my bey? May I come in, my bey? Come on in. Slow down. What happened to you? It's not the time to slow down. Giinduz. Something bad has happened to Giinduz. Tell them. My bey... We found two alps of Gunduz Bey. They're dead. There is no trace of Gunduz Bey. Who killed them? We don't know my bey. Why did Gunduz leave the camp? Where was he going? He was going to Osman to join his battle. Now, you're sharing out the battle as well. Is his battle different from ours? Yes, it is. When a Mongolian chose the Kayi bey... Our custom separated from each other. From now on, our battles are different too. Then why are you coming to me... When you are in trouble. Why don't you go to Osman for help? Osman is a runaway. You can't find him... Even if you try.... You can't catch him. When you are in trouble... you come to me that you don't obey. Look at yourself for once. Remember who do you come to asking for help... Even when you follow Osman. Remember that well. Tell alps to start searching. What will you do, my bey? Where are you going? I need to see Balgay. Giinduz went after Osman.

What is Balgay going to do about it? I say we shouldn't involve him in this. Mongols are everywhere, Hatun. Maybe they've seen something. Let us go and find out. Batur... Come with me, my son. Take care of yourself. Osman Bey. Brothers! My Osman. What have you done, my Osman. Yannis accepted my offer. We're going to trick Balgay into a trap. Finally, the time has come. He is going to pay for what he has done. What is your intention, Osman Bey? Are you going to take Balgay? No, I'm going to kill him. We're going to show him that... If you become a friend of evil your end will be bad. Balgay and his accessors are going to understand that.. Grand sycamores grow in the stormy lands. We're going to get rid of the ones... Who prevents us from growing. Hay Masha'Allah. Allahu-Akbar! (God is the Greatest) Allahu-Akbar! (God is the Greatest) My Bey. Gundiiz Bey. What happened to my brother? Someone kidnapped Gundiiz Bey, my Bey. We're looking for him everywhere. What are you talking about, Erkut? Balgay. Bal a !! This is Bal a s doin . He wants to learn who sent the news to Geyhatu. He'll see. Come on my valiants. Let's go. We're going to his camp. My Bey maybe we should wait for the night to start a raid.


That bastard Balgay is going to the castle right now. And he must be holding my brother in his hearquarters. This is the right time. Let's go. Konur, you shall stay here. It's just a scratch, my Bey. Make him speak. He killed Toni by himself. We need to find out the plans of Balgay. The information that we're going to give to Geyhatu is going to dig his grave, (beggining of his ending) See you. By the way, Konur. Don't let him go anywhere. Of course, my Bey. What are you doing, tell me. What are talking about Hatun? You said you're going to send clothes to Batur and they've ambushed Bala. And now Gundiiz has been mugged for no reason. Tell me, why? Who is behind all of this? Enough! It's not! If you have a role in any of this I'll scratch your eyes out, Zohre. What are you implying, Hatun? The important thing is not what I imply... It's your concern that you're unable to hide. What have you done to Sofia. She was looking so miserable. She deserved it. Do you give everyone... What they deserve, Bala. You must do it for Osman Bey as well, Bala. Your love is so special, It shouldn't go in vain like this. I've thought about it a lot, Gonca. If I marry Osman while I'm like this... It'd be unfair on him. It wouldn't my Bala. It wouldn't. If you speak with Osman Bey about the situation then It won't be. Of course I wont not marry him without telling him, Gonca. It's not the issue. Osman won't give up even if I say. He won't let his love go.


Then... In time, he'll want to have children. He has right to have. Then either he'll take another woman or he'll accept to live without a child... What will we do when that time comes, Gonca? Speak Gunduz! What have you told Geyhatu, Giinduz? Did you tell Geyhatu that Balgay has the laws? Balgay... s doing business behind Geyhatus' back, huh? If I were you... I'd speak before Balgay's return. Think about what he can do to you. Aaaaggghhhh! Think about it. Cergutay Take my life now or I'll take my revange... So you know. Take my life. Your death will not be easy, Giinduz. But, it will not be from my hands... It will be from Balgay's. You'll be suffering... And you'll be dying slowly. y un uz ey. May Allah help you. My Bey. They tied up Giindiiz Beylin the square. The bastard Cergutay is there too. * He's torturing him-^ So, the bastard who injured Bala is here. He thinks that my brother informed Geyhatu. Gunduz Bey doesn't want to talk to prevent them. From doing something bad to the camp. You watch the road. Alright, my bey. Listen to me carefully There are hidden soldiers around the headquarters. Balgay's soldiers are patrolling. There are 80 seoldiers in Sogut. 80 soldiers went to the castle. There are a lot of soldiers in the headquaters. We will attack them like a thunder. Samsa Bey. Your Alps will enter the headquarters from the west and east side of it. Thank Allah for not blunting my weapon. Lets do it then, valiants. Lets do it. I can't see the Landlords that will obey me. Where are they, Yannis? They came.

They said they are going to obey you. They brought their gifts. I said where are they, Yannis. I sent all of them back. Look at me, old man. Are you playing games with Balgay? Osman! What happened to Osman? He captured my doughter Sophia. Nerede Osman ? Where is Osman? Where is Osman? He was here just now. Osman came near you... And you let him go, didn't you? Don't forget that he has my doughter... And your queen. What did he want for Sophia? You! He wants your life in return for my doughters life. So, what did you say? said that if I kill Balgay in my castle while he is my guest... Geyhatu would smash down the castle on our heads. That's right. What about Osman? What did he say? He said that he will do this. He wants me to take you to him and take my doughter back. Where will you take me to throw me into Osman's arms? I said you will go to the Landlord of Inegol and... Will take the Castle's tax. And he said he would ambush you... In the gateway which is on the road to the Castle. You said good. You must bring Osman to me for me to... Take my daughter from his hands, Balgay. You should know that, If my doughter dies... I'll bury your dreams for Constantinople. Osman! Durun! Onlar, Balgay’in esiri! Stop! They are prisoners of Balgay Stop! They are prisoners of Balgay. Osman! What have you done, my brother? Why did you act so foolishly, my brother? What are you doing here? Brother, are you okay? Are you okay, brother? Until you came here... I no longer have it. Samsa Sarge. isiueg UBUJSO I knew you'd do some madness for your brother but I wasn't expecting something like this. Bravery doesn't even sound good in your mouth. Your bravery would only work on women and the men who are tied up. I've slipped Bala Hatun through my fingers... But, you'll not escape.


You're going to die with your brother. You've come to Balgay's hell with your own feet. Hang these to the hooks. Let them hang in there until their flesh have torn to shreds. When Balgay returns.. We're going to have a feast! Balgay! Balgay! I'm going to prepare such a feast for you... You'll not get enough of your flesh. Instead of kumiss... I'm going to let you drink your own blood. Hang Osman to the hook first. Either freedom or martyrdom. Allahu-Akbar! (God is the Greatest) Allahu-Akbar! (God is the Greatest) Masha'Allah, it's solid like a wall of a castle. Luckily, we've taken our precautions. Allahu-Akbar! (God is the Greatest) Smash them my lads! Hit them for the sake of Allah! Don't let the heathens win! Allahu-Akbar! (God is the Greatest) Let your arrows hit... Let your weapons sparkle. Hit them valiants! Allah! Osman! He is braver than I thought, Ali§ar Bey. No one dared to raid Balgay's headquarters until today. He is such an angel... Such a brave man... He is blind to see the trouble that comes to him. Geyhatu is going to dig Balgay's grave by himself... When he finds out what has happened, my Bey. And until that beautifull day, I'll bury Osman and Dundar. We've come here to carry soil to our enemies' graves. And thanks to Allah... Our enemies are burying themselves. Brother. Brother. Hang in there, brother. Osman! Brother, are you okay? I'm fine brother. Bamsi Bey... Take care of my brother. Melik... Take our food out of the saddlebag... And let us enjoy the view. Let's watch the battle. Aag Aiai A brave man. Shall fight wihout running away, Cerkutay.


You started to run away... When you saw a man. Come on then, Turk. You should taste my sword as well which shed the blood of numerous Kayi men. Come here, come here... Come and pay the price of the blood of numerous valiants. This is for Bala. This is for my brother. And this is for the valiants. We're not done yet, Cerkutay. We're not! Hit them my valiants! We've passed over snowy mountains... And bursted with joy, Bamsi Bey. We've raided military camps, Samsa Bey. Hey Masha'Allah! Brother. My Osman, we've killed so many of them. Let's hit the road at once. Let's leave, before that bastard Balgay comes back from the castle. Giddy-Up! Erkut. •/teg Aiai Dundar Bey and Batur Bey are coming here. They are bringing our horses with them. Erkut, take Gunduz Bey out of here. Osman, calm down. Don't do this brother. Go before Balgay returns, brother. It's time for payback. Let's go. Dundar Bey! Ya Shafi. (Oh Healer) Ya Shafi. (Oh Healer) Ya Shafi. (Oh Healer) Healing comes only from you, oh my Allah. Brother. Brother, are you okay? I can't feel anything because of my aching heart, my brother. It'll pass, brother. All will pass. We'll overcome all of these. How did I fall into carelessness? How did I do this to you, brother? My Goktug... You shouldn't think about how you started, you should focus on the consequence. See, it turned out well. We've come together. This is the most important thing. I wish... Our parents to see us like this as well. 

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