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Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı EPISODE 03 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

What is happening in start of Episode:

This is Episode No 03 of Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı Season 2 of Barbaroslar with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I knew that it would look beautiful on my neck.-Is Luna inside?-Owner is getting ready. You can not come in.Move. -No!Barbarossa. What are you doing he...You said the messenger was being protected by a man. There were six men!You said Charles did not know him but he turned out to be his friend!We abducted that man! But we were going to die there, Luna.-What is your purpose?-I swear, I don't know anything.Tell me what the truth is or I will kill you here.I received the information about the messenger from the secretary of the council of ten.They have no reason to lie to me!They must've asked for soldiers from the castle.Then Charles knew that we would abduct the messenger. -That's not possible.I swear, Barbarossa..I did nothing, I did not betray you.Council of Ten. Who are they?The intelligence organization of Venice.They work on issues that threaten the safety of the state.-Do they know about us?-You wouldn't be in Venice if they did.

They would go to your Sultan and ask him to take you back.And they would attack you if he did not listen.I did not betray you.Those Spanish people are also my enemies, Barbarossa!They are the murderers of my husband.We have a common interest.I don't think you are helping us for your husband's revenge, Luna.I will make up for my mistake, you’ll see that.InshaAllah he questioned that woman, InshaAllah.Calm down, my son. There is good in everything.He is coming.What did Luna say?What did she say?She admitted that the information about the messenger was not right.She is saying that the soldiers must have been sent from the castle.She said she would make up for it.Are you convinced?I’m not sure, Dervish.Luna is receiving all her information from an organization named Council of Ten.

Episode story is going further so lets read whats going on:

And she said that they do not know about us. -Council of Ten?Council of Ten... Once......they planned an assassination against Fatih Sultan Mehmed......they are a secret organization.Luna is telling the truth.If this organization knew about us, they would be after us.Selamin aleykum.-Aleykum selam, Salih! ORIGINAL SOURCE!Kandiyeli..Come in.The pigeon is flying, Captain! It will inform the palace of Charles that......messenger Batista set out.It's a bit late, but still, it will be there before they arrive.By the way, what are the other pigeons doing?I hope you are taking good care of them.Sure, Captain. As you ordered, I will sell some of them in the marketplace of Venice.I think you will earn a lot of money.Good, Pedro. Good.You can leaveAydin told me.You will send Dervish as the messenger to Charles, but......the actual messenger turned out to be a young man.VAIIah my Hayreddin, I don't know what to do.If we let these men go, they will yell and scream, and our plan will be ruined.If we do not let them go, this time they will worry about the messenger.

So?And I don’t think our Dervish can solve our problem.Right, Dervish?What happened, Dervish?Why are you looking at me like that?I am looking at your face.That’s because?Dervish Father.Are you going to make him your son-in-law?Dervish... What is happening?I found the messenger who we are going to send to Charles’ palace.c(>L[>c\Br:wrrnr\'i Monsieur Antuan, the messenger of France, arrived, my Queen.Majesty.Welcome to my country, Antuan.Your arrival was surprising though.And it is also surprising for me to see you.I was expecting to talk to Majesty Charles.Charles went hunting. What is the purpose of your visit?I brought a letter from my King Francois.•:X V* • 1Your King must be making a joke.No, ma’am. We do not make jokes about these issues.I'll be waiting to hear your answer as soon as possible.Have a good day, Majesty.Look now, my valiants. Does he look like him?


What happened next, read the story here to get more excitement

Tell me something!Why are you silent?I guess the hair of the messenger was longer.Hair and mustache might be longer or shorter.Just try to see if his face looks similar.Hayreddin. What do you think7 He looks alright.Alright. Good. Salih, you look like that messenger.Besides, according to what Batista said, Chievres has not been seeing him for 8 years.In 8 or 9 years, a man could.....completely change. -Sure.Hayreddin... How can I act like a messenger? Messengers are educated people.I can’t even recognize if I see the letter Alif.When death comes closer Excuses wait at the door.Salih, look..You are the only person who looks like that messenger.We have no other choice.That's true, Salih.I mean, I would go if my face looked similar to his face.But, unfortunately, it’s you. -Please, I'm begging you, don't, Hayreddin.What am I going to do?How am I going to act in the palace of infidels when I am alone?Who said you were alone?My dear Messenger.Your clerk will be with you.Who, Reis?I have no doubt that you will fulfill this duty.Get ready and set out with the armoured cart as soon as possible.Since you are late, Charles...I'm happy that you found your man Barbarossa.What are you doing here?Before we enter Charles' palace......we have one more matter to settle.What matter?Help me! Help me! Stop!Take me to your commander quickly...How did we not think of that?

We get our spy into the palace of the Charles, and we do not think about how to communicate.This came to my mind.The messenger leaves the palace once in a while...I thought we would appoint one day and get information from him.As you know, messengers are like spies......working for their own states.For this reason, Charles allows the messengers to leave......the palace every three months and go to their hometown.It will be too late before the men tell their king......about an important news.Yes. Unfortunately, this is the situation.Thanks for your informing us about the disasters, Luna.Now go back to your mansion, lie down on a feather bed and sleep well.I said I’d make up for my mistake, Barbarossa.I might have found solution for this situation.Tell me, I'm listening.From Charles’ palace to the castle of Colomba, they deliver some simple news by homing pigeons.After your spy enters the palace, you can communicate via pigeons.You're talking are we going to exploit the birds that go to the Spaniards' stronghold?Wait my child. Let her finish.The person who set up this plan is captain Manuel......the commander of the castle, who is also interested in pigeons.Amazing.Now don't tell us to abduct Captain Manuel

If you like summary till now and reading it then you must watch the Episode :

No.Captain Manuel gave the pigeon mail job to a man named Pedro.Pedro comes to the Venice bird market once a month to sell some pigeons or buy and raise new ones.Since the pigeons he will sell or buy are very expensive......he gives 2 Hungarian guards to Pedro so that they are not stolen.These men are competent people as they are among the guards of King Layos.....who died in the Battle of Mohac.Before shopping, Pedro always goes to Casanova Tavern......and has a drink with his guards.If you take the guys away with you......I can go with Belgash and talk to him and persuade him.They also convey the news coming to the castle to us.Why would they listen to you?Because Pedro and Belgash are friends.I also gave 11 very valuable pigeons from Baghdad to Pedro years ago.And it was free. So he owes me.Free?It s not a behavior that suits your disposition at all, though.We will wait behind the tavern with Belgash, and Marcella will bring Pedro to me.If you can distract the guards for 15 minutes, that's enough for me.What are you going to do?I already told you.I'll convince Pedro.Okay. Let's go.Here we go. This is the end we expected.That Hatun left us with questions again.Nevermind that, think about how we're going to waste these guys' time.I'm going to take care of it.-Your men have arrived.-How come they are mine?Look at me, Hungarian dogs!What? What do you want?Look, we bet 10 ducats with the guy behind me......he says that he can beat you two very well.I told him, ’’Those two will break your bones.” But he did not listen to me.If you can beat this man. I'll give you half of the 10 ducats right away.Sit down. He is trying to provoke you because he will make money thanks to you.

Didn't you get it?that these things are not the same with the Hungarian slaughter in the Mohac war.He was in that war?Listen to this story that he told me. Do you know this King Layos?Supposedly, this janissary took him, and found him......while the poor sick man was trying to escape from him in the swamp.He's lying! Spin somebody a line!We won't only break your bones.We're going to separate your arms from your body and stuff them in your mouth.Come outside.What kind of solution is this?What difference does it make if you are under the cotton sack or above it, my Hayreddin?You keep these guys for 5 minutes and Luna will take care of things in the meantime.Miss Luna has a request from you.You drowned our king and I will drown you, dirty Turkish man!I'd like to help you..But how will the spy you bring into the palace of the Charles convince Huan the pigeon-maker......and fly a bird into the castle?You can leave the castle whenever you want......all you have to do is forward the correspondence to us. -I can't Luna!If I get caught, captain Manuel will take my head.I can't risk my life just because you gave me some birds.....for free years ago./'I \Is this enough?This is getting old.Look at the guy. I cannot believe this.Anyway. I will eat some bread.Die already!If you wish to contribute to our efforts, you can donate via Paypal: Afser...This is Barbarossa's storehouse, huh?

Now you are at the middle of this Episode, I think you must watch this exciting Episode:

You can get close to Barbarossa's family with your carrier cover.Well done.Admiral, Barbarossa’s prisoner, Valeria.If you take her to Spain, King Charles will be grateful to you.If I wanted to be pet, ...I would be a dog, not an admiral.I am not like you.This is not only about Barbarossa.I need to know what is going on in the dockyard.For example, Suleyman. If he is building more ships, ...that means he is getting ready for a war.Isn't that right?I will not be your or Charles' aide, Doria.Find someone else.You are wasting my time. Take this, I will give you more.Marus, were ones the bravest helmsman I knew.Then you suddenly stopped sailing.You chose to join Benedictines ...and to be a monk.You were going to help those in need ...and serve Jesus, right?But now you are here, pretending to be Muslim and that your name is Murat.Because this makes it easier for them to accept me easily and for me to earn my living.I never stopped serving Jesus Christ.You still serve Jesus, huh?What if they hear that Murat's name is Marus and that he is a part of Benedictines, ...what happens?Have you ever thought about this?You only took these three from Captain Flint's ship?This is the best I could do.I hope that Kemankes Pasha convinces Murat to work with us.Or our business will go down.Convincing? What are you talking about?He is a Pasha. How can he not follow his order?

He cannot do that.-Salaamun Alaikum.Alaikum Salaam.Captain Pasha will talk to Carrier Murat tonight.Our Pasha said that he would be happy if Seyyare Hatun talks to him, too.Please let the Pasha know that I will be there.-Alright, have a good day.-Thanks.What is happening, sister? What is this invitation?What invitation?He wanted me to be there while he talks to Murat.Interesting. Can't the Pasha talk to him alone?-What are you saying, Nazife7 -Come on.The Pasha looked at you all night. Didn't you see?-Do you think I was impressed?-I would not judge you if you were.He is the Kapudan Pasha of great Ottomans.Maybe he wants to marry you.No way1He cannot.I am not interested.Sister. For how long will you do this?What, Nazife?It has been ten years since Girneli Akman Bey was deceased.You have been mourning for ten years, sister.Isn’t it time that you look ahead?I am alright, sister. Don't worry.Akman Bey would want you to be happy, too.Mihnman is growing up without a father.Sister, I am not saying that you should marry Kemankes Pasha.But if you get married again, no one will judge you.I do not want to, Nazife.When you are bored you read book.I find peace in working.Don't talk about this again.Excuse me.You should knock first, Valide.♦^AAiA,You sent Husrev to that women ...called Seyyare.I did.I wanted her to be there while I talk to Murat.Do you think I do not know what your intention is?


You are reached at the end of Summary, you must watch after reading this summary:

What is it?I saw how you looked at Seyyare last night.Don't even think about it.Instead of Ayaz Pasha’s daughter beloved Sukufe, ...don’t even think about getting married to that hatun.Why don’t you like her?She is beautiful.She is attractive.Since Barbaros made her in charge of the warehouse, ...she must be smart.Son, do you not realise great Sukufe is?She is younger.Seyyare is not as beautiful as Sukufe.She comes from a noble family, too.What more do you want?O’ fate, what a spell you cast on my eyes, O' fate, you gave me this intense love, only to agonize,lions would tremble with fear of my bite, her sight, o' fate, tarnished my might.So, are you in love?With that rude woman?Why do you think she’s rude, Valide?His family is just like Barbaros.She is widowed and has a child her size.I am a widowed, so what?Son, don't do this.Look, we have Sukufe, Ayaz Pasha's daughter.Seyyare is nothing when compared to her.Valide, that's enough.Don't try to control my heart.Don't be my shadow that's all I want.I’ll make you pay for this.Kemankes.When Nedim Bey from our neighborhood told me that you will go to the Head of Artisans of jewelers and become a member of the guild, I've come directly to you.I want to open my shop as soon as possible if you could do what is necessary.Did you say Nedim Effendi? -Yes, Nedim Effendi.The greatest jeweler of Galata?

Advisor of Sehsuvar Suita I don't know whose advisor he is, but he deals with jewelry.Hang on there, Head of Artisans.You can't make her the member of the guild.Sehsuvar Sultan.Not everyone can open jewelry store in the capital city.Especially someone who came from Algeria and who is not known to be a master.Hanim, I'm both jewelry and metal master.Even the children in the streets in Algeria know that.I heard that you are the mother of Hayreddin, is that right?What's the connection You are not priviliged just because you are his mother.Of course not, no one’s making an exception for me.So you have a certificate?Certificate?A certificate that shows another master approved that you are a jewelry master.Then you can’t make her a member of the guild, Head of Artisans.If you say you will, I will take this issue to Qadi, and you two cannot explain this in the court.Senorita.What are you doing here?I'm here to ask you if you informed Venetian Bailo in Galata about my situation?-Not yet.-For God's sake, what are you waiting for, Seigneur Orsini?Perhaps, I can send you to your father.Are you serious?There is a Genoese ship in the harbor.Its Captain is a close friend of mine.I'll talk to him.I'll ask him to take you to the ship and hide you.But you said you are afraid of Barbarosa and you can't kidnap me?Not me, it will be Andrea Doria who will kidnap you.

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