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Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı EPISODE 04 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

What is happening in start of Episode:

This is Episode No 04 of Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı Season 2 of Barbaroslar with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You are free to choose, Barbarosa.But every choice has a price.Henry, my son!Barbarosa,I beg you! Don't do it!Barbarosa, I beg you! Don't do it!Father! Help me!Don't leave me father!Henry!Stop!Don't get any closer! No one gets closer!Barborasa, I beg you! Don't let them kill Henry!Hay retti n!Don't think you can go unpunished.When the time comes, you'll also die!That's unlucky, Barbarosa.I'd say next time but......there will be no next time.Fransua! If you want to take your son from Coudenberg'll pay 2 million ducat and you'll side with me by leaving the Cognac'll take your son's head.Move!Your ship is in the next cove, sir.

What was Barbarosa doing there?How did he get the information and come there?Fransua must have asked help from Suleyman.I knew I was right about my suspicions.Barbarosa and Suleyman have united against me!I wonder what their plans are!Maybe, we can learn after Andrea Doria returns from Constantinople, sir. Behave!nally, we've arrived Venice.I was tired of smelling the breaths of the Turks in Suleyman's lands.Do you know the newcomers? Considering their clothing, they must be some important people.I have never seen them before.I'm sure they have a lot of money.

Episode story is going further so lets read whats going on:

Give them plenty of food and drinks.And make sure you charge themTwice of the price.There is no need for greed, Lorenzo.Greetings, gentlemen.Greetings, nice lady.You must be coming from distant lands.I have never seen you in our tavern before.We don't mingle with the people frequently.I am Admiral Andrea Doria.And this is my aide, Godfrey.Doria...-I guess I remember this name somehow. -It is quite normal.Because you look at the greatest Admiral in Mediterranean.Excuse my ignorance, signor.What do you want me to bring for you One of your best drinks.But I want the most expensive one please.

Because my helper will pay the tab tonight.As you wish senyor.What is the Cognac Union?How did Sarlken capture your son?I was defeated in Pavia and got captured.So I made a deal with Sarlken.....and gave him lands, Artois and Flandre.In return, I'd be free.But Sarlken had other conditions.He wanted my son keep him as hostage.For what?To make him obey the deal.Poor boy.I had no other choice.Back then......the Pope wanted Sarlken out of Italy.So he allied with Florence, Venice and Milano Duchy......and established the Cognac Union.I was going to join them once I got free.That was the best move against Sarlken.I can't blame you for paying them for your son.But you can't side with Sarlken and leave the Cognac Union.I have to. Don't you get it?We understand you alright.


What happened next, read the story here to get more excitement are Sultan Suleyman's ally.And you don't seem to understand it.Our Sultan wants you to work against Sarlken.Not against him.It doesn't mean I'll join Sarlken.I can stay neutral, It is despicable to be on the side of cruelty.Our Sultan wants to save you.You can't do this to him.Do you have a child Barbarossa?I do.Then I'm asking a father, not a king.What would you do in my place?I wouldn't have given my son as a hostage.Reis.What will we do?So, Hayreddin?Tell me about Fransua.As you ordered, we stopped his duel with Sarlken.But Sarlken is keeping Fransua's little son hostage in his palace.That's why Fransua wants to end his alliance with you......and be on Sarlken's side.It's his son.Your sins in this life will be punished in the after life.I have a solution to fix this problem my Sultan.What's that solution?I can save Henry from Sarlken's palace, my Sultan.

Even if you enter Sarlken's palace, it will be hard to get out of there with the kid.I can enter and leave without fighting the soldiers, if you allow me.Don't you know how to knock?We need the plans of Codenberg Palace.Quickly.It will be great if you can find them today.I don't want to ask why, so I won't.Don't ask, just tell us if you can find.Yes. It was renovated a few years ago due to a fire.I will have to ask them from architect Domien with an excuse.Okay, do that.You could at least thank me!Coudenberg Palace.Lieutenant, this is the doing of that scribe called Jemolino.Are you sure you were drugged to sleep?Look at the bottle.Ever since I drink from the bottle he brought me, I fell asleep.Then when I wake up......I see that one of my birds are gone.So?He and his master Batista send letters to somewhere without our king's knowledge.That's a serious accusation, Juan!

If you like summary till now and reading it then you must watch the Episode :

If you can't prove it, we will both be damned.There is no problem for us to tell about Lord Chiev about our suspicions.But think about it. Think about the reward we would get if I am right.Okay. But let's write down what you said.Come with me.Stop there.Love birds!Are you going to stop me with a broken bottle?Come here!Honorary shots for the King!FireWelcome, Charles.I hope everything went fine.Not so much, my Queen.What's wrong?I'll tell you later.Major Rodriguez!Major RodrigLock the kid in the northern dungeon.Ambassador Batista...Yes, your Highness?What will be your the judge of the duel? I'm really keen to find that out.. Nothing but the truth.Which is?

The fact that Francis......attacked you in a treacherous way with his that he could cheat.Ambassador Batista......our friendship getSfbigger each day.Allah pleases and......disgraces who He wishes.However, son......this is nothing but suicide.we fail to bring the kid back......Francis will become Charles' ally instead of us.Knowing that, if I can't do anything......I'll have failed our Sultan's mission.I'd rather die on duty than to live with that shame.Why don't we......go and grab something to eat before Luna gets back.I haven't seen anyone as hungry as you usually are.What? It's a chance for Dervish to taste the stew.-What?-Foreigner stew.But don't worry, there's nothing Haram in it.They cook lamb meat in such a delicious way thatI've got the plans.

Now you are at the middle of this Episode, I think you must watch this exciting Episode:

Oh, no stew then.That soon?I told the architect of it that Charles.....asks me for money for renovations......but I wouldn't pay him unless I got to see the initial plan.He told me everything about the plan.What do you say, Dervish?There are many crenels.The feundatien seems strong and the walls are tee high t® elimb.The foundation seems strong and the walls are too high to climb.What about your rope-thrower?Would it work there?That's not possible, there must be guards all over the walls.-Can't we dig a tunnel? -That would take weeks.What then? Are we ust going to knock?Toxica...That means toxic in Spanish.What about that gate?I especially asked the architect about that.That gate used to be connected to that one, which leads to the cellar.But because of the gas spread by a mushroom that grew there......this passage cannot be used now.Hay retti n.....take me to that door.

It was that Sarlken would do something treacherous like that.Fransua should worry about the rest.We should think about what's going to happen to the bodies at the roof!Listen to me! Do you think that they will believe that they killed each other?I had to kill them, Salih.Well, If that geezer had not attempted to escape......then I wouldn't use my dagger...The dagger!Whs®What dagger?Salih I forgot my dagger at the roof!Do you understand what happened here, commander Rodrigez?I believe it was a matter of debt, my Lord.They fought.When Juan attacked the lieutenant with the broken bottle......the lieutenant had to shoot him.Lord Chiev..I was looking...Oh my God.What happened here?It appears that the bird keeper of the palace and this soldier......fought.


You are reached at the end of Summary, you must watch after reading this summary:

Correct me if I am..* - *...wrong, my Lord.The money on the ground......tell us about why they killed each other this violently.The commanderthinks same as you do.But....something feels weird.IWhat is it, my Lord?How could the lieutenant shoot him.....after getting.....struck in his heart?Maybe he was already holding his pistol?The moment he was struck..The moment he was struck......he shot.Right?I agree with ambassador Batista, my Lord.Everything that happened here must have happened in seconds.Scribe Lomellino!What do you think?Sir, I agree with esteemed Batista and the commander.Who was the bird keeper of the castle Collona?Pedro, sir.Contact him.Tell him to find a new bird keeper to us.As you command, my Lord.Fate.Coudenberg Palace.I counted it.

There are 4 guards outside.I wonder how many there are inside the palace.Let's just throw this inside first.It hit the other door.52 archins.This is longer than I thought.Even if I hold my breath until the next door......I won't have time to break the lock.That's true Hayreddin.You won't do this.Yes I will.This wasn't safe anyway.We give up. -We can't Dervis.I have to go. We have no other choice.Allah help me.Okay.Okay we'll find a way.Thank you.Who's there?Hayreddin. They noticed us.The forest's the only way out.But they'll capture us by the time we're there.If we are exposed they will hunt us down.Let's go then.Over there.Hurry Hurry!Spread out. Look around.As you wish.Dervis.I didn't think they'd be here so fast.Hayreddin.I counted five.But there might be more.We can leave here if we hunt them down quietly.Dear Allah.I dropped my sword.Take this sword.What will you do?Take it.

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