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EPISODE 56 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This is Episode number 56 of Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I have been hunting birds with Berke Khan I catch my prey earlier than he does, and I always will. Kiyat. Berke Khan isn’t after the small birds he shoots. Arikbuka He uses them as bait for much bigger prey Ertugrul came to see Berke Khan] And you followed him all the way back. Tell me. Arikbuka. what’s going on? Ertugrul knows about you.

Don’t be alarmed, he doesn’t know your name. He’s bound to tell Berke Khan It’s your job to take all necessary precautions. I’m just keeping you informed Did you get your hands on the supplies Berke Khan sent to Ertugrul? We have it all. And Torumtay?

His envoy has been killed and the supplies he sent stolen. Berke Khan won’t like this one bit. I know what to do. Berke tian hastgone tb great lengths for this alliance. If he still trusts Ertugrul despite everything that’s happened… there’s only one option left Ertugrul and Berke Khan die. The reason I am here is to kill Ertugrul.

You take care of Berke Khan I hope you make a better job of killing Ertugrul here than you did in Anatolia. Arikbuka Ertugrul… He’s tough. But my teeth are tougher Don’t worry. You have to learn how to cook your game better. Arikbuka Otherwise, it might break those teeth Umur alps! Drop your weapons^ndsurrender Why would we surrender to you? That man is a Mongol. You know what happens to those… who work with Mongols Don’t make the^same mistake as your bey.

Don’t die as traitors, surrender! Will you listen to the woman who betrayed your tribe or will you avenge your bey? May / come in, my Khan? Enter, Kiyat. Where were you, Kiyat? Th/hunt only happens once a year. You should enjoy it State affairs, my Khan JAS^men who have dedicated themselves ^to the state, we can never be at eas£ We may only rest when the state apparatus is running smoothly. When my brother BatGi Khan founded this state the top of his tent was decorated in gold It symbolized the sun shining overjaur state For our state, you are a ray of light from that sun, Kiyat. Thank you, my Khafi.

I came here to informjou of news we have just received from Anatolia. I’m listening. What is the news9 The aid you sent to Ertugrul Bey has been seized by Hulagu Khan’s men. How did this happen? I don’t know Ertugrul Bey has obviously messed up the arrangement.^. It’s clear now why he’s here. The supplies we sent have ended up in the hands of our enemy.

Who knows how HUIagti Khan must have mocked us when he heard about it These men have tarnished our reputation, my Khan. There is still no word from Torumtay God willing, the same fate hasn’t befallen him. There have been no such setbacks in the exchanges we’ve had with-them before. There’s something odd about this My Khan after all this… I am beginning to have d Mibts. *}« But I don’t know how to say it Tell me.

Kiyat know that I trust you and that there’s nothing ygu can’t tell me. The alliance, my Khan, j with the Anatolian Turks should end. The only reason they sought the union was to save their skin.

These men couldn’t even protect the gold you sent them What hope is there that they could overcome Hulagu Khan s army? The aid is pone. Torumtay s fate is unknown. Because of their incompetence the slightest pressure from HUIagu Khan’s tnen saw your plans collap^b. I can only conclude that.. ErtuQrul Bey is not as strong as we were led to believe My Khan these men want to lead us into an endless swgmp. The ever-shining sun above our state… must not be dulled because of these men Wait here, Bamsi. As you wish, my Bey.

Ertugrul Bey is here, my Khan. Get my servants in here Bring Ertugrul Bey… before me. As you command, my Khan. Berke Khap awaits you intiis tent Ertugrul Bey I salute Berke Khan, the just and the glorious May the sun always shine above your state. To seal our alliance against the oppressors. I have come here personally What is the situation in Anatolia, Ertugrul Bey? Anatolia awaits the sparic * tljat will start the great war..

Entire tribes stand with swords in hand to fight Hulagii Khan s army We have them surrounded. You tell me that Hulagu Khan is besieged but 4 the latest news I received suggest otherwise.

Hulagu Khan’s men were able to seize th^supplies we sent you. Our alpswent to collect those supplies. We received intelligence that Hulagu Khan’s men were going to ambush us there. But we took measures to thwart it. That runs contrary to what we have been tpld. Ertugrul Bey The aid is now jn the hands of the enemy Apparently, the fatecdUheaid I sent you is d my eff What about Torumtay? What’s happened to him? I met with Torumtay. . j But HQIagti Khan’s men lure^l us into a trap. Torumtay was killed.

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