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Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare EPISODE 16 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode number 16 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Have you come to your senses, huh? You losers! You will all pay for what you've done! You will regret it1 Seperate brothers seperate Seperate brothers Seperate brothers Seperate. Sergeant Mevlt, seperate. Commander, they slit Nieman s throat too. I can see that you fool! When Bernard's and Niemans throats were being slit... where the hell were you? Nobody has seen anything commander. Sim pip oi)M Who had the guts to do something like this? Who? Those damn bastards. I don't even understand how they dared to revolt. They must be so sure of themselves, thinking we won t fusillade them Drive this thing faster! Yes sir Luckily, I m getting rid of them. The day of the transfers has come Let’s get some booze to celebrate with in Basra while we re going to the headquarter. I couldn't understand brother, it all happened so fast. That sergeant Sefer said Allahu Akbar first. Why did we revolt, why did it end, I don't even understand. Allah Allah, I couldn't understand a thing We have lots of comrades who are wounded. Why did it end so early? Allah Allah! That Pharaoh s son is keeping an eye on us. Whatever. Looking him right in th eye , what's gone is gone Now sleep until tomorrow, if you can. It s the other way around brother, we ought to sleep better. We have to be in fine fettle during the transfer upposing the others will attack Uskuplu, we shouldn't miss out on anything. Sergeant Mevlt is right. Uskuplii as succeeded. Inshallah, our freedom is near. Until then, let's make their work easier. Pharaoh s son is starting to look suspiciously at us. We should seperate Until the transfer, let's not have any problems. As if they weren't the ones facing death by bullets shortly before Look at them now Why did they stop all at once, why? They must’ve figured that they can't cope with us, sir. All of a sudden they caused a revolt turned the place upside down. After that, they suddenly stopped. And now they act as if nothing happened. Are you suspicious about something. Lieutenant Alfred? Of course... They planned it They planned everything. But why? Stop the entrance and exit of all security gates, right away. The entire building will be searched We will find whomever they got into this building. We ll find him no matter what hoi his hiding in Let s see... who the smarter one is Brian, wait. Send a telegraph to the headquarter reporting the situation.


Captain Robert must be informed about this Yes sir The ground floor is clean, commander. Go look at the back. Y s sir Sergeant, there s no one in the kitchen. Okay Oswald please tell me you have good news It's good news. We've managed to save Viktoria Hah! Thank God Thank God She's together with Neccar, right? Yes sir. Good. Sh e' ILbe    ejwi t KlN eccarJ Let her stay there for some time. How's her health? She has suffered a bit because of the poison however, she s feeling better now. What about her morale? She s asking about you. It s clear that she's angry. And what? It's obvious she's not pleased with, Mr. Neccar. Until the war's over we will be fond of the Arabs. What? What? There's something else, what is it? was captured. I knew it wouldn't be that easy. You can't win the war without sacrificing your loved ones Oswald... however, it's okay This will be my trump card. I'll make the Turks and General Barrett feel sorry. Oswald, we re going to the headquarters. Sir what about Musab7 Musab I didn't expect it however, he did well. Way to go Musab What do you want me to do with him? Oswald until the war is over, we will be fond of the Arabs. We re going. Okay sir Why did you stop? I didn t Lieutenant. Did I make it stop, soldier? The engine broke down. Lieutenant. It does that sometimes Then get out and check it! Should I go and check it. Come on! Damn capitalists! Always sending the same model cars without even looking where we are at war They don't even know about a thing such as geography. Soldier, will the car work today? Commander, it's not because of the engine, I'm going to check under it. Maybe we hit something. Come on, whatever you are going to do do it fast come on1 What a shitty day Soldier, what are you doing, come on say something Soldier, I'm talking to you Get out and take a look at him come on don t just sit there! The commander is talking to you can t you hear him? Hey, I'm talking to you. You mer Who do hell do you think you barbarians are, I'm really curious. Did you think I wouldn't find out about your foolish plan7 Mehmet,. I think we were wrong about our prediction. Did we count the chickens before they hatched? Looking at his pompous behavior Uskliplli got caught. A11a h f orbid, Ser ge ant Mevlt, u thought of starting a rebellion . snucked one of your own in and killed my soldiers Didn't you think of what would happen next? Did you think I couldn't find out who did this? Look. I think our boy went off The entrance and exit of the security gates has stopped.

A search has started inside. In a little while, I'll find the barbarian who did this. and I II make him pay. Thanks to Allah, he hasn't been caught. Uskuplu must've left by now This halfwit doesn t have a clue. I see your hand is recovered It’s recovered thanks to HIM. I must compliment you It didn t even cross my mind If it would've crossed your mind, I wouldn't have done it. So you've performed a theatre play for us for months. You are the ones that revolted against our motherland and locked us up in your prisoners camp in our homeland. You are the ones that have been performing a theatre play.. through the press about human rights, the laws of war across the globe If you are mentioning about Elizabeth s interview then screw them. I have nothing to do with that I hate two things in life. Uskliplu. Firstly someone trying to make a fool out of me Secondly; you Turks thinking you are the worlds most brave nation. And right know. I'm faced with both situations. Stop moving too much I'm not stupid enough to point a gun at you in this state. Shoot me brave Turk Shooting the unarmed is your job Ouch' Now I have a word or two for you Firstly... I don't have to make a fool out of you... you are a fool already Secondly... we Turks don 't think we are1 the worlds most brave nation... you are the ones saying that It was a knife, right? He must've stolen it from the dining hall. I will interrogate all the labouring soldiers No. I don t get it? It wasn't a knife No knife could cut this thin Then what is it? A razor blade A razor blade? Yes This is a razor blade cut But that's impossible There s no way he could've attained a razor blade here. Also where would he find a razor blade? It’s your job to know this, not mine I'm here since I think I do my job right. Sir we've searched the entire building. Unfortunately we couldn't find him anywhere. The security gate s guards? We've looked there, too. sir. It's not like he vanished in a puff of smoke. Find him, find him. Yes sir. Men we have ten hours to transfer the Turk prisoners Absolute 10 hours The captives will have to walk approximately 50 kilometres .. to reach the harbor of Fav. They have to take the road tomorrow at sunrise... and reach the harbor at sunset Confidentiality is very important men Our cavalry will be going two kilometres ahead of the convoy along the road.. they will be taking precautions against spies and possible attacks The transfer will be made once A platoon with machine guns, will be in charge of the prisoner transport. Any questions?


This doesn't seem right, General. What doesn't seem right, Lieutenant? They are soldiers. Just because we need workman at the factories... we can't set the captives of war to work like slaves, General. Don't speak of the laws of war to me, Lieutenant! We are not in bloody Europe. Must we enforce the laws of war to these barbarians? What about the British captives then, General? Must we offer gold to trade it with our soldiers? You don't believe we can win this war We require victory in order to save our soldiers. And for victory we need soldiers who have faith! I don’t see this faith in you, Lieutenant. Your duty in Iraq has come to an end Lieutenant Benton. I will give testimony myself at the court martial. Get out! If this transfer isn't done impeccably... then have no doubt that the ones in this room will be chained up. This meeting is over. Everyone get to work Hello soldier. ^>ir Is General Barret inside? He's inside, sir. Can you tell him that Pearce Cox has arrived? After you sir Come in. Sir, Mr. Cox wants to see you Let him in Let him in. General. Mr. Cox When I saw you for the last time you were mourning because of your beloved Victoria. I see you've quickly gotten over the pangs of love. And you General, are sadly still mourning because of the defeat of Rota. Life goes on Just a friendly advice learn from your mistakes and forget about the past. Otherwise this pain will lead you to suicide. We wouldn t want that, right? Mr. Cox, have you stopped eavesdropping at doors... and become a mentor. What do you spies know about losing? General all the lands which Britain took over the spies went there 50 years before the soldiers did. And in this period there must be more in Iraq. You can be sure of it Come in. What is it what happened? Speak up What is it? Sir, there has been a rebellion at the prisoners camp. Two of our soldiers have been killed Those bloody Turks1 Damn it! Now is not the time Password for this Episode is DailyMotioN. There is a transfer in the morning however our captives start a rebellion. Lieutenant Robert should've been here right now. Where is he? Yes, Mr. Cox. I'm looking forward to your brilliant ideas. Yes, for Lieutenant Robert to leave the outbreak and come here would be very compliant general Besides, we don't need brilliant ideas... in order to suppress a bunch of unarmed soldiers Damn it Mr Cox! Stop talking. Take a few soldiers with you, end this matter at once Got it It fell to my lot again. But don't worry General, I ll clean up after you with pleasure. All of you go to hell! Come on hurry, come on.

Run run run! Move! Hurry hurry hurry Stop being lazy General Barrett doesn't educate these men well at all. They can't even deal with a bunch of captives. May God help our soldiers. Oswald, stay here. Wait for my news. Alright sir. Drive. Come on come on. Cox's closest man, commander. His name is Wilson. He was involved at the raid in Pozant Our spies have confirmed that he's been in Baghdad for a while now How will I explain an issue like this to the commander7 You better pray for that bastard to speak What are you grinning about? Is this a game to you. Don't get me wrong, that's my humor. I lau h. under all circumstances Do you know what we do to p opl like you at the establishment? We make them beg. under all circumstances. That's our humor, what to do You have ten seconds to tell me everyhting you know. I won't waste my time with you. You either tell me or I'll skin you alive. You already know what I know. I'd say skin me alive, and let s close this matter. Aye aye. Who informed you that, your spy who's a captive would be transferred to a hospital? Who gave you the information from inside? I don t know No one told me In that case, how do you know that he will be transferred to a hospital? Pursuit We were watching the headquarters Pursuit? You were looking for a oppurtunity to abduct the captive and when ou ot the chance you took action? Are you messing with us? You are feeding a snake... but you are afraid of dogs huh? Stop stop Where are you hiding Victoria7 Who lend assistance to you in Kut? I told you everything I already know. I swear. Taking Victoria to the place she's hiding at was Oswald s job Mr.Cox requested that we'd protect her. And my mission was... Throw him in a dog’s cage! Please. Keep the dog s on leash. Let him face his fears. I told you everything I know. Don t do this He might tell the truth, commander. We didn t even know... that they would tak h r in to a hospital A spy has flee and you are calling this a coincidence huh7 But they knew. No. this can’t be a coincidence. Commander, we are holding all entrance and exit to the city. They are still here. Bring a squad together. No matter how many suspicious shops, houses there are in Kutulamre... a raid will be carried out on all of them Anyone standing against the search will be banished. Yes sir Yes sir Whoever collaborates with the British, whoever has the connections start off with them Come on move it. Wait. Wait You ll break my wrist. Do you treat people who want to help like this in Britain? Do you entertain a guest like this? I'm sorry. I had to keep you close to me. Forgive me For how long was I asleep? You were fatigued. Plus with the effect of the medications you've slept quite a lot. Like an angel... It's time for this angel to spread her wings and fly. Not just yet, Miss Victoria. Not just yet You ll are my guest, until a message from Mr. Cox arrives. I promised him. I don’t want to embarras myself. So I’m still a captive? If anyone is a captive here then that person is me. I have prepared some things for your convenience. A warm bath will do you good The one thing that will do me good is getting the hell out of this place. I hope Mr. Cox won't be late What the hell is this? Stop the car, stop For Jesus s sake! What the hell hapenned in this damned desert? How could this happen? How? His throat was slit Soldiers, gather our dead men! How did this happen to you? We re going to the headquarters. Get in the vehicle If I go to town in a getup lik this my folks will fusillade me.


What a bad thing to say What a bad thing to say What's happening, what are you searching for7 My child what are you searching for? Say it Soldier, can you tell me what you are searching for, please? We might help. You see, they came here and they are searching everywhere. It's obvious that it doesn't seem like it. But I'm not British. Put your hands in the air Don't move Put your hands in the air Look buddy, drop your weapon, let s talk. I m Turkish You are the enemy. Get out of here. I m not the enemy I’m Turkish. In that case, why are you wearing the uniform of a British soldier7 My clothes got ripped, I found these. Put your hands up! Forgive me my lord Did you find the car too? The car Look buddy. You have to believe me. I'm a Muslim, Turkish soldier. Then prove it. Okay, I'll prove it. Ask me whatever you want. Recite Subhanaka Subhanaka? Why Because I memorized that one. May Allah grant me mercy. Like this? Yes Okay. Fine ALLAH" Hu Akbar! ("ALLAH" is the Greatest)! Glory and Praise be to you, 0 Allah. lessed be YOUR name and exalted be YOUR majesty,... th re is none worthy of worship Except YOU. Hadith -The Book of the Commencement of the Pray r. Chapter 18- It was narrated from Abu Sa'eed. Amen(Ameen). Okay. I believe you. What all this blood7 Tell me. If I find out that this is Muslim blood I II shoot you right here. Buddy calm d wn This blood is from the enemy If I wasn't Turkish, how could my name be Ali, then? If I wasn't a Muslim how would I know Subhanaka, right? Keep on deceiving yourselves. Those men s spies pray 5 times a day! In order to not draw attention What's your name. Resul Resul look and mine is All Are you also from Kutulamre7 I'm from Uskuplu. Where lies UskUplu? Is it near Baghdad? No. It far Far far away III explain to you ome time where Uskuplu lies however... Now look. Put that down First you have to help me out to get rid of these clothes Otherwise anyone who sees me will think I'm British, just like you. III bring you some of my father s clothes For real? Come on buddy. Off you go Wait wait, wait. What's your father's height? About the same as yours. Barely Ah okay then. What about his weight? I mean is he thin, obese? He's even thinner than you are. He's as light as a feather. Allah Allah. Uhm okay then. Off you go then, hurry. I forgot to a k what will I get in return7 If you go right now and bring it to me I II give you this car in return... you can drive it with your father as much as you like. Really Really. Swear it I swear. Okay. Hold onto this rifle. 

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