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Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı EPISODE 01 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

What is happening in start of Episode:

This is Episode No 01 of Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı Season 2 of Barbaroslar with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Oliva City, Spain.Who are you? What are you doing here?Who are you? What are you doing here?Soldier!I am a......miserable captain, whose ship was sunk by that damn pirate Barbarossa!Neptun showed me mercy and sent me this boat.Neptun showed me mercy and sent me this boat.Great Neptun.He helped me.He helped me.Thanks to Neptun.Stop! If you take another step, I will shoot!You shouldn't have waited.Let's drink.Come on.What's going on?Be quiet.If we can act quickly, we can take over the ship.Who are you, brave one?

Barbaros Hayrettin.Come on, brave ones.Enjoy.Oh Allah......If it wasn't for scurvy, I wouldn't eat this.I am serious.It makes me shiver.Well, you have no other choice, Yahya.Many brave men died because of that damn sickness.Eat it, son. Late Oruc left you in our care.Listen to me.If you die because of scurvy, your father will come after me in the afterlife.Well......I am eating it because I like it, not because I am afraid of scurvy.He eats it because he likes it.Well, he is still trying to be cool.Well, uncle Hayrettin is late.Should we go take a look?No, we won't do that.What did your uncle say?

Episode story is going further so lets read whats going on:

Didn't he say that he can take the ship alone?We will see.Well, Reis spoke like that for a moment, you shouldn't listen to him.Should we let him die?Nothing will happen to him.He has 9 lives.We have bet over the bed.....I have to win.Come on, hurry upI don't want to return with a ship filled with Muslim prisoners!You have to.The next trade ship will come in 1 month.I am afraid, don't you understand?There is nothing to be afraid of Valeria.All of the prisoners are chained.Also, a few soldiers will accompany you on the voyage.I am relieved!What if that bandit called Barbarossa attacks us to save the prisoners?

I heard that he is always around here with his ship.Barbarossa?I don't think he would bother to come here from Algeria for 10 people.Why is that ship waiting over there?Because the shore is shallow, Valeria.Stop whining and get on the boat.Stop whining andCaptain.Governor.I hope you are aware that I am giving my daughter in your care.Of course Sinyor.Don't worry.Don't worry.'Your daughter's in safe hands.We have guests Reis.Watch out.Looks like she's important.We can't leave without her.Hey. Hey.Help us you idiots.Your captain's here.Your captain's here.Get the rope ladder.As you wish captain.


What happened next, read the story here to get more excitement

Come on.Seme my lady.Dear God!Barbaras.Do I know you Captain?2 years ago you sank my ship in Majorca......and threw me overboard.I can't forget a barbarian like you.Your fate will be the same, again.Don't shoot!It's a mistake to kidnap the daughter of the Oliva Governor.You'll pay for this, idiot!I knew you were important.Governor's daughter's here. We can leave now.Come on Levents. Off we go.Unfurl the sails!Captain.Tell the others not to come after me.Or the governor's daughter will be shark food.Or the governor's daughter will be shark food.Adios captain.Bon voyage.What's wrong you blabber mouth?

What is he saying?You never understood him.He's showing Cipo.Hayreddin's eagle.He's here!Cipo.Did you miss me?Mf 1My brave man!He took the big galleon.He's crazy.My uncle gets what he wants.Allah bless you.Yahya.May your Ghaza be blessed uncle.Thanks niece.Great job Hayreddin.May our ghaza be blessed brave men.-Thank you reis. -Thanks chief.You put the fear of you in the hearts of infidels Hayreddin.Of course of course stand back and tell me now.Since I won the bet..Did I deserve to get the bed now?Take it then.Let it be yours rightfully.Is it all because of a basic bet?Is it all because of a basic bet?

If you like summary till now and reading it then you must watch the Episode :

I can't believe I was used for something silky like this.Who is that?An important governor's daughter.I didn't say it so you laugh.She really is.Keep on joking.I'll see what you look like when Spanish ships are bombarding you with canons.My dad must have already told Admiral Portunda by now.Now how she dresses makes sense.Take one.Let us read Tebbet for her dad so...... let it be done well.Damn all bandits like you.While you're getting burned in the middle of the Granada Square I'll be sipping my drink.Listen to me well the daughter of the governor.Do you know what is written on our sanjac?

Nasrun minallahi ve fethun karib...... ve bes$iril mu' from Allah...... and a speedy victory.So give the Glad Tidings to the Believers.So what I'm trying to tell is...not 10 Muslims...... but even if you hurt 1 Muslim's hair..... you will ve faced with me any my reises.... you will ve faced with me any my reises.Our fight is not for land or possessions.Our to go to Buhra.Hayreddin.It looks like the weather will be worse. Let's get going.Come on levents unfurl the sails.We will stay in a safe bay until the storm blows over.Then we will go on our way.200 thousand Venice ducats.When I put on the holy Roman Empire's crown..... I will be honored to serve you and your church..Saint Pope.

Now you are at the middle of this Episode, I think you must watch this exciting Episode:

You and Isabella...... did you two invite me to Mallorca to bribe me for t^^crown'of the Empire Charles?No sir.My intention...Im)aj(o^)'... is to give this money for the holy war we will be starting with the Turks...... to you Saint pope.I would like you to know that the ruler of France Francis matches you on this.Let it be between us but...... they help he made was 250 thousand ducats.I swear on the Saint Paul that...that man..... never stood by us with our fight with the Turks.He even...... wasn't ashamed to write to Suleyman when my husband captured him.... wasn't ashamed to write to Suleyman when my husband captured him.A person like that..can't be trustedwith their promises.... can't be trusted with their promises.With the power that is given to me by God....ft.

I will be deciding who is going to be the one that will wear the holy Roman Empire's crown.Without differing any of you two.Your gift can stay, Charles.Sorry for disturbing you Pope, sir......but you have to hear what I've heard.What is it, Admiral Pdrtundo?*A catastrophe, sir. Barbarossa...He captured a ship in. Oliva that had Muslim slaves on it by himself.He capture^ a ship in Oliva that had Muslim slaves on it by himself.What?That's impossibleDamn it.It gets worse. He kidnapped the daughter of the Governor of Oliva as well.He said he'll toss her in the sea if we follow him.He said he'll toss her in the sea if we follow £iim.


You are reached at the end of Summary, you must watch after reading this summary:

I didn't want to actbefore consulting you,I didn't want to act before consulting you, sir.You wanted the Crown of the sacred Rome, didn't you?You wanted the Crown of the sacred Rome, didn't you?Here's your chance!Here's your chance!Take 3 ships with you from the Granada Fleet!I want Barbaras to die before he gets to Algeria!-The governor's girl...-I don't even care!-The governor's girl...-I don't even care!-The governor's girl...-I don't even care!-The governor's gir>l-I don't even careIf you capture Barbaras alive, Admiral.....half of this gold will be yours.

Do you hear me?Since you're stupid enough to capture a ship on your own......your Raider Fleet must be away from you, Barbarossa.You'll see how I'll kick your a’s now.We're sailing towards a storm, Admiral...-Should we turn back?-No.-Where's the closest bay? -Formentera Island, sir.Barbarossa will seek refuge there.Change the course, Captain.Did you hear about the story of a heathen called Wilhelm Tell?I haven't, my Pasha.He supposedly shot an apple on top of his son's head from 15 yards.If he could do 15,I bet I can do 20.Of course you can, my Pasha.Let's see then.Let's try 30 now.Son.I told you that I didn't want to be disturbed during practice, mother.

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Jul 02, 2023

I can’t play it saya due to copyright video is removed plz send me valid link


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Talha Anwar
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