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EPISODE 20 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 20 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.In the name of Allah!Hold on, my lion!Hold on, my lion! We'll take care of you!Hold on!Come on.Hold on.How are the casualties?It's so bad, Oruc!We need to take them to the headquarters right away!Come on, come on, come on!We'll take them to the headquarters! Come on!Hold on, my Aga. My Aga, open your eyes.Hold on, brother.Hold on.They were able to get them all out of the landslide, sir.They were able to get them all out of the landslide, sir.Do you think they can survive?They will all die even if they were taken out.The real death attack starts now.Come on! Push! Come on!Come on!Raid!Ambush!They set a trap inside the trap Look at your end one last time.Look at your end one last time.My Aga!U!Z!H-My lion!-How is Hizir?If we don't take him out of here, he will die. Come on, be quick! Come on Hold on, Hizir. Hold on, brother,

we will take you now.Come on, my lion.Nothing works, Aga Reis. He keeps loosing blood.My Aga, hold on.Hizir Aga will die in our arms. Come on!Hizir Aga will die in our arms. Come on!He never dies without conquering that castle.Do you know how many times he got wounded?A blow of dagger can do nothing to Hizir!Hizir will get better again!He will take his sword and tell me he is ready to take the castle!Don't you worry. Nothing will happen to my lion.They are our guys. Why are they driving crazy?Drive! Don't stop! Drive! Drive!I stabbed this dagger into Hizir without mercy, father.They can take him but he can't get away from death.I've become Hizir's end.You have become a holy warrior now, Gladius.A victory for us, and a defeat for Oruc.This victory will destroy the army of Ottoman empire.You are neither a hypocrite like your father, nor a traitor like your sister.I appreciate your loyalty to our cause, son.My father gave me Unita as a hostage, and my sister couldn't stop him.My life was going to be destroyed because of them.But you gave me a new life.Unita wanted to kill me many times. You stopped them.Even Sahbaz wanted to give you to your sister, but I stopped him.I couldn't do that.

For days like this, son.Now......go back to the camp, when Hizir dies, Oruc won't sit still, learn what they are planning.....our spies in the forest will wait for your word.As you command sir.You saw what happened, right?Didn't I tell them that this passage would cause a trouble?Oruc disobeyed orders and now he disgraced himself!These are not words to be uttered in times of catastrophes, Pasha.Dervis Father is right, Pasha Hadrath.We are all in pain.I warned them!But they didn't listen to my orders, and chose their fates!You are a Sanjac Bey under the command of Ottoman Empire!Do not follow the rebellious attitude of your brothers, and do what they do.Or we won't show you any mercy!The wounded men are brought to the headquarters, Pasha.You risked your head for that passage, Oruc.Now I will make you payBring it here.Tell me, doctor, will he be okay?

Tell me, doctor, will he be okay?The dagger went deep inside. His wound looks bad, and he lost a lot of blood.Hizir, brother.Will he be okay? Tell me doctor.We will do what's necessary, but...But what?He will be okay, right?He will live, right?It doesn't look good.What do you mean doesn't look good?What do you mean?Look at him. He breathes. He is like a mountain.Temper his wound, he will get better.Nothing will happen to him.Wait outside, I will inform you.But be prepared for everything.I can't be prepared.I can't be prepared for this doctor.I can't be prepared to hear the bad news of his death.Wait outside.I am here.We will do our best.We will give in to the will of Allah.I fought with Hizir Aga.What if he dies while we are on bad terms?What if he never forgives me in the afterlife, or in here?How will I cope up with it?Ilyas, Hizir won't die.

Do you understand?My Aga, tell me, how will I cope up if he dies while we are on bad terms?How?Ilyas, calm down.Hizir won't die.Gather yourself. We have other problems......don't be like this. Gather yourself.How is Hizir?Well...The healer said " Be prepared for anything."How are the injured?Piri is alright and awake.But Niko is still unconscious.4 Levents were martyred.May they rest in peace.It's our duty to avenge them all.When Hizir gets back his strength......we won't leave that castle until we burn it to the ground......and take revenge from Pietro.How did Pietro know about the passage that's been hidden for so long?We were so confidant about it.You put your life on the line. What happens now?Pasha Ha.drath's waiting to see you Oruc Reis.You will pay for the incident at the passage.Give us your weapons.You're making a habit of this.

Why do you ask for my weapons? Am I dangerous?Pasha Hadrath ordered it.Just do it.Watch your mouth.You and Pasha should know your place.Will you teach Pasha Hadrath his place?You bastard!Come here. -Wait. Wait.Everyone calm down. Stop.How dare you attack my Levent you dog?I broke your fingers.Next time I'll break your arm.My Bey. -Oruc. I didn't like this at all.Pasha intends to execute you in his tent.Don't go my Aga. They will torture you in there.I took responsibility for the incident at the passage.Even if I end up dead......I have to pay for it with my head held high.You disobeyed me and used the passage.You failed.Now you broke my aide's finger.He attacked my Levent and I made him pay.That's enough of your tyranny.Now it's time to make you pay.What are you doing?Why are these executioners here?Oruc.What do you think this is?You think it's a game?You disobeyed me and risked your life.Now you will lose your head.You're attacking us at the worst time Pasha.First, you have to listen to our explanation.You can't be cruel.This is what you deserve.How can you explain it?Will you tell me how you failed?A game was played in the passage incident.We didn't cause it. A spy among us did.There's a spy in the base who's leaking information to Kalymnos.

Now you're using cheap excuses.There's a spy?You think I'll believe it?If I wanted to use excuses......I wouldn't come here.I'd leave.Those men couldn't find the passage until now.How did they find it today?And they laid ambushed near the area.The only explanation is that there's a spy Pasha.This isn't my issue, it's the whole army's.Until the spy is exposed......the army will be in danger.You already used the chance I gave you Oruc.I won't tolerate it again.My brother's fighting for his life.I want to deal with this more than you do.Then I'll take your head.You're responsible for this.I am but the spy caused this to happen.I will catch that spy.I will catch the spy......and complete my responsibilities.As long as the spy is among us......the army is in danger.This will come back to cause you trouble Pasha.Don't put yourself or the army in danger because you're so eager to kill me.Let me.....fix this matter.So, you're that convinced that there is a spy.Okay then.Come with me.Capture Ilyas and the 3 Levents and put them on the stake.What does he mean Aga Reis?

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