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Deliler with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Deliler, a rangers unit of the Ottoman armed force, has turned into the subject of a film that displays the contention between Vlad III and Mehmed II. Deliler, which means crazy people, were the mounted forces of the Ottoman Army, which shook the entire world. The tale of these mounted forces, which chiefly went about as stun troops on the forefronts by utilizing guerrilla strategies, is being adjusted into a film. The shooting of the movie, coordinated by Osman Kaya, is being finished in Aksaray territory. The arrangements for the generation took two years, and the film highlights Erkan Petekkaya, Rüzgar Aksoy, Ismail Filiz, Nur Fettahoğlu, Demet Tuncer, Yetkin Dikinciler, Gülşah Şahin, Batın Uçan, Namık Rüstem Khanlı, Kamil Güler, Serhat Şahin, Mehmet Ali Karakuş, Mehmet Pala and Baran Öztürk.

Maker Cem Uçan, who depicts Gökkurt, said he has been chipping away at this venture for a long time and that Deliler were the most valiant Ottoman cavaliers and the principal military unit that was imitated by others on the planet. Password for this film is DeLiLeR. Demonstrating he structured the venture and embraced the general story, Uçan stated, “This is a troublesome undertaking. It is the most elevated spending film as of late in Turkey. We are in Aksaray for seven weeks. We have multi week left. Observers will watch a visual show. The story is immaculate, also. Our kin believe that outsiders shoot movies, for example, “Round of Thrones” and “Vikings,” and they are for the most part impeccable. In reality, we can improve. At the point when observers watch this motion picture, they will comprehend what I mean. It is a mind boggling visual show and immaculate with regards to activity. We shot exceptionally troublesome scenes and experienced risky minutes. For instance, a few mishaps while we were riding ponies happened in Lake Tuz.”

The story happens in the time of Mehmed II, known as Mehmed the Conqueror.

Noticing they attempted extraordinary endeavors, Uçan proceeded: “When Hollywood delivers such a film, we watch it in all respects affectionately. It is pleased for me that this film is a Turkish one, created by a Turkish group and its maker is Turkish, also. Our work is world class. The main thing that we need is the longing.” He said Erkan Petekkaya plays Vlad III, known as Vlad the Impaler, while Rüzgar Aksoy depicts Mehmed the Conqueror. Commenting that Petekkaya assumed the job flawlessly, Uçan stated, “Observers will see him in an unexpected character in comparison to they are utilized to. He gave his soul to this job.” He focused on that Ismail Filiz, who is in the number one spot job, had attempted incredible endeavors in the undertaking since the start, “Filiz didn’t simply act in the film, he added to the venture as much as I did.”

The film will make a big appearance all the while in Turkey and Europe.

“We put forth a valiant effort and don’t need to contend with anyone. Our attestations ought not be misconstrued. We talk in the interest of our nation, not as on-screen characters or makers. I am extremely glad in the interest of Turkey that such a film was delivered by Turks,” Uçan said.

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