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Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı EPISODE 02 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

What is happening in start of Episode:

This is Episode No 02 of Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı Season 2 of Barbaroslar with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Put down the France flags on our ships.And raise Spanish flags instead, lieutenant.We are officially freed of Fransua's command.As you command, Admiral.Go and prepare the crew.I will go drink something.Venice.You are so beautiful.Sometimes I wish I had been born here instead of Liguria.Doria!Barbarossa!Barbarossa!I never thought I would see you in Venice.But I must confess, that was a good entrance.A dog that wants to die, pees on the wall of a mosque!Then the God is on my side!There are churches everywhere Good, then I am going to cut off your head and..Good, then I am going to cut off your head and......bury it in the garden of a church!Let's see!On guard!Where is my food, Marcella!Bring me something to drink Marcella!Be patient, I am coming!Come on, Hayrettin!Where are you!?The man that drank water and left last time.He is here again.I will make him pay now!Enjoy!

Are you going to have water tonight, too, Sinyor?You should tell your name first and welcome me.What's your name?Marcella.I am so hungry, bring me some food.Not Marsilya, Signor.Marcella!Marsilya is also a nice name.Okay.What would you like to eat?Well, as long as it has meat in it, I don't care.I am so hungry.I will bring it right away, signor.I can smell the perfume What's going on?Were you together with that damn Fransua?How do you think I found you?I didn't know you were this eager to replace me I am not for sale!My sword only serves the Muslims!You managed to escape me on the sea!But you can't escape on land!Who are you!?Get out of my way, Rhodes dog!I wouldn't kill an unarmed man, even if he is an infidel!

Episode story is going further so lets read whats going on:

Your choice.Finish him Godfrey! Finish him.Hurry up Godfrey!Admiral Doria.Admiral.Godfrey.Hurry up!I'll see you later Barbarossa.I'll see you later.Coward dogThese cooks are doing a great job.Look at him.He looks so happy after eating the meal.I think it's the best time to tell him.I think so too.Did you like the food senyor?It was nice.0«d mwlk® KI did.I'm glad you like it.I had guessed you would like boiled snail.Snail?Yes.What's wrong senyor?Did the food hurt your tummy?You can't feed a Muslim snails.How can I know you're a Muslim?It's not written on your face.You did this because you despise me.You're name's Aydin right?Alright Aydin. I won't lie.Yes I did it because I don't like you.But don't worry.That wasn't snail.It was lamb stew.The kind you like.Really?Ask the Muslim sailors in there if you want.It's the most expensive food here.Come on.Give me money.Here.Here.I don't give you my blessing.What does that mean?It means it is haram.I still don't understand.Anyways.Good evening senyor.Enjoy your meal.Hayreddin.I was waiting.Aydin?Aydin?

I met the king of France.Then I confronted Andria Doria.What happened?Watch out.Why don't you watch the road?Aydin?Hayreddin?Dervis?Allah is the Greatest!Look at Allah's work.Hayreddin.Dearest..Y©(ui SIn Venice huh?Why wouldn't I be son?What did I tell you when I departed from Algeria?To better my knowledg... to fulfill the hadeeth "Seek knowledge even if you have to go as far as China." that you will be travailing the world.I did and I found myself here.If Allah allows me.....I want to find a ship that goes to Istanbul...... and end this journey.Forget about me now.What are you doing in this French land?We were given orders by Sultan Suleyman.Tell me...... what is that order?My Sultan.Cigalazade Osman Bey is waiting to be seen.Let him in. The happenings in Venice happened as I told you my Sultan.Hayreddin...... and Aydin Reis, if not for them...... it wouldn't be possible for me to be in your presence right now.Allah bless them.I'm as sure that they will accomplish every order I give my name is Suleyman.Salken being this good at reading us...... is not a good sign in my opinion my Sultan.


What happened next, read the story here to get more excitement

What happened shows that he knew I was in Venice way before.These are not surprising events Cigalazade.It would've been bad if the opposite happened.I didn't understand my Sultan.Let Sarken think that he knows our secret and think of us as weak and unable.Let him look at the things that happen openly.When he reads the special letter I've send him...... let him not understand the hidden strategy in it that...let our sword...... be downed on his neck from where he didn't expect.I, the greatest sultan.,.... the magnificent ruler...... the one who followers of Islam listen to...... ruler of Arabs, Persian and Rum reises ..... Diyarbakir's, Azerbaijan's...... Persia's, Damascus'...Halab's, Egypt's...Mecca's, Medina's...... Jerusalem's, all ®f Arab lands', Yemenis...... and other lands that I've conquered with the power of my sword....... the one who furthers safety and peace...... the one who furthers safety and peace...... the protector of justice and benevolence...... son of Murat Han...... son of Mehmet Han...... son of Bayazid Han...... son of Selim Han...... , am Sultan Suleyman Han.And you..... are just the ruler of Spain's king Sarlken.Days where you and the Pop ...will send us separate letters.......and ask for mercy are near.When, Allah willing, that day comes...Are you okay, Charles?I had a nightmare.A terrible nightmare.What are you doing?What do you think? I'm burning......that letter that came from Suleyman.

I once had a Venetian painter......paint that for me.And my last wish from you, Capitan Pasha...And my last wish from you, Capitan should first add Venice to Sultan's property.Allah forbid, my Pasha, you're not going anywhere.May Allah give you a long life.We'll see you become the Grand Vizier, InshAllah.We'll see you become the Grand Vizier, InshAIlah.While that man is Pargali......I don't think it will ever be my turn, Kemankes.It won't be.Well......I'm listening to you.Astaghfirullah, Qj,y Pasha.Did you know that our Sultan.....sent his armorer along with one my deliver a special letter?Of course I did.However, I don't know where he sent it.However, I don't know where he sent it.He sent it to Hayrettin.Hay rettin?Hayrettin?Barbanos Hayrettin!I wonder why...I don't know about that either, my Pasha.Do you think our Sultan might be......planning a new naval conquest through Hayrettin's help?If he had such intentions.....they should have been talked about in the Divan......and told you as the......Captain of the Sea.Our Sultan must have his reasons......for even keeping it from you.Anyway, we'll find out when it's time, my Pasha.I shouldn't take more of your time.Kemankes!

If you like summary till now and reading it then you must watch the Episode :

Our country needs to be......really careful about each step it takes after Vienna.Therefore, a Pasha as strong as myself......has a right to know what our Hunkar is thinking.I will......go ask around Pargali ibrahim Pasha and the viziers.I will inform you until tonight.Of course, my Pasha.Mother, can I go play with my friends?When did you make friends?There are a lot of girls here.Allah Allah!Okay, go and play.But don't get close, I want to be able to find you when I get out.Okay.Here are the documents you wanted.Thanks sis, I will take a look at them later.Later? What are yo doing right now?I am translating the book of a scholar called Erasmus.He has a lot of nice sayings, for example..."Necessity is the mother of invention."How is it?I have one better.Stop inventing new things, and get back to work.We need to find a few workers.If a ship comes to the harbor, we don't have workers to unload the ship.Are you lady Seyyare?Yes, that's me.I am Flint, I brought lead and tin with my ship.Welcome captain Flint.The officer of the harbors told me to unload my ship at your dock.Can you finish the unloading quickly?-Unfortunately, captain Flint, our workers... -Are having lunch!They are on their break.When they are finished, we will start.BOkay.Are you stupid?You almost told him that we don't have any workers.Well, I was going to tell the truth so we wouldn't be in a bad position afterwards.

I did not lie.I am going to......find at least 5 workers right away!Well, I won't accept it if you find 4!If you like it......I will rent it to you for 100 gold coins per month.Well, let's us bargain first.Won't you accept 70 coins?You can't find a better place for jeweler.As I said, it's 100 gold coins.80, I can't pay a single coin more.The shop is small.So'b'eit.May .it bring profit-tbj you.Ameen.After we find the assistants that will work with you, the shop will be ready.Wait Hasan, we need to establish the stalls first.We can handle the assistants later.Take a look here.Congratulations on the shop, lady.I saw Kadir Efendi leaving.He must have given you the shop.That's right, he gave discounts for us, too.I am working as a jewelry dealer near here.Elim Usta is my name.I heard that you are a jewel maker.Also a designer.Well, I am trying to do my best.You are going to open a shop here, but it's not that easy.Why is that?Did you go to the head of the jewelers and become a part of the guild?No, I haven't.Then you can't open a shop here.If you do, I will report you!If you do, I will report you!I am warning you.What was that?Trouble.That was trouble.Here.Take it.I should read it first.Why? Don't you trust me?No.I mean...I just want to see if the rhymes fit the poem.What does that mean?

Now you are at the middle of this Episode, I think you must watch this exciting Episode:

I mean it's...I want to check if it's all there.Okay then.At least father will know you're okay.How will you send it to my father?I'll take it.You?Mehmet Reis will take me to my uncle's.I'll go to Oliva first, then I'll go to my uncle.Yahya.You're a good man Yahya.I wish we hadn't met like this. Venice.Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.You're here early Dervis.Why didn't you rest?After what you told me.....I couldn't sleep all night.I thought about how I can help you.Wait.Are you back in the capital?I'll be with you.I'm so glad.As long as you're with us.....we'll be alright with Allah's help.May Allah bless you InshAllah.Ameen. Ameen.Then let's go to mansion of Venice Doge.I want to show you something.Dog? What dog?No it's Doge, Aydin.Duke of Venice.Come on. I'll tell you on the way.Why do you keep doing that?If Salih was h'ere, he'd force you to.say-it now.Where Salih by the way?RomeHelp this poor blind man!Help this poor man, noble men of Rome.Kandiyeli Bulbul.I finally found you.What's wrong Bulbul?Couldn't you find someone to fool like you became a beggar?Who are you sir?I don't know your voice.Would you like to help this poor man?Don't you see? You took 50 akces from me in return for......a Gimbal compass, which you never gave me.How can I see sir?I am blind.Really?You're blind?I see your eyes are open and you're not shivering.Salih.Go awayDon't blow my cover.

Don't do this.I've been looking for you for days.I've been looking for you for days.I won't leave without chatting with you.I have nothing to talk to you about.Go away.Okay.Let it be over soon..I hope Allah wish you healthy as soon as possible. I'm sorry I disturbed you.Guards.Okay Allah's punishment, okay.What do you want?I have a lot to tell.Let's go somewhere we can not be seen.Okay.Follow me.This is Doge Kriti's house.So Miss Luna wanted you to go in alone huh?Yes.I'll sneak in stamp her passport and sneak out.What's happening there?Shift change.1001, 1002, 1003..1038... 1039, 1040.I have 40 seconds to get in through the window.Don't you see all of those soldiers?How will you get in there in 40 seconds?I do see them. I do.It's high up.How will you go there? If you were a ladder yourself you wouldn't be able to reach it.Aydin.Did I bring here to be the bearer of bad news huh?If it's 40 arschins from the balcony to the roof...What do you say dervish?Is there a way to sneak in?Dervish?I there a way to sneak inside?Could you find a way?So Kandiyeli?What's your answer?Are you with us...or not?My network is not as crowded as you think it is.We're just 18 men.


You are reached at the end of Summary, you must watch after reading this summary:

And all of them...... are bandits.It's hard to convince them spies for us.A hungry dog can't eat a lot.This will be enough to convince them.You don't get it right Salih?I didn't come here..... just to steal some Christian's money...... and just mess around, do you think that?Tell me so I can understand then.Why are you being so stubborn?Kandiyeli...what's the matter?The day Father Oruc died...we all became a mess.Hayreddin must be a better person than me that...... he took shelter inAllah and continue to fight.But I never got used t® Father Oruc's absence.I took his revenge.But my rage never went cold.How could'.... when he died I wasn't there, I kept asking that to myself.And finally...... I saw that I couldn't handle it.... and found the answer in running away from myself and came’ all the way here.Running away... disappearing..and to never go back.Did you manage to disappear?Did you manage to giv^e your soul up Kandiyeli?

It doesn't matter if you run to the other side of the'll still be the one chasing.You will always get caught by yo'urself.Sprays in arabic*All lives shall end.You will be returned to us in the end.Why run, then?What you need to to be faithful and live like a true raider.Now......I'm going to ask you one more time.Are you with us......or not?My soul never abandoned you.MashAllah.My lion!In many places I've been so far......I've met their wise ones for a long time.This is among the results of those meetings.I call this a rope-thrower.I call this a rope-thrower.It looks like the Tatar bow.That's just a Chinese compound bow.It throws 10 arrows at once.

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