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Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare EPISODE 21 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode number 21 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. So they congratulate your soldiers isn t it?  I ve never seen that crowd square of Kut If General Barett listen my first advice and cancel the transfer we ve never been n this situation Oswald So what Mr Cox is everything over? All I know  for get things back on track in Iraqi front  General Barrett or Pearce Cox has to go India After all thing you did for Mesopotamia and England? Let me tell you the difference between Turks and us We never give second chance to anyone No matter how much succesful you're in the past One single mistake  one single mistake will get you to the hell And they do that kindly Thank you for your services Mr Cox Now you can rest But the game isn t over yet I have one last move I can fix everything Saeed he is the last leverageleverage we have III surprise who think I will give up and I'm sorry for them Oswald So sorry Check After you gone Saeed left here every single day To where? Allah knows Sometimes he came back one day later But he didn't come back this time father I wish you had told the Commander We told him but we don t have any clue We lost who exist Musab ah Mehmet be relax Saeed is stubborn and smart kid He probably left a trail Don t worry Didn t you tell me when he was capt ve he left a thing behind him in the desert We saved him before we will save him again In Shaa "ALLAH"(By the Will of ALLAH ) Don t worry How this gonna be Mevlut Cavus? Musab was dead Nobody knows Saeed's whereabout Are you saying this Of course Victoria We can use Victoria and find Saeed out Unfortunately that s not possible Victoria escaped You can do this Yes you can do this Miss Victoria Am not your guest anymore? What kind of word is that? Is that a thing?


Why dou you eat without me then? Ee when you didn't get out from your room Mahdum  Give Miss Victoria whatever she wants Aa stop eveything is already in here I owe you an apology $erif Neccar You saved my life Open your home to me But I didn t kind to you Forgive me please I passed too many bad days Ok I understand you very well You forgive me instead I got angry and broke your heart I will burn all my things for your one smile Wish me whatever you want I want from you something but not myself for my country When I was captive hands of Turks I had too many useful knowledge Then tell me and I II tell Mr Cox Don t get me wrong but you know I work for Mr Cox can only tell him everything I know Fine Fine what can we do I really want to help you Take me to him But you know You can t leave Kut Serif Neccar I m sure you will find a way Alright then This will be the first thing to do in the morning II do my best I trust you Musab gave drug and made sick At the transportation  they took Victoria Go to hell Musab They tried same dirty trick in the prisoners camp


They mess with Uskuplu for turn him their side What are you looking Brothers And we re out because of it Without bait there is no hunt You said good Commander but  now we don t have bait or fishing rod What are going to put this hunt s front You're talking our losses  Why don t you talk about what we have? Are you talking about Wilson Did you get that bastard? Does he be useful He is useful father He is one of the closest man of Cox Whoever holds the leash he is the boss He II take us to Saeed Thanks to HIM We don t have any casualties Commander All our soldiers lives Their health? A guy from Magrip is too sick But he has been treated Rest of them are in good state Commander At the prisoner camp? Those unbelievers has heart send him to the doctor Commander The great $erif Neccar and his family members came They want to see you Let them in Yes Commander The great honorable Commander congratulate you Thanks thanks Come on take your seat please May Allah Don't let this happen again Thank you have a seat May it go well Commander Thanks come in please May A ah makes you victorious Amen all of us We sacrif ced Sheeps We distribute to the poors We want to serve some of meats to the soldiers if you'll excuse us. 

They came from prisoners camp our bravehearts must need power (Lore May ALLAH (S W T) be pleased with all of you thank you Our state won t forget this loyalty How did this happen Commander I mean we didn t expect such thing But thank to HIM it gone well But we re surprised This is wisdom of the State $erif Neccar Wisdom of the State won't be wrong Because of an enemy step in our land State can not be desperate Mindset gentlemens memory State can not state without mindset Not to be forgotten today You have a father such as him May Allah Won t let any harm to our State and Nation Amin Amin You hold the ropes of your hearts connected to each other Don't put fires to each others Our state won’t let you breathless With the ehlp of Allah Well Mehmet how lucky man are you? You have a father such as him How did he kill a I English at this age What happens to my father s age brother Niyazi Well what wrong did I say? Why are you boiling like a waater I said that I mean I didn't expect that much from Husrev Father Even you don t expect  I battle under the command of Osman Pasha At the sides of Danube Plevne What are saying Husrev Bey Are you  really a soldier of the Osman Pasha? Tell us something about our Pasha British  how they tried to get inside of our Arabian brothers minds  in the northern lands Balkans Russians arc the same Bulgarian Serbian Roumanian  all of them like they unleash  starts a rebellion against Ottoman Empire Everyone was important except Turks at one time They said  Osman Pasha will come from Yemen and will go after Serbians Thats the first time I saw the Mighty Pasha .


The brave and red flesh man Do not say that I saw that the person standing in front of me  was not as human as  if he had turned himself into a bullet wanted to enter the flesh of the enemy and torn it to pieces After that we heard a news  Serbians moves and harasses our boundaries One night Osman Pasha gives orders We crossed the Danube that night with cavalry Pra se be to you Our great Commander Osman Pasha  Challenges the angel of death(Azrail) n the continents Serb an Traitors didn t expect that They run like hell after the first hit And Pasha  he wasn t even commanding at all He was at the battle field in front of all of us With his gun along with his sword in his hands and Allahu ekber on his mouth The soldiers who sees that didn t stop We followed those pigs They got away to the Belgrade by falling one by one I don t know how many Towns villages we saved Pasha intend to went Belgrade but  Payitaht(lstanbul) didn t has the news They ordered go back Decree stopped the Pasha but the enemy didn t stop Serbians are the puppets of the Moskof(Russia) back in then What should we expect This time Army of the Moskof came to attack us We were in the Plevne Four sides hills middle is the pit a little town And that little Plevne  become the main target for Moskof bear They attack with full power An afternoon  we killed thousand Moskof bear That day in the Plevne bridges collapsed because of the running Russian soldiers Rest of them died in the Danube Site of the Plevne looks like a lake of the Moskof blood  mixed with Danube For days and nights Danube  became the flood of red(blood) These eyes saw that Commander What about siege?


Would you tell us about the siege Husrev Bey? Nothing happened to the Moskof bear But  that little town become a barrier to them Tsar mobilize an Army from Moscow and  came himself this time With tens of thosands of soldiers If they march they couldn t get in the Plevne That size of Army They sieged all four sides It was middle of the summer Pasha  send telegraph to the Istanbul But there wasn t a answer or noise Months passed Even the water of the Danube  frozed and Winter was started Soldiers had thin clothes of the summer There were Russians all four sides and we fought with cold weather Day after day  there wasn t any bread If it was Summer Danube's water would finish Some days  we didn t sleep for days Some days we slept hungry After summer winter has come There wasn't any tree on the soi Russians sieged us waited us to dead by the starvation Finnaly Istanbul sends permission They sa d you can come back But we couldn t go back And it is then the fate has come Either we will surrender or we fight and get freedom  or martyrdom It was the th December Pasha commander got out from his tent with his sword It has been let me calculate It s been years ago commander.

The sight of my eyes went My hearing ears weren't listening anything I remember like today Glorious Pasha raised his sword Ail soldiers stunned  and looked him The voice of Pasha  heard from Russian headquarters He said ’We re going to cut the enemy my lions ' He said There is freedom for us in the end of the road If there isn't freedom  there is martyrdom' Either freedom or martyrdom  Turks can not be slave We attacked to thousand Russian soldiers The glorious Pasha was in front of us  we attacked and broke through the enemy but the fate  just like Commander Suleyman Askeri in the Rota  when we got out from Plevne  we pinion the Russians  bad news came from the battle zone Pasha got shot from his leg with Russian bullet It tore his shin bone up Even the Russian Tsar showed respect to him Even in his captivity the mighty Pasha was dangerous on eyes of the enemy When Russian soldiers  surrounded the Pasha  took his sword from his hands very defficulty Pasha roared 'Take my life but not my sword " After that  when Russian Tsar saw the Pasha  he returned his sword "A commander like you should be with his sword May Allah bless him Glorious Osman Pasha Amin Amin What Eat! Eat! No! Don't eat then It s food it s blessing you dog I would say say Bismillah before but you people are faithless If I spit your face you would thank You II die So the one who sold his honor of his country would he be faithful I bring to you balm.


Thank you My grandma made this balm You should thank to her Husrev father tell him to cream the balm well to his wounds Thanks Is this Balm heals every wounds Not of course Every wound has unique cure What about heartache? "The cure of the heartache  is pray ' says my grandma I pray every night For our country  defeats all its enemies For Saeed s comeback Is your pray just include these? Not of course say Dear Allah make good for me who I love A (TOW Does Istanbul has that kind of shining stars? I didn't see that kind of shining Do you see that star It s called Zuhre There are too many tales were written about this star And too many songs Zuhre In the west they call it Venus In the west  they named stars with their God's names But our people  named them the people they loved Then  that star over there I named it Zeynep The Sun will rise I should go I came here for the balm I shouldn't worry my grandma gave your name a star thats why you want to be disappear when sun will rise Stars won t disappear Mehmet They always be there They waits to be seen by who they love Allah will make you comfortable Soon you come together with Saeed and all people you waited By the w I of Allah Insallahfby the wil of Allah) Ah Zeynep There are a lot of things to say to you .


But because of the current situation of our nation I can t say Take some Sefer £avus Even it s smell enough Ahmet thanks What those infidels use to give you for a food? What do you think Wormy flake And we were thankful to our Lord over there too I swear to Allah Sefer (Javus we couldn t eat when you re gone We didn't eat meat but it is state property after all We thinks it is like lamb because it s Halal This is the most important thing Brothers If a good man gives you a bread  that bread heals you She send it I told you my wife won t forget me She send me a letter Be happy Brother Niyazi Eyvallah(Thank you) Be happy Brother Niyazi  Thanks Be happy Laz Niyazi I said send my baby s picture Old she send it what do you think? How can she take Baby s picture I told her go with my father to the City And take my Baby s ID You undestand hahh It is like my baby is just born Is this  my baby? Mevlut is this my baby? Is this my baby? Ey Maa Shaa "ALLAH ’ (Let no one s evil eye be on him) barekallah(The blessings of Allah (be upon you) Is this my baby? Why you are asking me have you lost your mind my half minded rother ? I don t know Do I know what do I say now? My Allah had showed me the beauty of this world my child ey guys Guys look at this see a valiant Hey Ahmet come come here and look! Maa Shaa ALLAH' (Let no one s evil eye be on him) Brother Does my baby look like me’ Just like you Ma^allah Hope he grows with Mother and Father Thank you Thank you Congrats Niyazi Brother UOI| Aw You saw the boy forget your wife Aw you said correctly Let me read what she wrote to me What are you doing Mevlut Cavu$ Making my bed at the ground Are you crazy? We didn t even see the face of the soft bed for a long time now Why are you sleeping at the ground? Yoruk's bed made by stone they said Come on you can t say I used to sleep at the ground Whenever I close my eyes  that enghsh come infront of me The English commander at the prisoners camp Who are you talking about Is that tall ugly All Fred? What is that Ali Fred? Alfred Alfred How can I know When I first heard his name I thought it was Ali Ferit 

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