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Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı EPISODE 05 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

What is happening in start of Episode:

This is Episode No 05 of Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı Season 2 of Barbaroslar with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. If I hadn't had your friendship and help, it would have been really hard for me to do my duty.I'll never forget your friendship all my life.Master!Master!Doge Kritti is coming! He has his soldiers with him.We shouldn't be seen together, Barbarossa. Hide now Both of you, don't move!Captain Hanzalo!Search all the house!As you order.We don't have too much time, Luna.You'll tell me what you are doing with this man, before the captain returns.I don't understand what you are talking about, Doge Kritti.-Captain Gonzales and I- -Your denial is useless.I'm sure you sent this man to our meeting as a spy four days ago!

I just want to learn its reason and who he is.I just want to learn its reason and who he is.Luna did nothing wrong.My name is Hayrettin.But you know as Barbarossa.Yes, I was there that night.Because I needed to learn the reason behind the deal between the Prince of Orange and Sarlken.Barbarossa, huh?Then, you must be unden the order of Sultan Suleyman.esus Christ!I thought you were the spy of Hapsburg.I don't understand what's going on here, Doge Kritti. What are you trying to do?'I want to keep?the peace, of course.We've had a long-lasting peace with Ottoman.

Episode story is going further so lets read whats going on:

And I made a great effort to build this peace.I'll never let tfiem ruin this by the unity of the Pope and a handful of impertinent men......with Sarlken and his men.Good. Really good, Doge Kritti.Know that whoever trusts Ottoman never lose.But unfortunately, the whole council doesn't agree with me, Barbarossa.Gemini...Gemini...Yes, Gemini's clerk learned someone else was going to join the meeting instead of him and let him know.From now on, be careful about not stirring'the waters, Barbarossa.If the council learns you are in the city, even I can't save you.We couldn't find anything, Doge Kritti.I guess we had a untrue report, Hanzalo.We apologize, Ms. Luna.We've given you and Captain Gonzala trouble in vain.No ‘problem, Doge Kritti. You were doing your job.

Have a nice day.Can I come in, my Pasha?Come in, mother.Are you going to the palace?No.I'm going for work.Why are you here?You can't dodge me by not talking with me about the matter, Kemankes.What matter?Don't act as’if you T'ci'pfi't understand.Don't act as if you• don't understand.I !I'rp^tajkinq abofrt your proposal to SeyyareT of course.We both know about your ideas about this matter.Do we need to talk about it?Do 10 tal,l<TaboutSon, I've told you many times. Why don't you listen to me?Tha.t.w.oman is suitable. Neither for you nor our family.-.,, Tha^yypman is suitable neithej^ no^piir famil^*"owUth^ fer mw femoDy®For now, you think you are fall in love with her.For now, you think.'you a re ffltllVri love with' her.But, you aretoo qui&JTtp fall in.ldve.


What happened next, read the story here to get more excitement

But y°u are too( quiGKto fall in love.You'll give up on her in a few days.How do you know?Beca*useAyou're'my son.a«&--Mothers*l<now their sons.Mothers know theiii.sons.• • ‘You thinl^yvith youcxhead.....not with your heart my son.Tevbeh. In the name of Allah*.Kemankes are you insane?Allah damn you.You scared me to death.Look at it.What do you see?It's just a pistol IWhen I pull the trigger......the flint lights up......the flint lights up......and fires the pistol.A man without a like a pistol with no trigger mother.Only a women can fire a man.To me.....that women is no other than Seyyare.Damn you and Se’yyare.Damn you and Seyyaqe.Why don't you like Sukufe?I don't love her.Okay?I don't love her.I've finally 'founcTajwoma'n.-.: ...I can love, for the first time.And I'll marry her.A n d* I' 11 rria^riy^h e r<z And then you'll don't know your son.

No. It's not possible.I won't bed Kemankes Pasa for Ferrucci.I won't bed KemankesPasa for Ferrucci.You don't have to beg sister. Just ask for help.You don't have to beg sister. Just ask for help.The same thing.The same thing.He wants to help us.He'll just talk to the Sultan to ask for help in Florence.Only Kemankes Pasha can bring him to our Padishah Hadrath presence, sister.All you have to do bring Ferrucci to Kemankes Pasha.Why do you insist sister?Well...My sister...-Nazife.My sister and Captain Pasha are not doing well.Allah Allah.Why is that?We can tell Yahya sister.Tell me what's going on.

If you like summary till now and reading it then you must watch the Episode :

Captain Pasha proposed to my sister.My sister rejected.She must have rejected for a reason.Good.Now that you know w.jjw I won't go, you'll stop insisting.Sister.If my brother were here......he'd never let down his friends who ask for his help.Do it for your brother.Ferrucci's been waitingfor 4 days at the inn.I can't stall him any longer.Okay.I'll go.It's the finest youcan find at these stalls.How much are these?‘SUIOD £You can't find cheaper ones my bey.You're being followed.Don't look back.It must be Yahyah's man.I'll take care of it*Go to the street where they sell fabric.Watch where you're going!Come.The trader woman you-'called for the other day is here again Pasha; She wants to talk with you.Don't make her wait and let her in.Peace be with you Pasha.Peace be upon you.Welcome.Sorry, if it wasn't so important I wouldn't want to bother you.Estagfirul la h.

No bother at all.This man is one of the Florence's comrjijander Senior Ferrucci.He is also a close friend of Hayreddin Reis.A friend of Hayreddin' our friends.Welcome.Welcome.Nice to meet you'sir.He...... wants to see Sultan and wants to with him.I brought him here..... thinking you might help.Have a seat.Would you like some rappee?It's fresh.Thank you but no.It's all good and's not that good for you.For example, for it to keep it's moisture you have to wash it with sea water.Pasha..One time one of my friend was going to...... break his fast, with this in his hand.The moment the prayers were said...... he puts the small amount he had in his hand and swallows it all.He puked so much then...Pasha...... commander's matter is urgent.If you won't be of help...Hold on.Of course not.I can of course help for you..I can of course help for you..But we can't go to our Sultan like this.

Now you are at the middle of this Episode, I think you must watch this exciting Episode:

Firstly.?.what's the matter?Can I know that?You tell him please.If Ferrucci sees Suleyman he ean get the help he wants.What you told me is very worrying Maurus.What will we do?It's not like we'll kill him.There's only one thing we can do.It's to notify Admira Doria with a letter.There's a Genoese ship sailing tomorrow.I'm going to give them the letter to take it to him.What’s this?Admiral Doria told me to never be late on your tip.You did good, Maruz, but you need to be more careful from now on.I can't always be there to protect you.As I have told you, Florence needs the help of Sultan Suleyman.

All I want from you is to make me meet the Sultan.Our Sultan is really busy with the......matters of army.But......what shall we do?We have put you in a tough position, Pasha Hadrath.Please excuse us.No, stop, please.Of course not.You have come this far.I couldn't send you back empty handed.First, let me talk with Seydi Bey.When he learns that the matter is/6f great importance......I think it will be possible to bring commander Ferrucci to our......Sultan's presence.Thank you, Pasha Hadrath.May Allah bless you, Pasha Hadrath.We shouldn't waste your time anymore. Excuse us.Ms. Seyyare.Could you stay a bit longer?


You are reached at the end of Summary, you must watch after reading this summary:

I am aware that you were offended by what I have said last night.I made a mistake by proposing to you too intention was not to......break your heart or make'you sad.Please let us not talk about this matter, Pasha Hadrath.I have given you my answer.Yes, you did.You answered firmly.But despite your accusation......I did not propose to you so you could give me a child.I have heart to you because I really love you.That heart.....was like a......ship that was waiting for a little wind before you.You have......become a blessed wind that would carry that ship to horizons.Please.....I ask you that think about my'p'roposal again.£Okay.I will.

Pasha Hadrath.Thank you.I will be waiting with hope.Here.MashAllah, Mrs. Hatice.You crafted it really nice.Sahsuvar Sultan.Take a look./Alright.Not bad.Then, it means there is nothing against me to open my shop, doesn't it?You are right, Ms. Hatice.Sahsuvar Sultan. Ms. Hatice has proved her mastery in front of us.Can she open her shop? What do you think?Let her do it, then.I'll have these sealed.If crafting a simple belt makes you a master, I have nothing to say.If you want, I can make an diamond necklace.....or any kind of jewelry you want...or any kind of jewelry you want.

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